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Do you know how long I've suffered of guilt over the death of my parents and sister? How long I lay on the sand to waste thinking of never getting up anymore. Sad and depressed, with no real human connection, except those who passed me by and feeling pitiful threw me scraps of food, to rely on for support, I lay to waste.

On a particularly hot summer day, though really what was the difference between a hot summer day and any other hot day in Mahatmalota, every day seemed scorching under the Arabian Sun, I stood up particularly dizzied by the bright rays of sunlight hitting me, I moved to a shade under a nearby palm tree and immediately fell asleep.

The day crept on without my notice, until rustling of leaves from somewhere to my right woke me from my meaningless slumber. I stared carefully into the bushes to see a tiger with blood dripping onto its paws, its sharp teeth imbedded into a small white animal, I realized was a rabbit. No real emotion stirred in me but a slight desire to have my life taken by this desert beast. Surely its hunger would not be satiated by a mere rabbit, or two, as I realized that beside the tiger lay another rabbit head, its eyes still open in terror. I had stood up to give myself over to the tiger to end my miserable existence, when another white little creature came hopping my way.

Distracted by its primal urge to flee, it did not register my presence as threatening as it would have under other circumstances and was leaping off of its little bunny legs in my direction. I realized that the tiger had probably stumbled upon a rabbit's hole, and this little guy before me had just escaped... just like... me.

I snapped into action without even realizing it, I picked up the rabbit and ran towards the other way. Now the tiger had ascertained my presence, and consequently having finished off its first meal, it was deciding whether to come after me... and it did.

I ran for a bit but realizing that my unsteady legs could bring me nowhere to safety, I came to a stop under the palm tree and began to climb it. Slowly, steadily... I coaxed myself, falling off would not benefit me in the least. I was about a third of the way up when the tiger began pawing at the foot of the palm tree. I didn't want to look down, but I had stuffed the rabbit into my trouser pocket, so I looked to see whether it had fallen. It was peeking out of my pocket but didn't seem to have the guts to jump out, even as scared as it was of me. And I saw the tiger, pawing up the tree, its claws digging into the trunk trying to find a grip. Its teeth bared, I could still see mangled rabbit flesh stuck on them, each sharp fang still red from the blood. Was it going to climb up after me?

I shivered but continued climbing. Slowly, with the adrenaline in my veins helping my ascent, I reached the top of the tree and perched myself between the leaves. Though the tree was hardly anything thick, my bony structure could easily be supported by it. I was high up above the tiger, which was still trying to climb up. I was panicking and wanted to throw something at it, disappointed that I hadn't climbed up a coconut tree instead.

Half of the way up, it lost its grip and fell hard on the desert ground with a definite thud. It growled in pain. I looked over the leaves to see it slowly getting up yet growling ever so often like a hurt kitten. It looked up at me one last time and limping, moved away towards the rabbit hole once again.

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