I like how I'm getting back into this writing thing! Especially with TP stuff. This is not quite a drabble, so let us call it a musing (imperative tense! Sorry, I spent too much time thinking in Spanish class today) by Lord Wyldon on Kel as he makes a Very Important decision about Kel. (Note- Wyldon's daughter's names are quasi-canon definitely, TP said them on I *think* the RandomBuzzers board.)

He sees how the other boys look at her. They stare, like she is something to be admired.

Keladry of Mindelan is not what he expected, not at all. The girl can fight, but he knew this when he asked the King to put her on probation. If he allowed her to use her glaive she could best many in a fair fight, certainly many of the pages older than her.

(It isn't right that her best weapon isn't from Tortall, he thinks.)

He thinks of his own daughters.

He taught Margarry how to shoot when she was six. Cathrea is one of the Goddess's priestesses and enforces her rule in her courts. The first time that he had seen his daughter with that sickle he had shivered. (But learning to fight was so good for her, going from timid to strong.) Eiralys had begged him to teach her how to tilt after she'd seen him best Lord Raoul and he had taught her, hadn't he? And Sunarine didn't need to fight with a weapon; her tongue was sharper than Lady Alanna's.

Keladry of Mindelan is certainly capable of becoming a knight.

He looks at her and he knows that if she is given the chance and proper training, she will be great.

Sighing, Lord Wyldon gets to his feet and calls her to see him after the meal.

(It is a good feeling to do what he knows is right.)