Every Breath

By Serena

A/N: Once again, I'd like to thank all of you SO much for being so amazing and wonderful! (HUGS) I decided to go for it and write a full-length fic. :D That just means more Uhura/Spock goodness, right? ;D

This story is going to be a mix of romance (of course), angst, drama, suspense, and humor. It's going to get a bit darker as it goes along, though. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Chapter One: Here

"He's dead, Jim," Bones said solemnly, his normally excited and vibrant face a picture of gloom.

Uhura choked. "No…"

Kirk's head went down.

"I'm sorry," Bones said grimly.

"No," Uhura whispered. Her heartbeat increased dramatically. "No!" she shouted. "He's not dead!"

"Lieutanant, calm down!" McCoy ordered, stepping towards her. "You're hyperventilating!"

She didn't care. Nothing mattered anymore. Spock was gone.

"SPOCK!" she screamed.

"Spock!" Uhura's eyes flew open, and she bolted upright, chest heaving. She panted, trembling, and stared down at the covers tangled around her sweating body. "Spock…" she whispered. Unable to stop shaking, she stammered, "C-computer, lights."

The lights flared on, and she winced, cowering away from the harsh light. "Computer, dim lights!" she ordered. When the lights had darkened to an acceptable phase, Uhura sighed and swung her short-covered legs over on one side of the bed. She knew she'd never be able to get any sleep now.

Tears filled her eyes at the memory of her dream. Spock… gone. It was unthinkable. She couldn't take it. Before she realized what she was doing, she was rising to her feet and rushing out the door.

Spock sat up, lips pressed tightly together. Clad only in a pair of sleep-pants, he leaned over and breathed in deeply. Another nightmare. Attempting to calm his internally raging emotions, he closed his eyes and focused on the perfect quiet of his room. When he felt his heart slowing, he let out a long breath.

When his door unexpectedly slid open, and Uhura burst into the dark room, tears streaming down her face, his eyebrows raised, and he stiffened. "Nyota," he said, hiding his surprise. "What are you doing here?"

When Uhura ran forward and collapsed into his arms, sobbing, he froze. After a moment, his arms slid around her trembling waist. "Nyota," he repeated, his deep voice vibrating through his chest, causing Uhura to shiver. "What is wrong?"

"You… you were dead," she sobbed into his chest. "You didn't make it back."

He paused. "I will assume that it was a nightmare," he said softly.

She nodded and clung to him more tightly. "You never made it off Vulcan. You died with everyone."

"I am here," he replied calmly. Pulling her back, he cupped a hand under her chin and lifted it up so she would look at him. "I am here, Nyota."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his bare shoulder. "Don't you ever leave me, Spock," she said harshly. "Don't you dare leave me."

Spock's hands pressed harder into her back. "I cannot promise you this, Nyota," he said, his eyebrows furrowing ever so slightly. "But I will do everything in my power to stay with you."

Uhura smiled weakly, pressed a kiss, mixed with salty tears on his neck, and pulled back to face him. Moving her hands to his face, she traced its contours softly. He said nothing, just watching her as her smooth fingers fan over his forehead, down to his cheekbones, up on his slanted eyebrows, back to his elegantly pointed ears, and then down his nose. When she reached his lips, her eyes slid shut.

"I want to memorize you," she whispered as an explanation. "I want to remember you."

Spock's only response was to gently take her wrists and press his mouth to her fingertips. She inhaled deeply and let out a shaky breath. Before she opened her eyes, he leaned forward and tenderly caressed her lips with his. She let out a small, contended sigh into his mouth and leaned closer.

"Can I stay with you?" she murmured sleepily against his mouth.

He kissed her again. "Of course."

When he slid back to make room for her, she crawled up beside him and curled up into his chest. He lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling, with on arm around her and the other holding her hand on his chest. After a peaceful minute of silence, he said, "I dreamed as well."

She opened her eyes, wordlessly urging him to continue. His eyes stayed locked on the ceiling.

"I dreamed of my mother. She was with my father. They were… happy together. I tried to join them…. But when I moved closer… she disappeared."

Uhura squeezed his hand.

"And then," he continued, "I saw you. You were in my mother's place. You reached for me, but it was too late."

"I'm right here," she assured him gently. "Always. Even if we're apart, we'll still be together. You're a part of me, Spock. You're locked away in my heart, and I've thrown away the key."

Spock raised her hand to his mouth and pressed his lips against her soft skin.

"Spock," she mumbled, "do you believe in soulmates?"

Spock thought carefully about his answer. Vulcans had arranged marriages, with one exception, however, his parents. His father loved his mother, he had told Spock so. It was a strange concept – Vulcans marrying for love when they kept their emotions so carefully buried. But the thought that his parents truly loved each other gave him a certain comfort. He turned to look at Uhura to give his response, but she was already asleep. Spock's eyes softened, and he held her hand tightly against his chest as he drifted off to a calming, dreamless sleep for the first time since his mother died.

Spock was already awake and meditating by the time Uhura awoke. Stretching with a groan, she blinked a few times before slowing sitting up. A tray of food sitting right beside her met her eyes. She stared at it and then glanced at Spock.

"I thought you would be hungry and took the liberty of acquiring your breakfast," he said, his eyes closed. "An omelet with toast, fresh fruit, and… whipped cream." His lips twitched upward. "I believe it is one of your favorites."

Uhura grinned. And they called Vulcans emotionless. Spock was the most thoughtful man she knew – she found him more kind and considerate than most of the human men she knew. "Thank you," she said, beaming. "It's wonderful." As she started to eat, Spock's room com beeped.

"Kirk to Spock. You there?"

Spock replied, "Good morning to you, too, Jim."

Uhura stifled a laugh by popping a strawberry half into her mouth.

"Very funny, Mr. Spock. I should promote you to the ship's stand-up comic," Kirk said in good humor.

"I believe that is your forte," Spock replied dryly.

"Of course it is," Kirk answered cheerfully. "Listen, I need you and Uhura on the bridge right away."

"Yes, Captain."

"Oh, and, uh, by the way," Kirk added with a sly undertone, "You haven't seen our lovely communications officer lately, have you?"

Spock opened his eyes and glanced at Uhura. "I spoke with her recently, Captain," he said.

"Uh-huh," Kirk said, laughter clearly evident in his voice. "Right. Well, then, I'll see you on the bridge ASAP."

"I will be there, Captain."

"Good. Oh, and good morning to you, too, Uhura," Kirk said mischievously before abruptly ending the link.

Uhura froze and stared at Spock mid-chew. After a moment, she grinned, shrugged good-naturedly, and continued chewing. She then popped the last raspberry in her mouth and slid off the bed. "I have to go. Duty calls." She bent down and kissed him quickly. "See you on the bridge, Commander."

"Indeed," Spock said as the door closed behind her. He could still taste the raspberry for the rest of the morning.

Spock and Uhura found themselves in the same lift on their way up to the bridge. Standing side by side, they didn't look at each other as the lift climbed the different levels.

"Good morning, Commander," Uhura said.

"Good morning, Lieutenant," Spock replied just as stoically.

Nothing was said for the remainder of the ride, but Uhura couldn't hold back a small smile. She quickly masked it when they entered the bridge to find Kirk facing the viewscreen. The Captain threw both of them a knowing smirk before clearing his throat.

"Good, you're here," Kirk said. "We've reached a planet that has a good trading post. The locals and the Federation come here to trade their goods. I thought we might stop by as a sign of good faith."

Spock nodded. "Certainly, Captain."

"It'll be good to get some fresh air," Uhura added.

"Fresh air, my hypospanner," Dr. McCoy snorted as he stormed onto the bridge. "Just wait until you catch their infamous "Windbreath" disease – a disease that'll rot your lungs from the inside out. I'm sure you'll love the diantha pollen hovering constantly around in the air – a pollen that'll make you swell up like a balloon in less than an hour."

Kirk just grinned and slapped him on the back. "Good thing we have a doc on board, then. Let's go."

"I'm curious, Captain," Uhura said as they stepped onto the transporter pad, "what are the locals like? I've never been in this particular sector before."

"They're a good mix of different cultures," Kirk informed her. "But the natives are a reptilian species. Golden brown skin, white hair – well, you'll see."

"Fascinating," Spock said just before they transported down.

The quartet found themselves a second later on a grassy knoll in the middle of a forest path. Several people walked past them, shooting them curious glances, but no one looked terribly suspicious. Uhura saw several humans pass by, as well as a few aliens she didn't recognize. But the landscape was stunning. The sky was a bright purple-blue, and the trees were golden, lime-green, and warm orange with bright red moss hanging from their branches.

"Beautiful," she breathed, turning around to look at the landscape.

Spock came up beside her and nodded. "Indeed."

"Come on, you two," Kirk said as he started down the path with McCoy. "Unless you'd prefer to look at the scenery all day, Uhura." He shot her a smile. "Should I just leave you here?"

Her eyes narrowed. "I think I would prefer it, Captain." But she followed him in any case, and Spock did the same. As she strolled down the path towards the trading center, Uhura gave a slight, uneasy shiver. Spock glanced at her.

"Are you all right?"

Uhura frowned and rubbed her arms. "Yes, I'm fine." But she couldn't shake off this strange feeling… almost… almost as if someone were watching her. Putting it off as a slight chill, Uhura shook her head and pressed forward.

No one noticed a pair of red-gold eyes glowing in the shade of a tree, locked on Uhura's lithe, graceful form as she walked away with the others.

"Uhura," a low, silky voice whispered reverently. "Yes… beautiful."


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