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Last time in FTBTTE:

"Well that you want to kiss me but you are afraid to ask it to me."

"And now that you know can I kiss you?"

"But you don't know me and I just met…"

She was caught off guard when a pair of lips touched hers and she felt right about this because she felt safe in his arms it felt like she belonged right there. Her arms went around his neck to hold him closer. The kiss was about to go deeper, but then there was a explosion in the main building.

The newly couple where flown apart. When Marianna looked up she saw the building on fire she stud up and ran to the building but Mushrambo stopt her.

"NOOOO….MINE FAMILY, FRIENDS ….. NOOOOOOO! And Marianna falls to the ground and cries.


"NOOOO… It can't be happening." Marianna stud up and tried to go to the main building but Mushrambo still wouldn't let her go so she struggled her way but Mushrambo was stronger.

"Please Mushrambo I have to go too them. There might be a possibility they need mine help and ore they are trapped but I have to go help them please let me go. Think about your brother! Think about all the innocent people who are dying there! Please let me go!"

"No you need to stay here and stay calm your in no condition to go in right now, please stay here and I'll go in to see if everyone is alright?"

"Alright, but please hurry ! "

Then Mushrambo went inside through the rubble and smoke he saw dead body's all over, inside he was crying for his brother but right now he had to find them and hope for the best .

"Mushra where are you? Sago, Kutal… Princess Yakumo ! "

"Brother ?" A hoarse said.

"Mushra where are you?"

"I'm over here brother with everyone ." then Mushrambo saw them near a pillar by a pile of debri, as he came closer he saw Princess Yakumo with a child in her arms it was dead.

"Poor thing to be ripped away so young. Rest my young friend may you find peace." She said as she laid him down. Then she looked at Mushrambo and asked. "Where is mine sister Prince Mushrambo?"

"She is alright, she is outside. But now let's get you all out off here before the building collapses."

" But what about the rest of the people they don't deserve to end like this and what about mine parents they are is under the pieces of rumble."

" Alright but let's hurry this building is not holding up for long." Then they spread out to search for survivors .

Meanwhile Marianna was waiting for a sign of Mushrambo ore her sister but she felt a strange aura coming up behind her. It was Lord Ryuma ruler of the Reptiles.

"Well well well…. What did I find here, a lost little bunny."