AN and Disclaimer: I do not in any way shape or form own Star Trek. I'm just having a bit of fun here.

So yeah, I am by far not a Trekkie. But after watching the new Star Trek movie, I couldn't get this little story idea out of my mind. So enjoy and please leave feedback…it makes me smile!

Chapter One:

Six months.

It had been six months since James T. Kirk had been assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise as her captain. And since then, he had grown closer to all his senior crew. Of course, he and Bones were fine and dandy, with the occasional 'Damn it Jim!', but that was to be expected with Bones. The same was true with Scotty, whom he on occasion, shared a late night drink with. Scots sure knew how to hold their whiskey. As for Sulu and Chekov, they both were always good for a laugh, even though Chekov sometimes didn't get Kirk's more colorful jokes. A naïve kid, but smart as could be – good to have when both Spock and Bones weren't around.

As for his relationship with Spock, it too had grown. They had begun to trust each other a bit more and even on occasion talked as normal human beings. Well, a human and a hybrid at least. And along with Spock, went Uhura. While they kept their distance for the most part, she had begun to trust in Kirk's abilities and compassion more after the battle with Nero.

Despite all of this, there was one thing that Kirk longed for, but would never admit it to anyone. He was actually jealous of Spock – not because he had won the girl that Kirk had been trying to get with for three years, but because he had someone that always believed in him. Kirk had had that at one time in his life, but that was almost 10 years ago. A lot can happen in 10 years. Perhaps during their upcoming shore leave, he'd look her up. Never hurt to try…

Yet, shore leave wouldn't be official until after he and Spock met with Admiral Pike about something. He silently hoped that there was some sort emergency that the Enterprise was needed to go on. He really didn't want to spend shore leave alone.

"Do you have any idea why Admiral Pike was so insistent on seeing you and I both?" Kirk asked turning to Spock as they walked through the halls of Starfleet Command.

"None what so ever, sir."

Nothing else was said between the two as they approached Admiral Pike's office. Kirk knocked once.

"Come in," Pike said from the other side.

The door slid open and two men entered, acknowledging Pike before taking a seat in the two chairs that the Admiral had waiting for them. Kirk and Spock both sat and waited for whatever the Admiral had to ask of them.

"I know that you both are wondering why I requested your presence here today," Pike began.

"A bit," Kirk said.

"I know that the Enterprise has only been on a few peace keeping missions thus far, but this will be her first rescue mission."

"Rescue mission, sir?" Spock asked.

"Yes. A few days ago, one of our scientific research ships, the U.S.S. Logan, was attacked near the Klingon system. At the moment, we're not sure who exactly it was. But we know that everyone but three crew members are accounted for."

"So we're supposed to find who attacked them and took three of their crew members?"


"Excuse me sir," Spock said. "A rescue mission for only three crew members?"

"These three members are not simply crew members, but the two best covert intelligence operatives that the Federation has, along with their trainee."

Behind Pike, three pictures appeared on his computer screen. "Two humanoids – a male and a female along with one human female. Na'kita Origil and X'rena Yousef from the Orion System and Callista Montgomery from Earth."

"Callie Montgomery?" Kirk asked a bit shocked. This was the one person who always believed in him and the same someone he had been planning to look up during shore leave.

"Sadly yes," Pike said looking lovingly at the picture of Callista. "Starfleet Intelligence believes that they were taken because of who Callista's father is."

"And who would that be, sir?" Spock asked.

"Me." Pike said. "She's my daughter."