Summary: Tenten gets back up because she says she will.

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She is, in essence, their willing punching bag. Not that her training obsessed teammates would ever admit to such a job-description; Lee would rather put it as "our beautiful comrade in Youthful Activity" and Neji considers her to be "my sparring partner," but in the times when Tenten is face-flat in mud as Lee continues onward in the two hundred seventy-fifth lap of three hundred around Konoha or Neji has just flung her into yet another tree after a successful Kaiten-test, she thinks that this is all she amounts to.

It's a momentary lapse in thinking however, and Tenten forces herself to get up and collect herself; to make a cursory wipe off the mud and pick up her scrolls again. It's an almost thankless task, but she does it for her boys. And sometimes, it's almost enough when Lee spins around in horror as he notices Tenten is no longer alongside him or when Neji curtly folds his arms and demands that she takes a break.

Almost-- what pushes her past the edge of "I dunwannaanymore" is that she made a friggin' promise, dammit, and if there's one thing for sure, Tenten keeps her promises.