AN! June 22, 2009

Sorry for the false alarm chapter! (I hate when everyone else does this, but all of a sudden, I see why they do. Heh.)

Masen and Swan: The FBI's Most Unwanted is in the first round of the Epic T contest. Voting is done through the poll on bronzehairedgirl620's profile and ends on June 26. We're entry #51.

We're also up for two Sparkle Awards: Best One-Shot and Best Collaboration; voting lasts until July 31. See my profile for voting instructions. My other fic The Cold War is also up for a Sparkle Award: Best Post-Breaking Dawn. ebhg's fic Heart and Soul is up for Best All-Human.

We are in the middle of the next "episode" of Masen and Swan; we're going to post it as a separate one-shot. Do author alerts on me or ebhg to ensure you can find it!

TEASER for Masen and Swan, episode 2

"You are overlooking the most important factor," said Byers. "The Tau Xi Phi fraternity sends pledges into the Masen Mansion because it is known to be haunted."

"Haunted." said Masen levelly. He sincerely doubted this.

"The story is like a World War I era Romeo and Juliet," said Byers. "Apparently, the young Masen heir fell in love with some girl with no dowry,
and his parents wouldn't approve the match. He was dying of the Spanish Influenza when he begged all the servants in the house to find his
'forbidden love' and bring her to him. He died before they could find her. When she was brought in to his room moments after he took his last breath and his heart stopped, her heart broke and she lay down beside him and succumbed herself just minutes later."

hope you enjoyed! gleena