'Ok… just calm down, you can do this, just a little after-graduation surprise for everyone, Iruka-sensei, I will make you pay for this…' I thought as I walked into the classroom, still henged into the person everyone knew me as, hoping that Iruka would just let me be

"What did I say yesterday, Nayuki"


"Nayuki? Who is Nayuki Iruka-sensei, that's Naruto" Kiba said quickly

"Y…YA, who are you-" I never finished that sentence

Because Iruka-sensei hit me across the face, breaking the henge…

"HOLY SHIT!!" most of the guys in the class said, looking at my chest and ass

"WHAT THE HELL!?" the girls said, also looking at my chest and ass

Allow me to explain why

I'm a girl

"Students, I have an announcement, the boy Naruto is dead, and has been for the past eight years, his twin sister, Nayuki, took his form to protect herself from people who havetried, and at a few points succeeded, to rape her, when she was at the very young age for five, furthermore, she also tookher brothers personality, the real her acts nothing like the way she has acted for the past eight years, please forgive her for deceiving you, but she really had no choice" Iruka-sensei explained "She is also a genin because she mastered a jonin-level technique"

"Hmph, that explains a lot" Sasuke said "does she still think I'm a bastard?"

"Yes, I do, I'm a kunoichi of the leaf, not a fan girl intent on pleasing some snob who thinks he's better than the rest because of his clan, which, by the way, is WIPED OUT, meaning that you're no longer part of a prestigious clan, because the clan no longer exists" I explained, causing him to get a bit angry with me


"Keyword, WAS" I said, causing more anger

"THE SHARINGAN IS THE MOST POWERFUL DOUJUT-" He was cut off when I put my left index finger on his lips

"The Sharingan, HA! Tell me Sasuke, have you heard of The Akagan (Bloody Eye)?" I asked, preparing to reveal the doujutsu of the Namikaze clan

"Akagan?" he asked, making me chuckle

"Yes, AKAGAN!"I said, activating my Doujutsu in front of him as I jumped backwards "It, like all doujutsu, gives me the ability to see chakra, it also enables genjutsuthrough eye contact, but the thing that it does that gives it its name, is its ability to manipulate blood" I explained, raising a few eyebrows"In other words, I can do ANYTHING, with ANYONES blood, all I need to do is cut them so I can access it"

That, caused a few wide eyes, and a little bit of puking, as a few girls found it a bit too sickening

"So, as you can see, I'm not just a pretty face, I'm cruel, sadistic, and a bit of a bitch, comes with my past"

"Nayuki, please calm down, and… I'm sorry about your team assignment…" Irukasaid, what was he talking about "You're on team seven with Sakura and Sasuke"



"You're kidding… right?"

"No, I'm sorry"

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, HIM, I'M ON HIS TEAM, DON'T YOU REMEMBER WHO KILLED MY BROTHER!?" I screamed, cutting my former teacher and leeching his blood for a sword

"I… remember, I'm sorry, I couldn't, make him, understand" Iruka-sensei said, he was having a hard time talking as blood left his wound and turned into a sword in my left hand, but I placed the blood back into his body

"Fine, now if you'll excuse me, a certain Hokage has a HELL of a lot of explaining to do" I said, but I was stopped by Ino and Sakura

"And what do you" Ino started

"Have against Sasuke-kun?" Sakura finished

"Nothing against him, I have PLENTLY against his clan though, guess who my first was?" I said, looking them in the eyes "My first was an Uchiha, that's right, an Uchiha raped me and killed my brother at the same time, in fact, the only Uchiha I like is Itachi, as he killed the bastard before he could 'finish up' inside of me" I said, causing their eyes to grow huge "I also like him cause he killed the rest of the clan off as well" I added, much to Sasukes displeasure "So ya, I don't like him, cause he acts the same way that bastard did"

Everyone was staring at me, all of them had eyes the size of dinner plates

"And do I even have to mention the HATE and DISCRIMINATION forced upon me by YOUR PARENTS!" I shrieked, I tore off my jacket, revealing that I had a sleeveless, belly-less undershirt, but that's not what I was showing them

What I was showing them, was the thousands of scars from puncture wounds, burns, cuts, and bites that covered my body, each one caused by the people they called family

"Oh my god… what happened?" Inosaid, tracing a scar with her finger to see if it was real

"on my tenth birthday… a few hundred adults… decided that I had lived long enough" I said, remembering where half of my scars came from


Today was my tenth birthday, I ws happy, Sandaime had gotten me a very nice little teddy bear, it was the same size as me, but it was still loveablycute, I walked out of my apartment to see hundreds of villagers with torches and pitchforks and knifes

And then… pain

---Flashback over---

My body had never been is such pain before, but I was unconscious before it got too painful, the villagers gave me a small break then, but mostly because they thought that if I was awake, then I would kill them

I looked at the rest of the class, the girls were mostly genuinely sad for me, but the boys…

They looked at my with drool coming out of their mouths, even Sasuke was staring a bit

"Fuck off, I'm not eye candy" I said, my voice full of venom, causing most of the guys to flinch, but Sasuke held his ground

'Damn it, the only one that's brave enough to look at me that way, and I happen to hate him'I thought as I walked out of the classroom, I knew where Kakashi was, and that's where I'm headed

---Kakashis POV---

'Obito… I wish I was better at keeping my promises… sometimes, I wish it was you standing here, and my six feet underground, because something tells me that you would have been a much better ninja then am' I thought towards my long dead friend, then I felt someone grab me "Nayuki, So he really forced you to show them…"

"Ya, but that's not the worst part, they're forcing me onto the same teams as the Uchiha…" she said, tears coming to her eyes as she remembered the times where she had been raped by the Uchiha clan

"That's… awful…" I said, trying to wipe the tears from her face

"You know what makes it hurt the most, it was what they said as they grabbed me" she said, "They would say, 'Demon bitch, come here, not everyone hates you, let me prove it' or 'hey demon bitch, you look down, don't worry, I'll make you happy', or 'demon bitch, let me show you that you ARE loved, that I love you and everything about you, especially your petite body'" she choked as she said that last one, anger filled my eyes, she had never told me about this, but I'm sure that the Hokage knew about this, why would he force her onto the Uchihas team when her past showed that it would cause a huge problem in her team, and who was their sensei?

"What team?"

"Team Seven, your squad"

Even worse, she cares about me, I'm like a father to her, but she can't stand my eye, it causes her too much mental trauma, and has even caused her to go into shock as the memories flooded back into her head

"I… I won't fail you, but please try to see pass his clan"

"I did, but he's just like... like… like HIM!" She said, digging her face into my chest as she cried, then it started to rain, as if she had willed it to rain, I knew who she meant…

Inabi Uchiha

He was the one who had killed Naruto that day, the one who had taken her innocence, I got even angier, how dare they put her on THIS team

"come on Nayuki, we're going to go see someone"


"The Hokage"

---The Third Hokages POV---

"3… 2… 1…"


"Kakashi, talk to that man" I said, pointing at Danzo

"Hello, the reason the council and I forced them onto the same team was to make the two become closer, if her Akaganmixed with Sharingan, imagine the power it would hold, it would make a new weapon in Konohas arsenal, not only that, but I have reason to believe that because of the Kyuubi within her body, that a new Kekkei Genkaiwill also be created, one with the powers of the legendary lord of demons, making the ultimate Kekkei Genkai, with the power of a Kekkei Genkai so strong, we could become the most powerful village by far" Danzo explained to Kakashi, infuriating the ex-ANBU, and causing a gasp from Nayuki, who was just outside

"NO, I WON'T DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT, I WON'T YOU BASTARD, YOU CAN LOCK HIM UP IN THE SAME ROOM AS ME, HAVE US BUTT NAKED, AND SAY THAT WE'RE ONLY ALLOWED TO COME OUT AFTER HE CUMS INSIDE OF ME, AND I STILL WON'T HAVE SEX WITH THAT BASTARD!" Nayuki screamed, a kunai already in her hand and her Akaganglowing with murderous intent, even Danzo knew what that meant

It meant that she was being completely serious; there was no chance of getting her in the same bedroom as Sasuke, let alone in the same bed

"Don't you want to be the founder of the world's greatest clan?" Danzo asked, and Nayuki blushed

"Of course I do" she said, then her face became stern and filled with hate "But if it means I haveto sleep with ANY member of the Uchiha clan then FORGET IT!!" She screamed, and Kakashi grabbed her shoulder

"Come on, we need to go…" Kakashi said, taking out of the office, when she left, Kakashi turned towards Danzo "I wouldn't press on her like that, not only is she sadistic and cruel, even by a certain sannins standards, but she contains the you-know-what inside of her body, making her monstrously vicious when angered" Kakashisaid, then he left to meet with the rest of his team

I sighed; I was way too old for this shit

---Nayukis POV---

"That bastard, he paired me up with the Uchihaso I would get close enough to FUCK HIM, what kind of girl does he think I AM!?!?" I said as we walked to the academy "And exactly how late are we?" I asked innocently, and before you ask, no, I'm not bipolar, I ACT bipolar, just to mess with Kakashis head

"He thinks that you're a fangirl like the others, and we're a few hours late" he said, he had gotten used to how I acted

When we got there, we decided to talk on the roof with the rest of our team

"Ok, tell me about yourselves"

"Why don't you start Sensei" Sakura asked, this was about to get funny

"Me?" Kakashi asked "My name is Kakashi Hatake, you don't realy need to know about my likes and dislikes, my goals, haven't thought about it, as for my hobbies, I have lots of hobbies"

"Kakashi, you have two hobbies, and one of them isn't really a hobby, it's a habit" I said, causing a confused look from Sakura "Kakashi is like a father to me, or as close as I'm gonna get to a father, I know him pretty well, but usually I'm alone at home, Kakashi usually is doing the hobby that isn't really a hobby" I explained, Kakashi gave me a glance that said 'thank you' for not telling them about Obito "Your turn Sakura"

"Well, I like… my dreams… I don't like people who are annoying, like you when you were in the form of your late brother, but I also don't like people that beat people younger than them, the way you were beaten" Sakura said, looking at Sasuke and giggling at every pause "Your turn Sasuke-kun"

"I don't like much, and I hate most everything, I don't have a dream, I have an ambition, and that is to kill a certain someone"

"Well, since I'm the only one left, my name is Nayuki Uzumaki, I like most forms of soup and the dango that Anko-sanbrings me sometimes, I dislike brooders and people who lack emotions at all times, I can understand losing all emotions in battle, but when in the village, when your SAFE, you should so at least some emotion, I also hate people who think that fate is everything, I feel that no-one has a 'fate' until they giveinto whatever someone wants them to do, my hobbies include dancing, singing, and playing my lyre" I said, pulling out a lyre that my brother had given me on the day before he died, it was my birthday, it's a silver lyre with gold colored strings, the sound it makes is heavenly "My dream is to show others that dreams are achieved by going down the hardest path, going down the path to easy power is the same as going down the path to weakness, simply saying that you care about someone is the way to a painful and lonely life, whereas proving it though actions that help the person you love is a pathtowards a long and happy life" I said, "My skills revolvearound this lyre and a summon of mine, I use songs to cause both ninjutsu and genjutsu to encompass my enemies, listen" I said, making a shadow clone that tookthe lyre "and with a shadow clone, I can use the music to increase every aspect of my abilities, ok girl, let's go!"

---Sasukes POV---

Nayukis clone started to play, the music filled the air, and the real Nayukisattacks worked in sync withthe music, she made a few clones to fight with, the battle was unlike anything I had ever seen, she literally danced and weaved through the ranks of her clones, defeating them easily, I decided to attack her myself, to see if it was the music or the fact that they were HER clones

No matter what I tried, she dodged everything, countering with attacks that hit me with the same rhythm as the music, and she was hitting hard, I fell to my knees clutching me stomach after the tenth hit, and she stopped, she put her hand out to help me up

And, much to my own surprise, I accepted it

She helped me up and looked at my injuries, then she gasped

"Oops…" She said "I think I MIIIIGHT havehit a little too hard" She said with a nervous giggle

"What happened?" Kakashi asked, he seemed a bit stern

"I miiight have broken a few ribs…"

"How many…" Kakashi said, he was trying not to leak out any killer intent

"…ten…" She said reluctantly "…maybe twelve…"

Kakashi sighed "Fix him…" he ordered, and Nayuki nodded, then she pinned me down

"Don't… move" She said, I was ducking my head so my collar would hide my blush

Wait… why am I blushing?

She started to build up green chakra, and she healed my wounds, I felt good as new

"Hn, thanks" I said, trying desperately to act the way I usually did, and she got off of me

"Don't thank me, I didn't want to heal you, but orders are orders, I would have left you like that until you showed a few damn emotions" she said, venom filled her voice

"Emotions are for the weak"

"Emotions show sanity, they show people how you really feel, and best of all, they allow you to live a better life, if you would just let out your pain by using emotions, you would find that life is much better"

"Hmph, big talk, but what about the emotions you hold, the ones that you hide?"

"I hide nothing, I let them out, but only around those I trust, like Kakashi here, I can't count how many times I have tried to cry my heart out as he held me close"

This shocked me, she TRIED to cry

"What do you mean?"

"After my first huge beating, I stopped crying, and became a brooder like you Sasuke, but when I came out of my brooding, my body had forgotten how to cry, no matter how hard you push me, I will never cry, it has been proven many times already"

"Nayuki, that's enough"

Her face looked sad, as if she was already past the verge of tears, but she wasn't crying, just like she had said

She had forgotten how to cry

"You don't know… what it's like… to be unable to cry… to be unable to cry as those bastards shoved their cocks into my ass… into my mouth… into my… my…" she said in between tearless sobs "To hear them call me out using the names the villagers call me, do I need to tell you… exactly what they say just before they rape me!?" she screamed, her kekkei genkai was active "HERE'S AN EXAMPLE, 'HEY DEMON BITCH, LET ME SHOW YOU THAT THERE IS SOMEONE WHO LOVES YOU' THE ONE THAT SAID THAT WAS AN UCHIHA, HE GRABBED MY TOP, UNDERSHIRT AND ALL, AND JUST TORE IT OFF BEFORE HE GRABBED MY HAIR WITH ONE HAND AS HE FORCED HIMSELF INTO MY MOUTH, HERE'S ANOTHER, 'HEY DEMON BITCH, YOU LOOK DOWN, LET ME MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!' THE ONE WHO SAID THAT WASONE OF THOSE DAMNED COUNCILMEN, HE GRABBED ALL OF MY CLOTHES AND RIPPED THEM OFF, HE GOT A COUPLE OF FRIENDS AS THEY GANGBANGED ME!!" She screamed, killer intent was leaking out of her like crazy, Sakura was scared for her life, and Kakashiwas getting ready for anything "But… that wasn't the worst of them, the worse of them was a thousand times worse, because it included the death of my brother"

Then a man with red hair appeared behind her, his hair was long and spiky, like a mane, his fingers had claws instead of fingernails, and his canines were longer than usual, his eyes were closed and he wore a large robe, he seemed to be anything but gentle

"Nayuki, please calm down, you're scaring them, you even are starting to scare me, and we all know what that means" He said to her, just who was this guy?

"how… I didn't" he put a hand over her mouth

"You don't need to summon me when you're in such mental distress" he said, he seemed to be trying to woo her

"Kyu-san…" He said, then she fell asleep, and he disappeared

"Who was that?" Sakura asked Kakashi, that's when I noticed how scared he was

He was a pale as a sheet, his visible eye was full of fear, and his entire body was shaking with pure dread

"Th-th-th-that cant be… h-h-h-h-h-he's supposed to be s-s-s-s-s-s-sealed ind-d-d-d-d-definitely" Kakashi stuttered, then Nayukiwoke up with a moan, which, for some reason, I found arousing…

"Kakashi-san… what… happened?"

"Who was that man, the one with the red hair!?" Kakashi asked, he seemed angry

"It's just Kyu-san, he won't hurt anyone"

"By Kyu do you mean Kyuubi?" He asked, causing Sakura to gasp




"Nayuki, please, what he did was unforgivable"


Kakashi thought for a moment, then his eyes widened "…The… Mangekyo Sharingan… but it looked weird, so I thought it was just normal"

"NO, IT WAS THE ETERNAL MANGEKYO SHARINGAN!!" She screamed, she was accusing the founder of my clan for such an awful thing, but, then again, according to my clans records

That was something he would have done, and he did have the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

"I believe her, according to my families secret records, that's something he would have done, and he did have the Eternal Magekyo Sharingan" I said "Besides, that guy seemed to be on her side at the least, ad if she's on our side, then so is he"

Kakashi walked away, and Sakura went to comfort Nayuki, who was still was crying without tears

I left, I didn't know how I could help, but if my clan had really raped her

Then I was going to redeem my clan in her eyes, I would make her see that not all of us are bent mentally

Some of us, truly care for others, and want more than just their bodies, but what their love as well

But how could I show her that

---Three hours later, Nayukis apartment, Nayukis POV---

There was storm outside, I was watching my window as lightning lit the room

Then, a silhouette appeared as the lightning struck again

"What the, WHO'S THERE!?" I asked, and I heard someone laughing

Suddenly someone grabbed my neck and pinned me to my bed, his other hand held a huge sword, he had a black cloak with red clouds on it, the lightning struck again, revealing his pale blue skin and small eyes

"Listen brat, you're coming with me, got it!" he said, his sharpened teeth scaring me

"Kisame, stop, I'll handle this" A man said, he looked just like


"I'll tell you later Kisame" Itachi said, now was my chance

I kicked upwards, landing a solid chakra-enhanced blow to Kisames balls, then I cut his cheek before shoving him off of me

"AKAGAN!"I cried as Kisame got up, I started to leech blood from his cut, forming a sword in my right hand with the blood, but Itachi grabbed me, I closed my eyes, knowing how sharingan worked

But he didn't try to hurt me, instead he kissed me on the cheek and loosened his grip, but I stayed alert

Then the pain came, he jammed his fist into my stomach, I couldn't help but open my eyes from the pain

"TSUKUYOMI!" He said, sending me into a new realm

"Where am I!?" I asked "WHAT'S GOING ON!?"

"You're in the realm of Tsukuyomi, I'm sorry about whaat I'm about to do to you, but we can't have you moving around as we take you to our base" Itachis voice rang out, then he stabbed me, then he stabbed me again

And again, and again, a million blades stabbed me over and over, never stopping, over and over,

I screamed, and he smiled

When it was over, I fainted instantly, but, I did see someone at my door, and was able to call for her


---Two weeks later, Hospital---

I woke up with a little weight holding me down, I looked at my stomach to see that a certain brooder was asleep on my stomach

"What… The… HELL!?!?!?" I screamed, waking the brooder up

"CRAP, do you have to scream!?" Sasuke asked, with a blush obvious on his face

"When I wake up with someone sleeping on my stomach, yes" I said, causing him to sweatdrop "Why were you on my stomach anyways?" I asked, and he blushed deeper

"Well… I… uh… GOTTA GO!" HE said, jumping out of a window, a closed window I might add, I sweatdropped

"What is with him?" I asked myself, then Sakura, Ino, and Kyuubi all barged in

"ARE YOU OK!?" Sakura asked

"Um… let's see, I'm in a hospital, I just woke up after Itachi used a strange form of genjutsu that actually hurt.. and still does… and I just had to scare a certain brooder off of my stomach just so he could jump out of a closed window, other than that, I'm peachy" I said, pointing at the broken window "Did I mention I hate hospitals?"

Everyone, except for Kyuubi, who was laughing hysterically, sweatdropped at my response

"Nayuki, did you say Itachi?" Sasuke asked, apparently he had gone around to the entrance of the hospital it looked like he had never been here

"Ya, why?"

"Where did he go?"

"How should I know?"

"He was attacking you right?"

"Ya, but as soon as Sakura showed up, I fell asleep from mental agony"

"Nayuki, you were in a two week long coma" Ino said sweatdropping

"Oh, So what happened?" I asked

"When i got there, you fainted, I was about to try and save you when the red head here appeared out of thin air and scared them off, then he checked on you and said you were in a coma before he picked you up and ran here" Sakura said, pointing at Kyuubis human form, which caused a low growl from him "Like Ino said, you've been out for two weeks

"That explains the fact that my stomach is begging me to eat some soup" I said, causing everyone to face vault "did Anko ever come over?" I asked, and Kyuubi laughed "What's so funny?" I asked him

"Oh, she came over alright; it takes ten ANBU to pull her out of the room during closing time" He said, this time it was my turn to sweatdrop

"Can you tell her I'm awake and that I'm hungry?" I asked him, and he nodded, running off to go tell her "Three, Two, One"

"NAYUKI!!!!!" Ankoscreamed as she ran in with a bag full of dango and a few cans of soup "OH THANK GOD YOUR AWAKE, HERE, EAT THIS WHILE I GO WARM UP THIS SOUP!" She said, handing me the bag of dango and running off to find the hospitals kitchen

Everyone sweatdropped, even a few doctors

"If I didn't know any better, I would say that she was an imposter" Sarutobi said, then he sighed "But when it comes to the daughter of her second sensei, I guess it only makes sense"

"Who was her second sensei?" Sasuke asked

"Kushina Uzumaki, better known as The Red Storm" I answered, and Sarutobi sighed

"Anyway, you guys all instantly pass, as Kakashi WON'T fail Nayuki, so congrats, I'm gonna go get a drink"


"YOU'RE A BIT YOUNG!" Sarutobi said, but he knew my response and was smiling because of it

"Hey, I've killed before, and if you can kill, you can drink!" I said, smiling a devilish smile, and Sarutobi laughed

"I still can't, think of my reputation" He said, and I smiled

"I have dirt on you that would turn you into a hobo if you don't watch it" I said, pointing at his weapons bag, and he paled

And before you ask, no it's not porn, the bag has a genjutsu seal on it so he looks at least somewhat normal for his age, in reality, he looked horrible

"Fine, but it'll be non-alcoholic" he said, and I sighed

"Fine…" I gave in, and he started to mumble something about having Anko go on more missions

"OK I'M BACK!" Anko said while she held a tray full of bowls of warm soup "EAT!" She said, releasing a LOT of killer intent, I started eating; no-one likes an angry Anko after all

When I was done, everyone except for Anko was looking at me with eyes the classic 'HOLY SHIT' look on their faces, and I let out a small burp

"What, did you really think that my brother had those eating habits, that was all me" I said blushing, and Ino fainted mumbling something about never eating again

"NOW LET'S GET YOU OUT OF HERE!" Anko said, scooping me up and jumping through the already broken window

I saw Sasuke's nose bleeding when he had saw my body out of the covers

'Damn skimpy hospital clothes' I thought as I noticed what he had seen

Something tells me that this is gonna become a difficult job in ways that they hadn't explained in the academy


Joshin: Ok, I know that the story is a bit weird and that Sasuke is a bit OOC, and that some of Nayukis past is a bit disgusting, not to mention against millions of moral, but allow me to explain

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As for Sasuke, I would like to say that Sasuke feels his clan is the most powerful thing on the planet, so if someone from his clan did what Nayuki said they did, then he would want to 'redeem' his clan, but there's more, and that will show up later in the story, so no spoilers for you, but I also think that what's happening to him is pretty obvious

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