I apologize for the delay in getting the next chapter out, I had an exam this past week that I was studying for and did not have time to write. So a new chapter come out soon it will not be as long as I hope future chapters will be. I also had to make up my mind for couples because there were a few different possibilities. And most of what happened in the Harry Potter series is still accurate, but both twins are alive and some alliances and friendships may not be accurate, but it is not really important to this story beyond specific characters.

______________Chapter Two _

Two days later, Harry began going around his apartment, packing everything which was not much in reality. He had gotten his paperwork from Gringotts that morning and had booked his flight immediately afterward. All of his belongings were going to be packed in his trunk, though it was not his original one, this one had five separate compartments, for potions items, household items (though it was empty he had known he would need it), books, personal items (like his invisibility cloak and clothing), and miscellaneous. Packing did not take him too long since he had rented a furnished place and he had informed his landlord he was moving out today.

When he was done, he looked around and noticed it did not look too different but did not care too much since it had never been a home to him. A knock alerted him to the fact that his friends had come to send him off and finally find out where he was going. A quick glance to his living room showed him that he had left out the things he had to give to them.

Opening the door, Harry was immediately engulfed in a hug by Hermione who held on tightly.

"If you could let go of Potter we could all get in and get on with this Granger," said Draco Malfoy.

Hermione sniffed indignantly but complied and they moved out of the doorway to allow Draco, Luna, Neville, and Ginny to enter. Harry smiled brightly at them all and they went into his living room where he quickly distributed the folders to everyone. When they all looked at him blankly he rolled his eyes before quickly explaining.

"They're to help us keep in touch without owls since I doubt they'll appreciate having to fly across the ocean so often. You can write me a letter and put it in there and they're enchanted to send the letter to me automatically and I can send stuff back. It can only do letters though, nothing else."

Hermione looked as though she wanted to begin to dissect the folder and figure out how it worked but refrained, undoubtedly deciding to do some research into it as soon as she could. Luna put a gentle hand on her arm to calm her and asked, "How do you think you'll like the weather in Forks, Harry?"

Harry blinked at her, confused, before shaking his head, it was Luna, she just knew things. "I expect I'll like it alright, not that much different from here."

"So what name will you be going by there Harry?" asked Ginny.

Harry gave a soft smile before replying, "Orion James Evans."

Everyone was quiet for a moment before they all began going over any last minute details of Harry's trip, wanting to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. Harry allowed their fussing, knowing that they would miss him as much as he would miss them, though at least they would have each other, even if Draco would probably kill him eventually for leaving him alone with the couples.

Hermione and Luna had started dating once the war was over, not long after the problems with the Weasley family. Neville and Ginny had started dating during Neville's 6th year and were still going strong, though that was part of the problem with some of the Weasleys. Ron and Molly had been convinced that Harry and Ginny would get together and both were furious with what they saw as Harry's refusal to share his fame with their family. Never mind the fact that not only was Ginny already perfectly happy with someone else, Harry was gay and had no interest in any female. It did not hurt as much as it had though; Harry still had other friends he could rely on since Ron had decided to be such a prat.

Finally everyone began to say their goodbyes, making him promise to write at least once a week if not more often. When they had left, Harry went back to his trunk, shrunk it, and took one last glance around his apartment before heading to the airport, ready to begin his new life in Forks, Washington.