Authors note (I'm back)

Hello everyone. I'm sorry for my sudden disapearence but I am back and I bring a few news as well. I have been going through some rought patches so writing as been very scarce. However after reading all the reviews and my hearts swelling up twice it's size at all your lovely words (mostly it was the ego that inflated but the warm feeling did stay XD) and I couldn't help but think that I let you all down in not continuing the story. Therefore I want to humbely apologize and want to also clarify that I will continue the story. I was motivated by all your reviews and positive feedbacks that I don't want to keep leting you guys down!

The slightly bad news is that my Twilight-Vampire knight crossover will no longer be related to this crossover. I kept racking my brain how better to fit the three stories together but no matter how I looked at it there were just to many vampires and hierarchies to mesh up. Therefore the Twilight-vampire knight crossover will be an entirely different story. Unfortunately, the "stitch-up" character name (Lilith) will remain the same because many people have already read it with that name.

Sorry about the sudden change but I hope that you will all continue to read and comment for that's what keeps me going.

Thank you all so much! I wouldn't be half as good a writer without all your support.

*Bleeding Rose*