Chapter 37: Home


It felt good.

Slowly, Kirk opened his eyes. Feeling the warmth of the sun against his face only meant one thing. He was back on Earth.

Had all the death and destruction from a man named Khan been all but a horrible nightmare?

No. He was pretty sure that he was lying in a hospital since he . Trying to remember what had exactly happened, he found that bits and pieces were all a bit fuzzy to him – something about going into the core of the ship, Callie crying with him unable to console her and asking Spock to take care of Callie for him.

Trying to sit up, Kirk found that it didn't work so well and quickly gave up that idea. He needed to know what exactly had happened. And more importantly was the Enterprise safe? What about her crew? But most of all, was his wife safe?

Within mere seconds, a white-clad figure appeared next to his bed and grinned down at him. Kirk recognized it and it only served to reinforce the idea that he was not in heaven – or hell – yet. Instead of trying to sit up again, Kirk found that his mouth, although hoarse, still worked.

"Oh, don't be so melodramatic," Bones said. "You were barely dead. It's the full effects of the transfusion that really took a toll. Your body fought it right from the beginning. You were out cold for two weeks."

"Transfusion?" Kirk asked a bit confused, with a bit of a gruff to his voice since he had not used it in several days. What had all happened to him after he supposedly 'died'?

"Your cells were heavily irradiated. We had no choice. The radiation poisoning had begun to affect your organs."

"Hun" Kirk asked still a bit confused.

McCoy nodded. "Once we caught him, I synthesized a serum from his super blood." he said as he leaned closer to the Captain as he continued to run more tests on his now conscious patients. "How about it? Are yafeeling homicidal? Power mad? Despotic?"

When he could speak again, Kirk replied with a slight smile. "No more than usual," he said with the typical Kirk fashion. "So how'd you catch him?"

"I didn't." Bones said as he moved to one side. That was when Kirk was able to see to the back of the hospital room. Another figure had been standing there all along. As it now came nearer, it gradually moved into focus. Captain and first officer regarded each other for the first time in several weeks.

"You saved my life," Kirk murmured, gazing up at his friend.

"Uhura and I had something to do with that," Bones muttered from the side, turning back to some of Kirk's readouts.

Not paying any mind to what the doctor had just said, Spock began to speak. "You saved my life, Captain. And the lives of the entire crew and…"

"Spock, just— thank you." Kirk said cutting him off.

"You are welcome, Jim."

For a few more minutes, Spock stayed and discussed with the Captain about the repairs that were currently underway on the Enterprise. The more that Jim heard about the ship, the more that he wanted to be out in the shipyard, making sure that everything was up to spec on the ship. But he knew that she would be in more than capable hands under the watchful eyes of both Spock and Scotty.

Once Spock had left, Bones continued to run more tests on Kirk, checking his vitals and making sure that everything was back how it was supposed to be. He refused to let Kirk ask him anything else until he was done. And he knew that Jim wanted to know where Callie was. He was just going to make Jim wait a few more minutes. Patience was a virtue that Jim Kirk had very little of.

Finally when he was done, Bones turned to look at him. "I know that you want to ask me something. So just ask."

"Where's my wife?"

"Let me get you into a hover chair and I will take you to her." Bones said, almost with a sigh in his voice.

That sigh left Kirk confused for a moment. Kirk managed to raise an eyebrow since that was one of the only parts of his body that seemed not to hurt or have a stiff feeling at that moment. Something had happened to his wife while he was recovering from the transfusion that had been given to him. So what exactly was it? And why did Bones have to take him to her? Why couldn't she come to him?

True to his word, Bones had Kirk in a hover chair within minutes and was leading him down the hallway of a Starfleet Medical building. Along the same floor, perhaps five rooms away from his, Bones turned the hover chair into an artificially darkened room that the door had just slid opened to.

Slowly and quietly, Kirk was wheeled into the room. In a dimness of the room, lit mainly by the lights of the various medical instruments that were monitoring her prognosis, Callie lay on a biobed. As far as Kirk could tell, everything seemed normal with his wife – she merely looked to be sleeping. This was confirmed was Bones moved him closer to her bedside.

"What happened to her Bones?" Kirk asked in a hushed whisper as he reached out and ran a finger along her cheek.

"A combination of stress from both her husband and father dying along with the overwhelming emotions from everyone and add in some overwhelming fatigue. She was heading towards a path that she did not need to be on."

"Is that why she had been throwing up?"

Bone shook his head no as he pointed to the status monitor to the right of Callie's biobed. Kirk glanced over to where his friend was pointing. That was where he noticed something odd about the vitals on Callie's screen. Along the top it read 'Kirk, Callista E. - Commander' like it normally should then just below her vitals there was another name with another set of vitals that were being monitored with the heading – 'Kirk, Baby'.

For one of the few times in his life, Jim Kirk was speechless. He did not know what to say. Yet he could feel nothing but overwhelming joy and happiness at the thought of having a family with the woman he loved more than anything in the galaxy.

"Are they going to be ok?" Kirk finally managed to whisper, trying not to get to overwhelmed at the thought of becoming a father. He needed to make sure that his wife and child were going to be alright first.

"It was touch and go for a while, but I managed to get it all sorted out." Bones said raising the lights a bit in the room as he began to check all of Callie's vitals.

"What do you mean?" Kirk asked as he sat by and watched.

"With everything going on, she almost had a miscarriage. That's the main reason I've kept her in the hospital, besides she asked for it. She knew that she would not be able to handle sitting around and waiting for you to wake up. But don't worry, she hasn't been sedated the entire time and she has sat by your bedside for long amounts of time until it became too taxing on her. Besides I felt that she needed to be isolated from everyone's emotions until things calmed down or I was afraid that she would loose the baby like she almost did back on the Enterprise. Thankfully I had known ahead of time that Callie was pregnant. She had found out the morning after her father was killed."

Kirk closed his eyes for a moment and fought back the wave of emotions that was threatening to overtake him once again. Khan had almost caused Kirk to loose not only his unborn child, but he probably would have lost Callie as well. She might have said that she was doing fine about her father's death. But he knew better. Hopefully they could take some time for themselves to repair the damage that had been done in their lives before anything else tried to drive them apart – especially since they were about to become parents.

"Then why isn't she waking up yet?" he asked, once he had regained his composure.

"I gave her mild sedative to keep her calm. Nothing that will harm her or the baby. It was to help her sleep, since she has had a rough few nights. It shouldn't last that much longer. So I will just leave you here for a bit." Bones said once he was done checking Callie's vitals.

Kirk carefully moved the hover chair closer to his wife's biobed so that he could gently brush the hair out of her face once Bones had left the room. A smile spread across his face as he ran his fingers down along her neck to her collarbone then along the top of the thin hospital sheet that was covering her body. He rested his hand gently on her abdomen. If he could, he would place a tender kiss right there – letting their unborn child know that he or she was loved. But for now, he could settle for this.

He had no idea how long he sat like that. It did not matter. A thousand thoughts had gone through his head during that time anyways – would they have a boy or a girl? What would they name their child? Would Callie stay on the Enterprise? Would he stay on the Enterprise as her Captain? He could always teach tactical at the academy or even training flights, just so that he could be home every night with his family. Yet whatever happened, as long as Callie was by his side through it all, he would be happy.

He was so lost in thought that he did not notice Callie's hand move from her side up to grasp his. His head shot up as he looked to her face to see her sparkling blue eyes watching him. She slowly smiled at him as he leaned towards her and gently kissed her lips. Tears gently rolled down her cheeks as Kirk pulled away from her.

"What's wrong?" he asked, thumbing away the tears.

"I lost you, Jim," she hoarsely whispered. "I had no idea how I was going to live without you. Or how I would raise our baby."

"Shh," he breathed against her lips before silencing her with another kiss. He moved as close as he could to her and wrapped his arms around her, running his fingers through her hair as he lost himself in their kiss. "Worrying is not good for you or the baby," he softly said, through their kisses and caresses. He felt Callie smile again against his lips.

Giving her a moment to breathe, Kirk helped Callie adjust her biobed so that she was in a better sitting position. He couldn't do much more than that seeing that his muscles were still getting used to being in motion once again and he could feel fatigue setting in. Using his arms as much as he had was already taking its toll on him. Being 'alive' was going to take some used to once again.

"There's more than enough room for the both of us," Callie suggested, moving over in her bed.

More than willing to take his wife up on her offer to cuddle, Kirk needed to do something else first. Maneuvering the hover chair closer to the bed, Kirk moved Callie's hospital gown up to just above her belly button, showing just a small section of her stomach. There he placed a gentle kiss.

"Always know that your mommy and I will do everything we can to protect you," he whispered. "And I can't wait to see you in a few months."

A tear slowly ran down Callie's cheek as she took in the tender moment. She slowly ran her fingers through Kirk's hair as he placed another kiss against her stomach before pulling her hospital gown back down. He looked up at her and smiled.

"Is there still room up there for me?" he asked as he lay his head against her legs and looked up at her smiling.

"Always," she said returning his smile as she continued to run her fingers through his hair.

Slowly lifting himself out of the chair with a little help from Callie, he managed to slide onto the biobed with her. It had taken more out of him then he had thought that it would. Seeing as there wasn't much room left, Callie snaked her arms around her husband's body and snuggled close to him as she laid her head on his shoulder. She sighed happily as she closed her eyes and listened to her husband's heartbeat.

"I love you, Callie," he whispered as he pressed a kiss into her hair as he wrapped his arms around her. "And I love our little munchkin – may it be a boy or a girl."

Callie laughed slightly as she lifted her head from his shoulder and kissed his lips softly. "I love our little family too."

She settled back down against his shoulder and relished in the feeling of being held by her husband once again. It had been too long without having his arms hold her close at night. There was no other place in the galaxy that she would rather be then in his arms – it was her safe zone. No matter how many times she asked him to put the Enterprise and its crew over her well being, she knew that try as he might, Jim would always place her above everything. That had been why she had been the last thing that he had asked Spock to take care of, not the ship.

But at the moment, that was neither here nor there – all that matter was the two of them. This was their time to recover before whatever adventures came their direction – perhaps another madman trying to destroy Starfleet or parenthood – they were in it together. She knew that.

For the next little bit, neither of them said anything to the other. Nothing needed to be said. All they wanted was peace and quiet as they lay in each others arms.

And that was exactly what they got.

Bones returned about an hour later to check on his two patients. When he found them both cuddled up together on Callie's biobed, he simply sighed heavily and pulled the blanket up around before turning out the light in the room.

They both deserved a good night's rest.

They both had earned it.

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