Drabble; enjoy. Inspired by Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.


It was a nightmare. Voldemort was attacking, waving his wand; chanting spells; smiling venomously. And Harry was fighting back; fighting back as hard and as quickly as he could. Everyone that he loved and knew laid against the hard, stone floors, their souls no more. His wand failed him as Voldemort released a green light from his wand, swiping the life from Harry— and then he jolted to life in a puddle of sweat and sheets. Delirium spread over him frantically. He felt hot, achy, overwhelmed with pain. His hands clutched at the sheets as he released groans of pain and fear. Somebody—anyone—And then he heard the pitter-patter of footsteps; the gentle, soft hands gliding against his face and into his messy hair; delicate whispers in his ear that calmed him into a quiet submission. Ginny, Ginny—the few words that reached his lips as he deciphered the beautiful voice. A peck against the lips, as supple as a sponge cake and as sweet as ginger, trailed against his parted mouth. A dream followed—one without fear and sorrow—but one with joy and peace.