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______________Chapter one _

Harry growled under his breath as he walked through Diagon Alley, doing his best to ignore the people that were either watching him with awe or terror, depending on which story of the Prophet they believed right now. He had defeated Voldermort about a year ago now, and they were still writing stories about his every move. If he went anywhere in the Wizarding World, it was in the paper, with people either praising his defeat of You-Know-Who or speculating on when he would become the next Dark Lord.

When Harry finally reached Gringotts, he was beyond relieved. He hated being out in public in the Wizarding World now and actually lived in the muggle world to escape. Walking directly to a teller, he waited to be acknowledged and, when the goblin looked at him he said, "I would like to speak with Griphook about my account please."

The goblin gave a nod and led him through the doors in the back of the bank, showing him where Griphook's office was. Once Harry had become aware of his inheritance, he had decided to have Griphook become his account manager, and now had to go to the offices to see him as the Potter family was rather wealthy and with the addition of the Black family's money, he could not manage his accounts on his own.

Once they reached the office, Harry entered by himself and sat down in the chair in front of Griphook's desk. Harry stated, "I want to move into the muggle world in the United States and I will need all the necessary documents as well as a list of all properties I own there."

Griphook nodded, replying, "The paperwork will take about two days to complete and a list of all of your residents will be mailed to you later today. Is there any place in particular you would like to go in the United States?"

Harry thought for a minute before shaking his head saying, "I am unfamiliar with the area completely, but I would like to have access to the Wizarding World nearby should it be necessary for me to go. Also, I was wondering if there is anything I could use to be able to access my funds in both this world and the muggle one without having to go into Gringotts. Also, I would like to go by a different name while I am there so that only those I want to will be able to find me."

"We have a magical version of the muggle debit card, with various charms and spells to prevent theft and use by others. For use in the muggle world you will need to choose what is called a PIN number, which is a four digit number that you will be asked to input into the device you are using at that point in time. As for a different name, you only have to tell us what name you wish to go by and all of the forms will have that name on them. We can fill out the paperwork for the debit card right now and then you can be on your way." Griphook said.

Without pause, Harry replied, "I want to be Orion James Evans." Griphook nodded and they began to fill out the paperwork for the debit card, after which Harry went home to wait for the owl from Gringotts.


When the owl came, Harry hadjust finished informing those who he considered to be friends about his plans. They had agreed to come over tomorrow for a proper goodbye and he knew that they understood, but it was likely that they would follow at some point. He had decided that, since he had been emancipated, he would not be returning to school and had been allowed to take his NEWTS a year early once he had proven he could. The others had decided they did not want to, but they might change their minds once they were back at school. Quickly relieving the owl of its letter, Harry finished up his conversation with Hermione and turned to the letter. Scanning the four properties quickly, Harry noticed that they were all within an hour of a magic alley somewhere.

Potter Properties:

Potter Vacation Home, Brickell Key, Florida

45 minutes from Miami's Sunburst Avenue

Potter Cottage, Forks, Washington

1 hour from Seattle's Evergreen Circle

Black Properties:

Black Cottage, Portland, Maine

10 minutes from Portland's Pine Tree Lane

Black Vacation Home, Long Beach, California

30 minutes from Los Angles' Golden Road

Contemplating the various locations, Harry looked up all of the areas on a map and began eliminating those he did not want. While he wanted a new start, he wanted to be in a similar climate, which got rid of the ones in California and Florida immediately. Deciding he did not want to live too close to a big city, Harry ended up choosing the Potter Cottage in Forks, Washington. There was no way he could have known that his decision would change his life forever.


I am aware that the geography is not accurate so please do not feel the need to inform me of this. It is fanfiction and I do not know the actual distance of any of the places from the locations in which I choose to have the homes. Be rest assured that they are all real locations though. This chapter was short and they will hopefully get longer as I continue, but I make no guarantees.