----------------------------------------CHAPTER 11----------------------------------------

" THE PLAN..."

The 5 shinobis walked in the forest in awkward silence. Neither of them were about to utter a sentence, or even a word. Kaki looked at Deidara, then to Miaca, to him and to her. He then exchanged his glace to Sasori, and thought for a while.

" Miaca." He said.

" Yeah?" She looked at him.

" Among these two...who's your boyfriend?"


" uh...Miaca? how did you manage to hit a tree so quick?" Kaki asked.


" You'll kill yourself...."


" stop that.."


" MIACA?!"



Miaca stopped banging herself on the tree and looked at him with a bloody forehead. He sighed and got out some bandages.

" I told you to stop it......and who's your boyfriend?" He asked once more.

" N-none!! I d-dont like a-any of them!!" She cried.

" oh? is that so..."

" h-hai...."

Kaki smirked. At times when Miaca lies, he'd always use his mind reading technique. But maybe it's time to see how she reacts with being partnered with any of them....

" well, okay." He said and finished wrapping her forehead.

He stood up and turned to the silent artists.

" WE'll set up camp here, it's getting late"

" fine, but we leave first thing in the morning." Sasori said.

" right"

FAST FORWARD----------------

After they sat camp and ate. Of course, they went to sleep. Miaca, Deidara, SAsori and Kaki were in separate tents. They slept quietly, but Kaki wasnt planning too. He made handsigns and a bear poffed infront of him.

" Hagi, I am planning to frighten Miaca and the other two. I need you to help me out. Here's the plan......"

He started explaining the plan to the bear. The Bear, Hagi, nodded in approval and hid in the bushes. Kaki layed back and took a deep breath.

Then he cried:

" AUGH!! DAMMIT!! M-MIACA WAKE UP!!! HELP!!!!!!!!" He shouted and ran to the bushes.

Miaca and the other two shot awake and looked around.

" D-danna?!" She cried and looked in his tent.

NOThing. but blood. (actually ketchup, but she's too stupid to check it)

" NO!!! DANNA! WHERE IS HE?!" She shouted at them.

Sasori smiled.

" that gets rid of the other brat... serves him ri-" He was cut off as paws wrapped around him and pulled him in the bushes, leaving the other two alone.

Miaca shivered and fell to her knees.

" D-danna's gone...they took him...no..." She whispered.

" no.." She mumbled and softly cried.

Deidara stood from his position and looked around.

" Who could've took him,un?"

Miaca wipped the tears from her eyes and growled.

" Probably the Konohatards who figured out that he's a criminal...or worst..." -gulp- "...Akito...."

She shivered at the thoughts.


Akito stood infront of her with murderous eyes, his chakra blazing with dark energy. Miaca wipped her bloodstained face and did more handsigns.

" Rai Juugon Jutsu (Electric Imprisonment)" She cried.

Lightning shot out of the ground and cornered the enraged boy. He walked infront of it and the jutsu broke.

" There's no use struggling, Miaca. Nothing would work anyway." He said and grabbed her by the neck.

Miaca gasped for air and struggled to get free.

" Just accept the fact that you'll die like this." He whispered and tightened his grip.

Miaca was about to give up when the grip on her neck disappeared and Akito flew to a distance.

" Ya' okay Miaca?" Kaki asked and poofed beside the girl. Miaca smilled and gave a thumbs up.

" Good." He stood and looked at Akito.

Akito gave a sigh of defeat.

" It wouldnt be nice if he interferes...I'll do it when he's not around." He said and disapperad.

'but always remember...I'm stronger than you and can kill you like a flame on a windy day...'

END OF FLASHBACK------------

" NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" She screamed and feel on her knees.

Deidara was fast enough to catch her. She buried her face on his cloak and cried.

" Danna cant die yet! It's always my fault that they die! It's no fair..." She said.

Deidara softly stroked her hair and whispered for her to calm down. Her breathing softened and she managed to stand on her own. Both fixed camp and looked for their missing Dannas. Miaca looked around the black darkness and cought up with Deidara. He managed to stiffle a laugh. It's so amazing to see the over-joyful girl be so vulnerable and weak.

" I feel something watching us..." She whispered to the bomber.

" yeah. What else new,un" He said.

Miaca glared at him.

" I'm not playing around! I can feel something!" She cried.

A bush nearby moved and a low growl was heard. Deidara protectively pushed Miaca back and shoved his hands on his clay pouches. Miaca drew out her katanas from behind and took a stance. The bushes continues to move and shake.... A long shadow emerges from a little squirrel. Deidara sighed and softened. Miaca didnt. The squirrel moved away and scampered away. The shadow still stood there...

Deidara was about to turn back since he didnt notice this. A bear emerges from the bushes and charged at Miaca. Deidara quickly pushed her away and took the hit instead. He shoved his hands in his claypouches and took out a small clay bird. It instantly flew towards the bear. And of course, the bear began chasing the clay art. it exploded on its face and Deidara took this opportunity to run for it. He grabbed Miaca and ran out.

The bear growled and ran to chase them.


Author's note:

okay, a bit boring. I was lazy to do this.

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