Broken Pieces

17 year old Zoe Orimoto walked into her house after running home from her friend's house. She was supposed to be home a half hour ago but lost track of time.

"I really hope everyone's asleep or I'm screwed", she said quietly.

The house was quiet. Almost too quiet. As she made her way through the kitchen she heard a muffled scream. Alarmed, she ran into the the living room only to be struck with a heavy blunt object. Her ears started ringing and then everything went black.

When she finally regained conciousness she looked around. To her complete horror she saw her parents and her younger sister tied up in chairs, each with a gag in their mouth. Zoe tried to move and discovered that she couldn't move and that she too was bound and gagged. She tried moving but it was no use. Her mother was unconcious, but her father and sister, Akari, were awake. There was a gash on the side of her father's head and a steady trail of blood made its way down his face. Akari was crying through her gags, tears running down her cheeks. Her eyes were wide with fear. Sitting in their father's easy chair was a young man in his mid-twenties. He was nonchalantly wiping his knife on a rag he was holding. She saw no blood on it....yet.

The man looked up and smiled. "So glad you could make it. We're having a small get together and your family was just dying that you would be able to come."

Zoe started shaking in fear. What did he plan on doing? She started to yell at him through her gag, begging him to let them go.

"I'm sorry, I didn't get that. You know you shouldn't be talking with your mouth full." He smiled and stopped wiping his blade. He went over to each of them and took off their gags.

"You son of a bitch! Let my family go or I'll break your neck!" Mr. Orimoto screamed at the man.

The man smirked. "Yeah, good luck with that one."

"What do you want? Do you want money? I'll give it to you, just let my family go!" Her father was terrified but was trying his hardest not to show it.

"Kyo?" Zoe's mother was regaining conciousness. "What's going on?" She asked her husband.

"Try not to panic Kaori, just stay calm". He knew that it sounded ridiculous but he didn't know what else to say.

"Daddy?" Akari was scared to death. "What's he going to do to us? What does he want?"

"I don't know honey." He looked at the man. "What do you want already? We'll give you whatever you want, just let us go. Please, whatever you do don't hurt my family!"

"Oh, you mean like this?" The man struck Zoe's mom across the face.

"Mom!" Zoe and Akari cried in unision.

"I'm going to kill you!" Mr. Orimoto struggled with all his might to free himself but to no avail.

Mrs. Orimoto winced in pain, then gave her attacker a look that briefly sent chills down his spine. He quickly snapped out of it though and drew a gun from his belt. Everyone froze, not knowing what to do or what would happen next. He went over to Akari and took a good look at her.

"You're a bit young", he said. "But you'll do just fine."

"What are you going to do to my baby?!" Mrs. Orimoto screamed. "Let her go! Let her go now, you bastard! Don't you dare touch her!"

The man suddenly pointed his gun at her and fired.



She shuddered for a moment, then went limp in her chair.

Zoe and Akari began to sob loudly, while their father sat there shaking, his face pale and tear-stained.

"Any more comments?" The man lowered his gun.

Mr. Orimoto suddenly threw himself backward, breaking the chair against the floor. He scrambled to attack the man, who was stunned for a moment, and tried to take the gun from him. The man got the upper hand and fired once.


He crumpled to the floor and lay there unmoving.

Zoe and Akari stared at their father's limp lifeless body, then at their mother's. Is this really happening, they thought. Is this how it's going to end? Being killed off by some lunatic?

The man abruptly went behind Akari's chair and untied the ropes securing her to the chair. She yelped as he dragged her up and threw her into the corner. She sat there shaking and crying, not knowing what to do. Their attacker then went to Zoe and untied her as well. He grabbed a handful of her long golden locks and threw her next to her sister. Zoe hugged her younger sister and held her close, tears threatening to run down her beautiful face.

"So who's the one that gets to go first?" The man asked mockingly.

Akari, not understanding said,"What do you mean by that?"

"Me," Zoe said abruptly. "Please don't hurt my sister."

The man thought for a moment then suddenly grabbed Akari by the throat. Akari gave a choked out scream.

"Let her go!" Zoe lunged at him and tried to attack him but he punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground. Zoe tasted blood in her mouth.

"ZOE!" Akari bit the man's hand as hard as she could, drawing blood.

The man screamed. "You little bitch!" He slammed her into the wall. He then shoved the barrel of the gun into her stomach and fired.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Zoe screamed. "AKARI!"

But it was too late. Akari lay on the floor in a growing puddle of blood. Zoe tried to go over to her sister but was brutally shoved into the wall, slamming her head into it. She quickly scrambled to her feet and tried to run, but the man grabbed her hair and yanked her back. She turned and gave him a kick in the stomach. He groaned in pain but grabbed his knife. She had almost made it to the door when suddenly she felt a stabbing pain in her back. She screamed in pain and fell to the ground. Her vision blurry, she took a look at the man standing above her, holding the bloody knife. She groaned, then everything faded to darkness.

Well chapter one is finished. Hope you like it, this is my very first fanfic. She meets Takuya in the next chapter, coming soon.