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Broken Pieces

Chapter 11

He aimed at Takuya.

"When I'm done with you, you're girlfriend's not gonna be so lucky either."

Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Zoe jumped onto his back and rammed the knife down into his shoulder with all her might. Hatori screamed and dropped his gun, it landing a few feet away from Takuya. Takuya lunged at it and tried to aim at Hatori as quickly as he could. Hatori had thrown Zoe off, and unbeknownst to her, still held his knife in his other hand. Before Takuya had time to fire, Hatori had quickly rammed the blade deep into her stomach.

"Zoe!" Takuya fired twice.

Hatori made a choked sound. Two bloody holes could be seen on his back, his clothes quickly turning red. He shuddered, then fell over with a loud thud. He laid there motionless, his eyes gazing at nothing. Hatori Matsumoto was dead.

"Zoe!" Takuya crawled over to her and saw her lavender dressed stained with blood. She was desperately trying to stop the bleeding by pressing her hands over the wound. "Oh my god." Takuya had tears in his eyes and he removed his jacket. He quickly put it over her stomach, while digging his cell phone out of his pocket. His blood-slicked fingers kept sliding over the buttons as he tried to dial 911.

Zoe coughed and began to shudder. She was losing a lot of blood and knew that she didn't have much time left.

Takuya had finally managed to get through and one minute later he was told that an ambulance was on its way.

He gathered Zoe in his arms. "C'mon Zoe. You're going to make it. Just hang in there."

Zoe gave him a weak smile. "Happy Birthday. Sorry this wasn't what we were planning."

Takuya shook his head, tears running down his face. "Don't worry about it. None of that matters right now."

"I just wanted to let you know that all that stuff I said to you, I didn't mean it." Zoe coughed again. By now the jacket was almost completely soaked.

"I know. You were only trying to protect me. But I knew something was up, so I pretended to leave and then waited to see what would happen."

"Yeah. I almost got you killed," she said miserably.

"And if I had left, you would have been killed." He held onto her tighter. "The ambulance should be here soon. I"ll call your aunt and uncle later, but for now I'm not letting you go."

Zoe groaned. Her stomach felt as though it were on fire. Her vision began to blur and she began to feel light-headed. "I love you,"she whispered.

"I love you too." Takuya leaned down and kissed her softly. He brushed her hair out of her face. The ambulance could be heard coming from the distance.

"I always will." Zoe's eyes closed and she went limp in his arms.

"Zoe! Wake up! Please wake up! I can't lose you," he cried as he held her tighter. "Please. Zoe........."

He heard the ambulance pull into the driveway but by now he was in his own world.

Two days later

"How you holding up?" Kouji asked his friend.

"I'm alright." Takuya rubbed his temples as they walked.

"Well call me if anything comes up. See you later."

"Later." Takuya watched Kouji walk away. Then he entered a room.

He went over to the bed, where Zoe was laying. Her abdomen was all wrapped up, along with a few bandages on her arms and shoulders.

She turned and smiled at him. "Hey."

Takuya leaned over her and gave her a kiss. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Like I got hit by a truck. But don't worry, I'll live."

"You better. I need someone to vent to when Kouji pisses me off," he quipped.

"I wonder when they're gonna let me go home." Zoe looked down at her stomach. "I look like a mummy."

"Yeah, but a cute mummy." Takuya looked over and noticed her tray of food. He stared at it for a moment.

Zoe smiled. "Go ahead, I'm really not hungry. Besides they can bring me more food if I ask them.

Takuya bit into her sandwich. "Really? Well in that case-"

"Is food all you ever think about?" She joked and shook her head.

"Actually no. But as soon as you get out of here I'm taking you out for dinner."

"Really? We've never really gone out for eat before."

Takuya started munching on the piece of chocolate cake. "Yeah, but what better time than to do it now?"

"Yeah, and we'll get you a cake too. Happy belated birthday. Oh, that reminds me. I have something for you. I asked Tomoyo to bring it on her last visit."

"What is it?" He asked.

"Open it and find out", she said with a smile. "I mean if you don't want it, I could always exchange it...."

"Holy crap! A Playstation 3?! How the hell did you afford this?"

"Now that shall remain a mystery," she replied.

"Zoe, I can't accept this-"

"You better accept it or it's going down your throat. It's the least I can do with everything you've done for me. So if you don't take it you'll be damn sorry."

"Okay, okay. I accept. But damn, this is awsome. Way better than what Kouji got me...." He shook his head.

"Let me guess. An empty gum wrapper", Zoe said.

Takuya looked shocked. "Yeah, how'd you know?"

"I know these things."

"Haha Kouji's gonna be so jealous that I got a Playstation 3!"

"Playstation 3?!" The door flung open with Kouji, Kouichi, J.P. and Tommy all standing there with their mouths foaming.

"Aaahhh! It's mine!" Takuya yelled as they began to chase him around the room.

"Let me try it first!" The other four yelled in hot pursuit.

Zoe was cracking up. "He may be a moron. But he's my moron."

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