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I was standing by the pillar watching my five-year-old niece Irina, and waiting for any more applicants for the secretary job. Our hotel was a five star so there were many candidates but I hadn't found the right one yet. Behind me I could hear Emmett showing the new girl around a little too nicely. I shuddered thinking of how Rose would react to that.

The opening of doors pulled me out of my reverie. A tall beautiful girl walked through holding a folder. She had long reddish-brown curly hair hanging down just below her shoulders. She was wearing black pants and a blue v-neck sweater with a white blouse underneath. Her skin was pale white and her eyes were chocolate brown. I just stared at her she was too beautiful. She paused for as moment, and then she spotted Irina.

"Hello" she said shaking Irina's hand "I'm Isabella swan, but I prefer Bella"

"That's a very pretty name", I heard Irina say. I was pleasantly surprised by Irina and Bella's exchange. All the other hopefuls had ignored my niece. She was very precious to me and it was nice to see her acknowledged.

Bella smiled at Irina. "So what's your name sweetie?" she asked

Irina smiled back brightly exposing her small white teeth "Irina, but some people call me Iri…you're very beautiful," Irina said softly looking down at her feet after a moment's hesitation. I secretly agreed with her she was beautiful, too beautiful for her own good. "Are you going to marry uncle Eddie?" She asked suddenly much to my embarrassment. "Because I don't like Aunty Tanya," she said before Bella could reply, "But I like you" She added. Uh-oh I thought I better go stop her before she said anything else humiliating.

"Umm…" Bella looked a little mystified at that, then she saw me. "Are you her father?" She asked

"No" I replied, "I'm her uncle"

"Oh, so you're uncle Eddie", she said smiling widely. My face turned bright red, which just made her laugh.

"The one and only" I said grinning back

"I'm Isabella Swan," She said holding out her hand

"But she prefers Bella" Irina piped up from behind

"Edward Cullen" I informed her, shaking hands and ignoring my niece.

"Wait you're Edward Cullen?" She questioned a little surprised. Here we go again I thought, all day the same thing had been happening.

"Yep that's me," I said sighing softly

"Oh, I didn't expect you to be so…"

"Out of place" I offered

"No young" she amended with a chuckle

"My parents left me and my two brothers Emmett and Jasper, this hotel when they passed away." I explained

"Oh, I'm so sorry" she said, she looked like she really was.

"It's okay…" An awkward silence hung between us.

"So where are your brothers?" She asked looking downwards. I was mesmerised by her beauty and just stared at her once again, like the idiot I was. Then she looked up at me probably wondering why I hadn't said anything.

"Umm…they're around here somewhere, let's just say they aren't the best business partners," She laughed at that whole-heartedly and I was sidetracked by the sound of it. "Why don't we step into my office where we can have a little bit of privacy?" I thought about the double meaning to that. "And I can have a look at your resume" I added.

"Sure" She said smiling then she turned around swiftly. "Bye Iri" she said waving. Iri who had taken to reading a book throughout our whole conversation just waved.

I led her across to my office. This was all just a formality; I had already decided to hire her.

* * *


He led me to his office. If he hired me I would be lucky to finish five minutes of work in a week. The rest of that time I would spend staring at him. He was tall, with a very muscular build. Every inch of him was toned, he obviously worked out everyday looking away from his body I moved my gaze to his handsome face. It was a face even an angel would envy. He had high-defined check bones, a strong square jaw, a heart melting crooked smile, messy but very attractive bronze hair (what I'd like to call sex hair) and then finally amazing emerald eyes. When I looked into them it was like he was staring into my soul. I noticed that his grin became more pronounced and to my dismay I realized I had been staring at him.

"Like what you see?" he asked with a smirk. I felt the heat rush to my face, as I blushed red.

"So…about this job?" I said in what was a poor attempt to change the subject.

"Why don't you take a seat?" he invited still smirking. He gestured towards two black fancy, leather chairs. In front of them was an auburn desk filled with piles of documents roughly stacked away, and behind that there was a slightly larger black leather chair, on which he was now seated. I stumbled my way over to one of the leather chairs, adding further to my embarrassment.

After I was settled I placed my folder in front of me, which he took silently. I watched, as he flipped through the pages, a little self-consciously. Now that I had my eyes off of him I looked around his office. It was pretty big; there was a huge bookcase directly across the door. It was stacked with books of all different shapes and sizes, whose titles were too far away for me to read. Next to the bookcase there was a door leading to who knows where, and a small side table with a vase full of wildflowers, their scent lingering in the air. I turned back to Edward to find him watching me intently.

"It's a nice office," I commented, avoiding his penetrating gaze.

"Hmmm" He said still looking at me. I finally looked him in the eyes, his piercing emerald eyes. We just kept looking at each other leaning in, unconsciously over the desk, ever so slowly when the ring of a phone interrupted us.

* * *

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