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A/n this is based on the preview for the upcoming episode. I haven't seen any other spoilers or read anything else about it and I don't want to know.

These "moments of clarity" will be mostly Reid centric but there may be apprearances from the other team member as the spirit moves.

For the Greater Good

I am a genius… It is a proven fact. The experts have tested me. So, if I am so smart, how do I get into so much trouble all the time?

They say there are moments of clarity in every person's life. I have experienced many of them in my lifetime. Now, as I stand here in this makeshift lab and look at the broken vial on the floor in front of me, I wonder if the realization that I screwed up big time is the last thing I will ever realize.

I guess now it's time to call Hotch and admit that I messed up. Will it matter? Am I going to die now? If I do, I hope my mother will understand that this is something I had to do. There were too many lives at stake and when it came down to it, there was no other choice.