Ready to Fall

Written by CosmicTwilight

Standard Disclaimers: I do not own any of the characters herein that appear in any of the works of Stephenie Meyer. I am merely borrowing them for enjoyment and I gain no profit whatsoever from the user of the characters herein.

Synopsis: Bella is three months pregnant when she is left by her boyfriend in a small town named Forks. Here she is alone, pregnant with no one to turn too when she is taken in by her father Charlie who enrolls her into Forks High School to help her back on her feet. She meets a young man at Forks High School who will turn her world upside down. Alternate to Twilight.

Authors Notes: This will spin into an alternate twilight. I like reviews, they encourage me to update quicker. That and i like to know what you are thinking about this piece.

Bella's POV

I never thought of the way I would die, but dying in the place of someone I loved seemed like a pretty good way to go. I would let all the bad things in the world happen to me as long as my unborn child was out of harms way.

I remember that last day with him as I watched out the window as we passed each town on our way to New York City. We'd been on the road forty eight hours when we had to make a pit stop in Olympia so Matt could pick up things from his parent's place before we went to our new home in New York. He'd insisted on driving much to my disappointment but I wasn't really in the mood to disagree with him, he'd packed up his life for me once we'd found out I was expecting our baby. We'd been dating since we both started high school three years ago. Here I was seventeen years old and pregnant. My hand traced over my slightly swollen belly. I had many hopes and dreams for this little angel. I hoped they were smart, that they would have everything they wanted. They would always have the love of both their parents, no matter what. Matt reached his hand from the steering wheel to reach for mine as we continued on the road. Each tree passing us quickly. Each hour passing by slowly.

"Hey babe, are you feeling hungry at all?" Matt asked smiling at me. I nodded, I was starving. "Good we're almost at Olympia, I'm sorry about this babe.

"Its fine," I whispered, "It's been a lovely journey."

Things went silent as we continued on our journey; it was another hour before we reached Olympia. We had spent a further hour there before getting back in the car and making our way towards New York. I will never forget that day.

He treated me like I was his princess; everything was fine until he pulled into a gas station to fill up.

We both got out of the car and I walked around to his side to watch him pump the car full of petrol. He proceeded to pull out his wallet and hand me forty dollars.

"Can you pay for the petrol and grab a little something to eat?" He whispered to me as he kissed my forehead. I smiled at him, my hand sitting on my slightly expanded belly.

"Anything in particular you were after?" I queried, after a simple nod I turned my back looked up at what number we were and walked into the station. I pulled out two bottles of juice from the fridge, before walking over to the warmer and grabbing a pie and a spinach and ricotta pastry"

When I walked outside he was gone. I knew nothing of where I was other than the name of the last sign I saw. Forks. It was damp, cloudy. A rather sad day. I sat on a park bench tearing tiny chunks of bread out of the slice I was holding and throwing to the birds. Contemplating what to do. At that point and time I felt like dying, I couldn't get in touch with Matt. I didn't have a phone; I'd left it in his car. I pulled the bag of 'supplies' on my arm and walked away from the gas station, I walked up the road a few kilometers I reached a street that looked oddly familiar, and safe at the same time. Walking along I looked at all the houses I stopped when I reached one that I remembered dreaming about. The flowers, the dirt, the paint it all smelt like home. Tears began to well in my eyes as I realized that I couldn't get home, I didn't know my mother's number, we were all moving to New York and no one had told me the address claiming it was a surprise. I know now that was a lie.

"Bells?" a friendly voice spoke as the door of the veranda opened and a slightly muscular man stepped outside. He wore a chief's uniform. How did he know my name? "Oh my, Bells is that you?" he repeated my name, snapping me out of my confusion. That was the nickname my-

"Dad?" I spoke cautiously as he walked out to me, quickly taking the plastic bag from my right hand and pulling me onto the veranda out of the rain. I'd been so engrossed in my surroundings I hadn't realized it had started to rain on me again. He left my side for a moment running inside and grabbing a thick blanket returning within minutes and placing it around me.

I hadn't seen him since I was seven. I used to come here every summer until it was too much for me with everything. He sat across from me and looked me over.

"You look just like your mother" He whispered, running his hand across his face. "Not that I'm not happy to see you but what are you doing here?"

I frowned, how do you tell your father that you are pregnant, unwed, and underage and the father just left you? Especially when this father has access to a gun? MY hand ran to my now covered belly.

"My boyfriend dropped me at the gas station up the road" I explained carefully. "I took a walk up the road" He didn't seem impressed with that answer.

"Where are you staying?" he queried. I shrugged my shoulders as he reached his hand for mine which had found its way onto the top of the table. "Isabella Marie, you are welcome to stay here as long as you need too. I would not have it any other way"

I looked at him, the warmth of his hand, his smile. It made me regret not wanting to come here for those summers all those years ago. I missed him, it wasn't his fault no matter how much my mother may have tried to pin it on him as being so.

"Thank you so much Dad" I whispered, "There's one more thing" He looked at me carefully again, he was skeptical and I couldn't blame him. "I'm pregnant"

I watched as he took a deep breath, analyzing my body. "Hmm" He whispered, "Grandpa Charlie" he smiled to himself. "Has a nice ring to it wouldn't you say?" I smiled at him. This wasn't the reaction I was expecting from him. "Come on, let's get you inside. I'm afraid I don't have any clothes for you so you'll have to wear one of my shirts and long pants. We will go out once you are cleaned and get some fresh clothes on. Is that alright?"

I nodded as I stepped into the house after him, making my way upstairs. He showed me my room. Still unchanged since I was last in it. A picture I'd drawn of myself and Charlie on my wall. My bed was still the same purple, my old clothes still in their drawers. I wasn't even going to try wearing them, not in this state there is no way they would fit.

I could tell Charlie felt very uncomfortable as we I grabbed some under garments off the shelf and added them to our trolley. Thankfully I had grabbed my wallet out of the car before I left.

"Dad, are you alright?" I asked softly.

"Yeah, I'm just." He responded. "I haven't seen you in years and suddenly you're wearing bras and having a baby"

I smiled. "Okay, let's move isles" He pushed the trolley into the next isle which was of daywear. I grabbed a few pears of sweats. They were extremely comfortable for me at the moment. A few maternity shirts with added room to grow. I had to think ahead after all. I rubbed my bump.

"So Bella, I'm thinking we clean out the old study and change it to a baby room" Charlie answered as we continued shopping. "What do you think?"

"I think that's a lovely idea" I really did. "But I'd like to have the baby in with me for a bit first"

"We should enroll you in school as well. You've only got one year left and it'll be helpful for you to know some other kids around here" I smiled, It was the least I could do for him. We made our way into the shoe isle where I found a nice pair of flats that were black with a silver ribbon on the top, they were the closest to fancy I would wear. Ever. I reached for them only to find another young girl reaching for them as well. Her hand touched mine and I shuddered. She was very cold; there was no way that could be normal. I looked down at her. Her short spiky hair in all directions, her pale perfect skin. She wore a grey dress, with tights underneath and a pair of grey flats matching her outfit. A black choker around her neck.

"Hi there" She answered very politely, "Lovely shoes aren't they?" I smiled.

"Yes they are" I answered friendly like. She quickly gave me the shoes. "Are you sure, you don't want them?"

"Positive, there will be more next week" She seemed pretty confident about that. "My name is Alice" she smiled at me yet again before giving me a quick hug. She pulled away. "Alice Cullen"

"I'm Bella" I whispered, "Bella Swan"

"Oh chief Swan's daughter?" I nodded. Someone called her name and she turned her head around to see what direction it was. Two women were waving to her, one with long blonde hair the other with caramel. "I've got to go; I'll see you at school next week Bella." She gave me a quick final hug before running off. She was just like a pixie. Charlie walked over to me carrying a fishing pole.

"I see you met Alice" He answered placing the rod in the trolley. "Such a lovely girl, the whole family is. I thought there would be a lot of trouble in that family but there hasn't been"

"Trouble?" I questioned as we continued shopping.

"Dr Cullen and his wife are both young. Yet they've adopted five children, two girls, three boys. Being adopted, everyone here myself included thought there would be a lot of trouble with them, " He watched me carefully as he spoke, "The worst they've had is Rosalie's fascination with fast cars" He chuckled at that phrase. I only imagined him giving a ticket to a girl. There weren't many if any girls who would speed. After we had everything we paid for our goods and went home. I walked into the kitchen and searched the cupboards.

"Dad, what do you eat here?" I asked, "You have powdered mashed potato in the cupboard and that is about it"

"It's just been me Bella" He confessed. "We'll order pizza tonight"

"I'll let that slip for now" I teased, "but I'm going grocery shopping whilst you are at work tomorrow" He smiled at me, I knew he was happy about having real food. I would be too if I was living off what he had been. It was further forty minutes before dinner arrived but we ate in silence. I was getting used to having a father again, I hadn't seen him in so long. But so far I was liking it.

I still couldn't help but wonder about Matt and where he was.