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Chapter 24: Reunions

This wasn't how Jim Kirk had envisioned the reunion of the Pike family to go. Well not under these circumstances at least.

Originally Admiral Pike and a few other higher ups from Starfleet were supposed to make the journey out to Galena, but then some sad news was announced. Admiral Archer had passed away. That changed all the plans.

Since Ta'kanla could not leave the planet, he sent Caleb as his emissary instead. Ta'kanla did this for two reasons – both to connect to the UFP and so that Caleb could reconnect with his family as Christopher Pike, Jr.

Before they left, Ta'kanla met with both Caleb and Callie. "When your brother was brought here, all memories of his past life were erased. All those aboard the U.S.S. Marvel had the same thing done to them." Ta'kanla explained as Callie and Caleb sat with him in his chambers.

"So that was why he had a new name?" Callie asked.

"Yes." Ta'kanla said. "But when you were kidnapped the first time, the barriers that had been put up had begun to weaken. The connection as twins had weakened it. That is why your brother placed you on that transport and released you. It is also why he joined the underground resistance and fought against all he had been taught to believe was correct."

"So what name are you going to go by now?" Callie asked turning to look at her brother.

"Christopher Pike, Jr.," he said with a smile. "Almost all of my memories have returned. Jaliyah understands why I must do this."

"Now you two must be on your way. The rest of the crew from the U.S.S. Marvel is already aboard the Enterprise and waiting for your return, as is your family, Christopher." Ta'kanla said. "Enjoy this time together and make the most of it."

Both Callie and Chris bid Ta'kanla farewell and quickly made their way outside into the courtyard before calling for a beam up to the Enterprise.

"Come on," Callie said walking off the transporter pad once they were back aboard the Enterprise. "I'll show you where you and your family are staying. You'll be in my quarters since we didn't have many family suites available, I'll just let you stay in mine."

"But where will you sleep?"

"I'll find some place. Don't worry. The only thing is that Madeline has to take care of Porthos."

"I think she will be more than happy to."

"Every single one of them?" Admiral Pike asked in amazement.

"Yes." Callie said smiling.

"Including your brother?"

"Yes and they are all coming home."

Callie watched as her father sat back in his chair and ran his hands through his greying hair. She could tell, even without being close to him, that he was on the verge of crying tears of joy. She simply kept on smiling. She wasn't going to tell him anything else – like the fact that he was a grandfather.

"I'll make sure all the families are notified and are present when the Enterprise arrives," he finally said. "At least there is going to be some happiness this week."

Two days later, Jim Kirk stood by and watched as families were reunited after five years of not knowing what had happened to their loved ones. Even though they had to return to Earth for the funeral of Admiral Archer, at least they could bring happiness to some families as well. The one he was happiest about was the Pike family. Now all he needed to do was get up the courage to talk to Admiral Pike about asking his daughter to marry him. He knew it was a bit old fashioned, but if Callie had suggested it – then he should do it.

"Dad has ordered all the crew of the Enterprise on shore leave until after the funeral tomorrow, along with every other ship in the fleet," Callie said as she found Jim still aboard the Enterprise as she was preparing the leave for shore leave. She had a bag slung over her shoulder with a few items in it.

"I know," he said slumping down on his bed in his quarters.

"Then why aren't you packed to go?"

"Where am I going to go? Crew quarters at Starfleet command? I can just stay on the ship then beam down for the Admiral's funeral tomorrow."

"Oh no you're not! You're coming home with me! There's more than enough room at dad's house."

"But your brother and his family are there. Don't you want to spend time with them too?"

Callie shrugged her shoulders. "It's just one night. Besides don't you have something you want to ask my dad anyways?"

Kirk nodded as he stood up and pulled Callie close to him. He gently kissed her lips before letting her go so that he could pack what he needed for shore leave. He silently hoped that the Admiral didn't mind his daughter bringing home a tag-along.

"Chris told me what you did to save Callie," Pike said later on that evening. The Admiral had found him sitting out on the patio overlooking the San Francisco Bay. "Though I wouldn't report it to Starfleet Command that you died. Enough weird things have happened that last few days and having one of their captains come back from the dead might send them all over the edge."

"It still all seems a bit fuzzy to me, sir."

"I'm sure it will all work itself out in time. Besides you do have a tendency for saving the lives of this family. I now think that you've saved everyone's life at least once."

Kirk shrugged his shoulders. "Just doing my job." He paused. He knew that it was now or never. "Admiral can I ask you something?"

"What's that, Kirk?"

"I know this may seem a bit sudden, but for me its really not. But I would like your permission to ask Callie to marry me..."

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