Authors note:

This story starts before Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone and after the last episode of Vampire Knight Guilty (This is based on the Vampire anime not the manga). This is my alternative version of Harry Potter. All characters I write about are either from Harry Potter of Vampire Knight with the exception of Lilith who was a character I invented to "stitch" the stories together.

I may have used one or two speeches or descriptions from the original Harry Potter book but the rest was written by me (those taken from the book are in bold). I don't own the Harry Potter books or the Vampire Knight anime so don't sue me. I just used those phrases to help me keep to the same plot of the story but with a few slight changes. This story is purely fan made.

Please, excuse the grammatical mistakes because I don't have a Beta.

Ps: please do not copy or steal any of these ideas for I will be using them in a book I'm currently writing and thus it will inflict with my rights as an author. Thank you.


Whispers in the dark

Light from the streetlamps beamed all along Privet drive showering the ghostly lane with its feeble glow. The dark night surrounded the common buildings of the suburban town, wet icy air brushing smoothly against the windows while it tried to seep through the cracks beneath the glass and fill the warm houses with its cold breeze. Nothing broke the darkness as it extended onward, the seconds turning to minutes and the minutes into hours. Far away a clock rang the tedious sound of the bells that marked midnight and as the final gong sounded through the silent neighborhood a figure emerged from one of the far corners of the road.

He appeared suddenly and silently strangely misplaced in the street in which he paced calmly, every step as quiet as the last. He gazed around intently, his light blue eyes sparkling with newfound interest from behind his half-moon spectacles that rested above a long and crooked nose. Silver hair swayed smoothly over his hunched back, while a long beard and mustache cascaded down his face towards his belt. His garments were of the strangest making: a long purple cloak that brushed the ground steadily with every determined stride, and high-heeled buckled boots that left no impression on the cement pavement. He glided to a halt a few paces away from the nearest post and fumbled through his heavy cloak as he searched for something. With a triumph smile he retrieved a silver cigarette lighter from his inside pocket and flicked it open holding it gently in the cool air. Flicking his finger, he clicked it once and with that simple gesture the light from streetlamp ahead disappear, plunging a portion of the road into the dark night. Again he clicked it, again another light faded from within the misty glass orbs. Once the entire street was invisible to the prying eyes of the nearby houses he slipped the lighter back into his concealed pocket and paced once again down the lane towards house number four.

When he was within eyes sight of the house, his smile broadened sympathetically as he noticed another figure resting lazily against its sharp edged corner, brown eyes watching him in amusement.

"Fancy seeing you here Kaien." The old man's voice husky and calm.

"That was the loveliest display of magic I've seen so far." Came a smooth eccentric voice.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed it."

"What's not to enjoy? But I must admit I've seen far better presentations today compared to you little parlor trick. Rather worrisome, really. It's been all over the news: Flocks of owls…shooting stars…your getting careless old friend. It would be quite troublesome if the day that Voldemort finally disappeared after eleven upsetting years would be the day your secret was exposed." The man chuckled quietly.

As the elderly man approached him, the stranger became more visible. He was leaning against the side wall of the house, away from the main road. His thin sand brown hair was tied carelessly behind his back, while his own glasses rested lightly upon his nose. A long light blue jacket covered his slender form while a sword was slung tightly around his thin waist.

"Ah, so you've heard the rumors."

"And I've seen them too. Right outside of the window of my study. You could imagine my surprise. So, I came as soon as I could. I left the academy once night fell and the students had all been sent home." Kaien sighed deeply. "Cross academy has seen better years, Albus."

With a groan the old man lowered himself onto the floor, sitting with his back against the cold brick wall, facing the street. Beside him, the man also dropped heavily onto the ground and sat next to his friend.

"True, yet I will enjoy your company for the next few years. After all, there hasn't been a gathering like that in a very long time. I think I'll find this experience quite amusing." A hint of a mischievous smile played upon the aged man's thin lips.

"If only other matters were of similar amusement…"

"Alas, another ill-bound truth." Albus too sighed deeply, a cloud of thin white smoke escaping into the night breeze.

"Is it true, Albus? Are Lily and James…?"

"I'm afraid so, Kaien, I'm afraid so."

"It's hard to believe that such a horrible fate could befall such wonderful people. The Potters' dead…I can't believe it…I didn't want to believe it…" Kaien dabbed at the corner of his eye, wiping away the tears that had begun to stream down his elegant face.

Albus reached out and patted his friend compassionately. "I know…I know…" He sighed heavily once again.

"And the boy?" The man managed to croak from deep within his throat.

"With Lilith."

"She knows?" He asked disbelievingly.

"Of course." Albus replayed solemnly.

Kaien looked over his shoulder and cast a quick glance into empty living room that could be seen through the window above him. With a deeper frown, he gazed at the cloudy night sky, tilting his head so the cool wind could brush up against his warm neck, the relaxing sensation sending a slight chill up his spine.

"Are you sure about this, Albus? Leaving him with these…people." He sneered at the last word as if it clearly didn't apply to the Dursleys'.

"It's the best place for him." The old man replayed firmly. "His aunt and uncle will be able to explain everything to him when he's older, when he's ready."

"You know how this matter affects both our worlds, Albus. Such decisions shouldn't be taken lightly."

"And they weren't, I assure you."

"I trust you old friend and in times like these we shouldn't test our loyalty but rather fortify them, don't you think?"

"Such truths, you speak Kaien. Wisdom still precedes your madness."

The man opened his mouth to respond but a sound slipped through the silent street, making them both tense in awareness. Somewhere ahead, along the road a baby stifled a cry. From within his cloak, Albus grasped his wand firmly while next to him Kaien swiftly gripped the hilt of his thin powerful sword.

From the darkness came a hooded figure, the black cloak flowing graceful along the ground as the stranger strode lithely forward towards them. Although they were still far apart, both men noticed that the stranger was clearly a woman. Realizing who it was they both eased their grips around their weapons and heaved themselves off the ground to meet her. In her arms rested a child, wrapped in layers of soft blankets and cloths. Both men paced towards the street, approaching the wanderer cautiously. Stopping ahead of them, she tilted her head respectfully in greeting, first at the old man then at the other.

"Professor Dumbledore…Chairman Cross…" Her voice was a soft and soothing sound, delicate and musical.

"How is he?" Kaien asked in concern, his voice sounding harsh after hers, as he looked eagerly at the child cradled in her firm gentle arms.

"He's well. He fell asleep as we were passing Bristol."

"No problems, were there?" From beneath her hood, she shook her head slightly. Reaching for the baby, Albus curled his arms around the bundle and heaved the weight off her, cradling the child gently to his chest. Just visible through the sheets was a round face of a baby boy, under a tuft of jet-black hair and over his forehead was a curiously-shaped cut, like a bolt of lightning, its' thin crimson wiry line stretching from his scalp to the center of his forehead.

The old man turned abruptly around, his back to them, and stood facing the entrance of number four Privet Drive and stepping over the low garden wall, he walked steadily towards the wooden front door. He laid the baby softly on the doorstep and fumbled once again inside his cloak, this time retrieving a letter, and tucked it securely but visibly inside the blankets. Kaien came to join Albus, fresh tears sliding down his cheeks, and they stood there in the dark porch, gazing compassionately at the child as it slumbered on, unaware of the people surrounding him.

"Good luck Harry." The old man whispered and with a flick of his cloak the street was deserted. There was no hint of the two men or the mysterious woman as the lights from the streetlamps flickered on once again. Just the wind blew through the silent neighborhood, shifting the stray leaves across the ground and toying with the blankets that covered the child who slept into the night with no memory of the passing event.

* Bleeding Rose *


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