Hey Guys! This is my new project... my second FanFiction! So yeah, this is an idea I came up a few weeks ago and I wrote down a rough draft of the prologue and no I can't get that nagging out of my head to write it! This story is called: Running For My Life

Now... here's the full summary...

Bella Swan is running... but she doesn't know what from. All she knows is that she must keep running so that she can survive. She has many scars, bruises and aching muscles... but what caused them, who caused them?

One dreary night, she finds herself running in a forest being chased, but when she falls and blacks out... what happens when she wakes up to find a family of worried faces staring at her. Who are these people? And who is the one with the beautiful emerald green eyes?

She finds herself enveloped in a caring loving environment, but after little insignificant mistakes happen... will her new world and family come crashing down around her?

So...read on? Have I sparked your interest?

This is the prologue; I hope you enjoy it!

Prologue: Running

Tears clouded my vision, making it almost impossible to see. My surroundings were blurs of green, brown and black; all blending into each other, I couldn't distinguish any shapes. My cheeks were burning, my throat was sore, my mouth was dry and sandy, sweat beaded on my forehead making my brown hair stick to it. My muscles were protesting violently, jerking awkwardly underneath me and aching to the bone. I felt sick, but I tried to swallow back the nausea, successfully.

The ground beneath my feet was lumpy and uncomfortable to run on, as it required placing my feet in precarious positions,causing spasms of pain to shoot up my legs.

But all of this could not sidetrack me from my goal. The only thing I knew I should, and would, do was run. Run for my life. If I stopped now, I would surely perish in a slow, painful death.

My labored breathing, began to turn into frantic gasps and sharp sobs. They burned my lungs. My lungs were so worn, so damaged, that they hurt no matter how shallow my breathing was. This, felt like hammers were breaking down the walls of my lungs, from the inside and out.

My foot falls became slower, and I felt my body shutting down.

KEEP RUNNING! My mind shrieked. What was I running from? Why was I afraid? Who was I running from? These questions, and many more swirled in my head, making me dizzy.

I suddenly heard loud labored breaths, and heavy footfalls. My breath caught, and for a moment, I forgot how to breath.


I shot like a bullet forward, trying to outrun my pursuer. I felt something brush my back, and I cringed and abruptly turned left.


I began to fall. I caught a glimpse of the hill and was horrified. Sharp rocks stuck out of the ground, many branches and tall brown cylinders scattered upright everywhere.

"ISABELLA!" An enraged, earth shattering voice roared. I flinched. This voice was all too familiar, but who did the voice belong to? There was no time to ponder on the subject, as I began crashing toward oblivion.

Sharp objects stabbed into me, shredding my clothes and shredding my skin. I could smell the blood. It was only a matter of time before I blacked out. I hoped, wished, that it would be the last time I closed my eyes. I didn't want to go through anymore pain. This was the best fate for me.

But I couldn't help but think that I could of had a better life, that I deserved one.

If only I could of been so lucky... Was the last thought I had before I slipped into darkness. Hopefully for the last time.