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this is my 1st story to ever write in the internet, so i hope it will be fine! I'm going to write more, and dont worry i'll write a profile about my character: Miaca Sakura!

" Meeting; a new member arrives"

"hahaha!! this is too easy!!" Naruto cheered for himself. Sasuke sighed.

" dont say that naruto! you know you're weaker than sasuke!!" Sakura teased

" i'll defeat him someday---believe it!!" Naruto cried pointing to himself.

Suddenly, somebody stepped on his head, causing him to be caught off balance.

" what was that fo-" naruto was cut off by the sound of yelling of a girl's voice and some other's voice.

" what do you want from me?! why do ya' keep on following me?!!!" the red-haired girl cried.

" to stop you from destroying Akito's plans" the guy with blue hair and black clothes said.

" Akito? Akito?! Akito!! he said that?! why does he want to kill me?! it should be me who should kill him!! he was the one who killed my parents!!" The girl snapped.

" you shall be killed by Akito's orders"

" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............." The girl began to growl menacingly, her eyes glowing gold and her red chakra could be seen.

" what the?!" sakura backed off, knowing it was dangerous from the power of the girl's chakra.

" everyone back off" the red haired girl said to the trio.

" growling doesnt help you." the enemy cried.

He charged towards her. He took out a kunai and used it as his sword. The girl avoided all of it and it was her time to attack. Moving at high speed, she performed a shadow clone jutsu, replacing herself and hiding on the trees. The man attacked her clone, not knowing it was fake.

"HAHAHA! you should have gave up when you had the chance" the enemy cried in victory as he eyed the girl who was unconscious.

Suddenly a figure jumped out of the trees. It was the girl. She was holding a kunai at one hand and a red chakra spear at the other. As she charger towards him a huge black shadow sheild smacked her out of the way. She flew a few kilometers away and hits a nearby tree.

" damn...he's too tough..." The girl mumbled.

Suddenly her enemy appeared infront of her and landed a massive punch on her stomach, making her scream from thr top of her lungs. Then she was again flung upward as her enemy jumped towards her and gave her a kick, sending her downwards and hitting the floor face first.

" you are useless little genin!" her enemy cried. His eyes went eye-wide as he saw the girl getting up.

Suddenly two more figures appeared from the trees and to the girl.

" Nii-chan!! what happened to you!" one of them said.

From what Naruto could see, it was a cat talking to her... not really a cat, but a creature. It had white fur with red markings on its left eye. The other one looks just like him, except that its markings are pink and has a totally different design.

" grrrrrrrrr how dare you do this to nii-chan!!" both creature cried as the lunged towards the man.

The enemy called out his team members and the creature fell to the floor after being hit by multiple blows.

" Kirara! Akira!" the girl called out, rushing to their sides.

Then, the man performed multiple hand sign and a supersonic noise flew everywhere. It caused all the people in there (except he and his members) to fall down and cry out because of the noise.

" Kirara, Akira....get out of here, your ears are too sensitive, you might collapse" the girl said

" no! we wont leave you!"

" you have too, i'll be okay"

" but-"

" go!!" the girl cried. The two creatures obeyed and ran out of the forest. The enemy stopped the attack and went closer to the trembling girl.

He then proceeded to hit he girl with various techniques. This caused some part of clothes to be torn apart.

" I-I need to d-do som-something..." Naruto tried to stand up but one of the enemy's team members stopped him and had him pinned down the floor.

The red haired girl coughed up more blood as two of her enemies continued to hit her. She couldnt do anything else but to curse her enemies. Soon, rustling was heard from a nearby tree. Four shadows appeared and went beside the girl.

" Nii-chan, we came back" one of the creature named Kirara said.

" Don't worry now!! we'll help you defeat these bastards!" a new voice said. The girl looked at them and sighed.

" you brought Erino and Raika too?"

" yeah!!"

"(sigh) fine then..."

" Nii-chan!!! are you sure you could still stand up?!"

" I'm let's show them the Ability of the Kirara squad!!" she said as they all disappeared.

5 minutes passed and the enemies were defeated. Suddenly the girl collapsed along with her creature friends.


" huh?... where am I?" the girl wondered as she sat up from the bed.

She looked around and it seems like she was in the hospital. Suddenly the door opened and there stood the kids along with their sensei.

"hey!! are ya' okay?!" The blonde asked. The girl could only nod in surprise.

"did you...carry me here?" she asked.

"yep!...although we dragged those creatures here" the pink haired girl said. Suddenly the red haired girl got out of bed and bowed.

"thank you for your kindness" she said. Then they heard noises from another room.

They ran and opened the door revealing creatures out of control...they were having some sort of pillow fight.

" Kirara! stop playing with the vase! Raika, put down the pillow and Akira stop hitting Raika! Erino stop acting soooo EMO and stop them!!" the girl yelled


"now, could somebody explain what's going on in here?"

"well... Kirara was first to wake up and then me. He accidentally knocked a vase from over there...(points to the shelf) and the vase hits Raika and Raika accused me of hitting him with the vase. Soon, both of us had a pillow fight. Erino woke up and started becoming emo again and that's when you showed up" Akira explained.

" huh... you guys are in so much trouble when sensei finds out that you skipped tra-" the girl was cut short when another creature entered the room, holding a violet book and it seems like he is a bit angry at them.

" SENSEI?!" all of the creatures yell.

" what were you doing replacing yourself with clones and skipping training?"

" um well....we were"



" huh... fine i'll accept your reason"

" why were you late anyway?"

" (sweatdrops) see.."

"AH-HAH!!! I knew it! you never had a reason!!!"

" no!!! i had to run some errands to the flying cabbage!!"

" flying cabbage?! what the hell is that?"

"...'ll still do those training"

" but we'll die!!!!!!"


"!! let's all say thank you to the people who brought us her...thanks"

" thank you"

" TY"

" hn..."

" ERINO!!!"

" thank yo'!!"

" thanks!!"

" you're welcome!!!

suddenly, Iruka-sensei came inside the room.

" well,well... I see you have met your new member, Kakashi" he said.

"new member? what are you talking about?"

" ah yeah!!! I was on my way to Konoha when these group of ninjas came to kill me---as usual" The girl said rubbing the back of her hair with her palms.

" so you mean she's joining our team?"

" yes, and i'm afraid that's my news to you...have a good time with her, bye!" he said and disappeared.

" o--kay... let us go to the forest where we can get to know you more" Kakashi said

"okay!! You guys can go back to your punishment now!!" the girl shoed away the creatures as she went with Kakashi's group to the forest.

-----------------------------IN FOREST----------------------------------------------

" so tell us more about your name what you like what you hate, your hobbies, your past, your parents, your sibling, etc........"

" well... My name is Miaca Sakura, I'm 11 years old and I love sparing, cooking, singing, and drawing...ow...also hanging out with my friends. I hate Akito and bad people. My hobbies...i dont feel like telling it. My past.. was um... it's too tragic to tell... My parents died cuz' Akito killed them. My siblings are...Kaoru, my younger brother...and Akito, My older brother who family.."

" do you belong to a clan then?"

" Uh...yeah, the Yuri clan...but..they died when the Shadow ninjas attacked."

" hmmm...I heard about that clan...headed by Nagari Yuri, is that correct?"

"no...Nagari was only a fake name so nobody would know his real identity...His real name is Xiyaze Yuri. My father."

" so,do you live with anyone?"

" yeah...I live with....hahaha secret!!!"

" well then, I am Kakashi Hatake, this is sakura, naruto, and sasuke. they'll be your team mates from now on"

" nice to meet you all. I hope we have a good relationship with each other!"

" now that we're finished, let's train with a 1 on 1 combat"

" YES!! i'll show you my skills--believe it!"

"(whispering to Sakura)does he always say that?!"

" yep"

" okay...The first fight will be Miaca vs. Sakura"

" I'll go easy on ya' Miaca"

" kekeke"


Sakura was first to charge. She took out a kunai and threw it at Miaca. Suddenly Miaca disappeared.

"where'd she go?!"

" over here!!!...Knock out Jutsu!!" Miaca appeared behind Sakura and knocked her out.

Naruto was amazed with her moves, to be able to knock out an opponent that easily...she must be an expert!

Kakashi walked over to where Sakura was drooling, and checked if she was still conscious...he then stood up and raised a hand

"Sakura is unable to continue, Miaca wins! she advances to the fight with Naruto!" He announced.

Miaca and Naruto stepped forward. Naruto smirked.

" I'll show you what i can do!" Naruto spoke.

Miaca waved a finger at him. " you shouldnt be over confident with your might lose to me, Naruto-kun" She cried out. Kakashi nodded...this girl is an expert.

" Kagebushin Jutsu..Yuri style!" Miaca cried. Then, clones appeared and attacked Naruto.

" EASY!" Naruto shouted, taking out a kunai and throwing it at the clones.

" Sakura DRAGON ASSIST!" one of the clones cried as a dragon of color red appeared.

'hmmmm......i wonder where the real Miaca could be...' Kakashi wondered.

" WHAT IS THAT!!!" Naruto wailed as the kunai that hit the dragon flew off. He backed off a few steps as the dragon spoke.

" Is that the best you've got?" The dragon said in a dragon-ish way.

Naruto just stared at it, then the dragon spit out a huge mass of fire....which hit Naruto. Naruto was half- burned with a flame on the very tip of his hair.

" owww..." He mumbled before falling unconcious.

" Impressive....Miaca, you advanced to the fight with Uchiha Sasuke" Kakashi spoke while carrying Naruto and laying him beside Sakura, who was leaning on a tree.

" Well then, shall we get it started?" Miaca said with an evil smirk on her face.

" Go." Sasuke said as he charged towards her, a kunai in hand.

" I've been saving the best for you.....U-chi-ha...." Miaca whispered, forming 10 clones and transforming into a cat.

" CHARGE!!!!!!" her clones cried as they charged at the charging sasuke.

" Katon Goukakyuu no jutsu!!" Sasuke wailed as he breathed flame from his mouth. Miaca gasped.

" Henge no jutsu!" The clones cried as they all transformed into Sasuke-s.

" What do you think you're trying to do! you're just wasting your chakra in copying me!" Sasuke cried.

" KATON GOUKAKYUU NO JUTSU!!" the clones wailed as each of them created a huge mass of fireball. Sasuke tried to dodge it by running to his side,

but he was caught by one of the clones and helled him in position. The fireball approached closer and closer, making him nervous of dyeing now.

" Stop!" Yelled Kakashi as he ran between Sasuke and the fireball.

" Sasuke lost, you win Miaca" Said Kakashi.

The clones disappeared as well as the one holding Sasuke in place. It revealed the real Miaca standing next to Kakashi.

She gave him a questionable,yet amazingly cute look.

" aw...but I was having fun..." She said, putting a finger on her lip.

" Like I told you, Sasuke lost and you stop that, it's freaky" Said Kakashi. Miaca nodded and faced Sasuke.

" you got lucky Uchiha, but next time, you're dead..." She mumbled coldly with a glare that would make Gaara sooooo proud.

She then ran to Naruto who invited her to eat ramen with him and she agreed. Both Naruto and her headed to Ichiraku's and ordered two ramen.

" so where are you staying?" Asked Naruto as he slurped his soup. Miaca paused and thought.

" hmmm... since i'm in Konoha, I might as well saty in a hotel." She simply answered and proceeded to eat her ramen.

" that's good!"

After that, both went to the appartment where Naruto lives and let her stay beside Naruto's room.

" well then, see ya' in the morning, Naruto-san"Said Miaca as she opened her room. Naruto gave her a smile and opened his too.

" If you need any help, just call me ,'kay?"

"yeah...Thanks." She said and went in her room to fix.

As soon as she was done, she went to her room and changed to a simple red t-shirt and blue shorts. She plopped on her bed and closed her eyes.

' I guess this wasnt so bad, right Kit?' asked her demon, a 10-tailed kitneko/ Half cat and half fox.

' i guess not...'

'That Naruto is nice isnt he?"

' very...'

' hey, i have a feeling...that somebody's watching us..'

' me too....but lets not look, okay, Chichi?'

' dont call me that.'

'...right...' Miaca yawned and turned to her right.

' g'night Chichi..'

'....g'night Kit'

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