Title: Found You...?
Characters/Pairings: Vampire!Lockon!Neil x Werewolf!Allelujah
Rating: G
Type: Short Fic (533 words)
Setting: Halloween, Haunted/Dark Forest.
Warnings: Possible Character Death (?)
Summary: Neil searching for his wayward wolf, does he find him or will the upcoming Dawn do with him first? (I suck at summaries)

He leant against a tree exhausted, then again having wandered so deep into the forest without had fed previously was probably foolish, but he didn't care any more about himself. It had been weeks since he last seen the young werewolf and he went out to find him, if he couldn't see his little beast of the night it wasn't worth continuing this long life of the dark.

'No good. I have no strength left.', thought the the figure with curly brown hair and a dimmed somewhat teal eye as he let himself slide down against the decaying bark of the tree. Amusing enough that out of all the trees in the forest he'd die once more against a dead one.

"No more will I see his smile would I?", the vampire whispered out trying to stay awake but he was too tired, letting his eye close letting his head press back against the old wood, "Sorry my wolf...", not noticing the bushes ahead rustling nor the flash of orange, green and black running in his direction.

"Lockon?", a voice gasped out before cool arms wrapped around his ancient corpse, he couldn't help but snuggle into the embrace he now was in it seemed.

"-on! Lockon!", cried the voice more, it sounded so familiar thought the weaken vampire as he opened his one good eye tiredly. The lines were fuzzy to his sight as he tried to see who was calling for him, 'Could it be?', he thought before croaking out out loud, "Allelujah-kun?", man his voice sounded terrible as he heard it himself.

"Lockon...", the voice sounded sad. Neil forced himself to look upwards, his body hurt and it was boiling hot for some reason, he managed but barely to see finally his beloved wolf's face looking down at him with tears. 'Did I hurt him again?', he thought as he slowly reached out with a hand to touch the werewolf's cheek wanting to remove away the tears that fell. "Hey, don't cry wolf. They don't suit you...", came out almost in a whisper.

"What's wrong with you? Dawn came!", cried the out the wolf scared.

'Dawn?', barely registering that now, he finally found what he was missing, "Looking for you silly.", as if it was the most oblivious reason for him, cracking a small smile.

"Baka!", the wolf tried to look for anywhere he could shelter the undead man in his arms, the sun was rising higher in the sky making the body in his arms feel hotter as if almost on fire against his skin, a body that was usually so cold that it was his own that would help warm it up at night.

"I-I wanted to see my dark beast of the night...", he was loosing the last of his strength, the calming color of teal lost it's remaining focus dimming to a grey-blue not looking at any direction now, "A. Allelujah-kun...", he whispered out tenderly.

"Lockon?! No! Don't leave me!" Allelujah yelled in distress now, gripping tighter at the hot corpse, "Please!", his sobs getting louder.

'Allelujah-kun... I'm sorry.', were the last thoughts Neil had before letting his head drop against the cooler chest of fur.



Author's Note: I did this during break at work, so it's without a beta and probably nothing grand.
Critic is appreciated, no matter how silly it may be.