A/N: Just a quick note for all of you who enjoyed this story:

Thanks again for all your reviews, and for sharing this story with your friends. It was truly thrilling to me to get such a great response for my first fiction attempt.

If you haven't yet heard, some Twilight fans sponsored a new award, called The Indie Twific Awards. This award is meant to recognize fanfics that are under-appreciated. To qualify, a completed story must have under 1000 reviews, and a work in progress less that 30 reviews per chapter. Here is is list of the categories:


alternate universe

alternate universe human


other (real person fics, all original characters)

best collaberation

best undiscovered erotica

best use of music as inspiration

best characterizations (non Edward/Bella)

best use of comedy

most original storyline

most romantic moment

best original character

best secondary storyline

best non E x B story

These awards are a great way to show love to an author that is not yet well-known, and to help these new authors find more of a following. So PLEASE, show someone some love and go to theindietwificawards . com. Nominations are being taken until June 23.