"So, you three came too?" Kiba asked, and I shrugged

"Why not, it's always fun to kick ass" I said, and he laughed

"Sasuke-kun!!" Ino screamed, I activated my eyes as she did, and then placed a genjutsu to hide them when she latched onto Sasuke

She looked slightly stronger, as for clothes, she was wearing the same as before, albeit bigger

"Ino, get off" Sasuke said, and Ino got off of him

"My, you guys must be rookies, this isn't a dance you know" a voice said, I turned to see a guy with glasses and some odd clothes

"and you are?" I asked, and he kneeled

"I'm Kabuto, I'm a bit of a veteran here" he said, and Sakura to a step forward

"oh, so this is your second time?" Sakura asked, and he smiled sheepishly

"No… my seventh" he said, and Kiba barked out a laugh

"Then you must be pretty weak" Kiba said, and I facepalmed

"No, he's pretty strong, his chakra levels are high for a genin, hell, they're high for a chunin" I said "His control is also pretty high, you must have trained to be a medic, Kabuto-san"

He looked at me surprised "How did you know?" he asked, and I pointed at my eyes

"I can see you chakra network, and it's very precise, but it's also large" I said, and he smirked

"But you aren't using a doujutsu"

"That's your problem Kabuto-san, you can't see genjutsu" I said "Never trust your eyes alone, trust everything, if you listen, you'll have heard me place it earlier when Ino screamed earlier"

"You're clever, but through all my times being here, I gained a different sort of information, now, anyone you want to know about?" he asked, and Sasuke stepped up

"Gaara" Sasuke started, and my jaw hit the floor

"GAARA'S HERE!?" I screamed, and sand wrapped around me "I'll take that as a yes"

The sand pulled me to the middle of the room, and Gaara stood in front of me

"GAARA!!!" I squealed as I bear-hugged him "I MISSED YOU, how have you been lately?"

He stared at me and smiled lightly, ever so FREAKING lightly, but knowing him, that meant he was having a freaking mental PARTY

"Actually… I'm doing well, Nayuki-san" Gaara answered "It's good to see you"

"Likewise" I said, poking his chest playfully, and I started to walk back to where my team was "I hope you and I get to fight, Jinchuriki to Jinchuriki"

"I wish to fight you as well, Nayuki-san" he said, and I smiled

"Sorry guys, he's a friend of mine from when I visited Suna with Jiji a few years ago" I explained "He's like a big, psychotic, lovable Tanuki"

"… only you could say a psycho is lovable…" Sakura said shaking her head

"Also I want to know more about Rock Lee" Sasuke said, and Kabuto picked up a card

"Let's see, Rock Lee, his team is…"

"Neji Hyuga and Tenten" we said, and he looked at me before shrugging

"Team leader is"

"Might guy" We said at the same time, again, this time he glared, and Kiba was laughing

"his taijutsu…" He said, glaring at me "Is…"

"Off the charts" we both said and he all out death glared me as most of the rookie nine started laughing at his expense

"Anyone else…" He said, and he glared at me again

"One more, just for curiousity, I want to know more about my teammate Nayuki Namikaze"

Kabutos eyebrows shot up "Namikaze you say, hmm, I'll have to update my card on the last name"

He pulled out a card "Wow, her Genjutsu and Taijutsu are high, not as high as Rock Lees Taijutsu, but still VERY high, she also has a total of three Kekkei Genkai, the first one his Akagan, she also has the Wings of Kami and Tempering Endurance" he said "Her ninjutsu is, for the most part, low, she has a few, but no big ones"

I glared at him "and exactly how on earth did you gain info on three people who have never taken this exam?" I asked "If Gaara had taken it before, he would have visited my house, as I gave him the address to my place when I left Suna, and rock Lees team was held back a year because Guy believed they needed an extra year of training"

He glared at me "I'm a leaf nin for the last two, as for Gaara, I happen to have a bingo book, and got the info on him from that"

"Half that info on me is, quite literally, under lock and key" I said, and his eyes widened

Then a group of chunin appeared along with Ibiki

"Nayuki, you're taking the exams?" one of the chunin asked, and I turned to them

"Yep, can I ask a question?" I asked, and Ibiki nodded "How did Kabuto here gain info on me that's usually under lock and key?"

"Kabuto, from what I'm told, works at the hospital; he might have obtained it while helping out one of the nurses that actually helps you" Ibiki explained

I glared at Kabuto "Fine..."

"Alright, now you maggots"

"WHA, Me, a MAGGOT, I THOUGHT YOU CARED IBI-KUN!!!" I screamed, and he glared at me

"Shut… up… Nayuki…" He growled, and I mock pouted

"So, you're just like the villagers?" I asked with fake tears, and his eyes widened

"Oh no no no no no!" he said, I started to pretend to cry, and he shunshined over to me "I'm sorry Nayuki, you're not a maggot, you're a great ninja"

I burst out laughing "TRICKED YOU, SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR SCARY ATMOSPHERE!" I yelled, poking his nose as I pointed at him, and he grew a tick mark

"Damn it…"

The rest of the rookie nine started laughing with me as he shunshined away

"Alright, everyone grab a number to find your seats" Ibiki said, a couple of the chunin started walking around, giving everyone a number

I got 109

"Ok, so… here we are" I said, sitting down, and I looked to my sides

To my left was a female sound nin, to my right was a Kumo nin

Ibiki explained the rules as the chunin handed out the papers, and I giggled lightly

"Say goodbye half of you idiots" I whispered, and the sound girl looked at me in confusion

"Why?" she whispered

"I'm gonna use genjutsu to make them cheat obviously" I responded, and she went back to her paper

I cast the genjutsu, and a number of the genin stand up and look at each other's papers

"You're all disqualified, get your teams and get out" Ibiki ordered just before I released the genjutsu, and a total of one hundred and two genin left the room

"Nice" The kumo nin whispered "Wish I had thought of that"

'Ok Kyu-kun, think you can help me with these questions?' I thought towards Kyuubi, and I heard a laugh

"No prob, the answer to that one is…"

I started jotting down the answers, and eventually was done and placed a little chibi kyuubi doing the victory sign at the bottom of the paper saying Never underestimate the power of a Jinchuriki!

I decided to take a nap once I was done with my little drawing

After all, this is a three step test

"WAKE UP!" I heard Ibiki say before a piece of chalk hit me

"OWIE!" I screamed "WHAT THE HELL IBI-KUN!!!"

"Everyone here… passes…" Ibiki said, and I looked around to see

Twenty teams

"You're growing soft Ibi-kun!" I yelled, and a blackboard eraser hit me on the forehead "OW!"

"No, you just ruined the atmosphere that was supposed to scare them off early on remember?" Ibiki growled, and I laughed sheepishly

"Oh ya… you're still soft" I said, dodging a kunai this time "YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME YOU BASTARD, I'M TELLING ANKO!"

"Telling me what?" a voice said before Anko crashed into the room with her little banner

I started to fake cry again "Anko-nee, Ibiki tried to kill me!!!!" I whined, jumping over to Anko and crying in her chest

"WHAT!?" Anko yelled, killing intent shooting at Ibiki like crazy "YOU TRIED TO KILL HER!?"

"Now Anko" Ibiki said before getting kicked in the balls

"DON'T 'Now Anko' ME YOU BASTARD!!" Anko screamed "Don't worry Nayu-nee, the big jerk won't hurt you"

All the other genin sweatdropped, probably because of how easily I manipulated these two

I started to giggle, and Anko bear hugged me and spun around laughing

At this point, people were facevaulting

"Ok everyone, follow me!" Anko yelled, still hugging me and walking away

"Uh… Anko-nee, maybe you should put me down first" I said, and she blinked before putting me down softly

"Sorry" She said, putting me down

"Thank you… did I mention you two are very easy to manipulate?" I asked, and Anko's eyes became huge before she glared at me

"You tricked me didn't you?" Anko asked, and I mock gasped

"Wha… I would never!" I said, and Anko hit me over the head

"Stop doing that, it's bad enough that you do that to me when we're alone!" Anko yelled, and I laughed

"But Anko-nee, it's so much fun to mess with people's heads, especially your head" I said, and she groaned

"Why don't you mess with HIS head though?" Anko asked, pointing at Ibiki, and I pulled out a digital recorder

"But I do, listen for yourself" I said, and she grabbed it

"Alright, now, let's go maggots… and Nayuki" Anko said, and I smiled

After a few minutes of walking, we got to the Forest of Death, and Kiba got cut for being stupid

"Gleh, you're blood is disgusting!" Anko said, licking Kiba's blood off of his cheek "Nayuki…"

"But Anko-nee I need my blood for the forest!" I mock whined, and she gave me the puppy dog pout "Fine…"

"Yay!" Anko yelled, throwing a kunai at my cheek and licking the blood "Mmm… so sweet"

The other genin sweatdropped when she said that, and I nicked her chin and licked some blood off of it

"Mmm, like dark chocolate" I said, and Anko grinned with pride, and I noted that Sasuke and Kiba both had nosebleeds from the scene

"That's my little sister!" She yelled, and I glared at the Kusa nin that was trying to sneak up behind her

"Do you mind, we're having a moment!" I yelled, and the Kusa nins tongue stretched out and gave Anko her kunai back

"I believe this belongs to you" The Kusa nin said "I could help myself, blood gets me riled up, and you cut my hair"

I glared at him "You ruined our moment because of your hair… pampered much?" I asked, and the kusa nin glared at me

"Watch your tongue little girl" she said, and I flicked a shuriken at her tongue

"Take your own advise, your tongues already been cut" I said, and she walked away, obviously angry

Anko laughed and handed out the consent forms

I signed mine without looking at what it send and got a heaven scroll before heading to Gate Five with Sasuke and Sakura

"I hate Anko-nee right now" I said, and Sakura looked at me with a confused look

"Why?" she asked, and I sighed

"Me and Anko-nee love this training ground, and I know it like the back of my hand, but gate five… not a great starting position" I said "It's were the forest is thickest and where the most predators live"

Sakura paled, and I grinned

"But, the good news is that they're mostly nocturnal" I said

The alarm went off, and the gates opened up

"Let's go kick some ass and take some scrolls!" I yelled as I jumped through the gate

"Nayuki calm down!" Sakura screamed, and I stopped

"Fine... ruin my fun" I whispered

"Look, fresh from the academy rookies" a disembodied voice said from all directions, and I glared at my surroundings


"KAI!" I yelled, and nothing happened

"Do you really think that'll work, this isn't genjutsu" the same voice said, only this time, it didn't come from everywhere

"Oh really?" I asked "Well, at least now I know where you are"

I threw a kunai to my left, catching a hiding rain nin off guard

"So, that's what you were doing" he whispered, and I charged him with a kunai in hand, but he parried "you're slow"

"No I'm not" I said, launching a second attack, using a quicker attack and slicing his stomach

He took a few steps back clutching his wound "Damn little bitch!"

I threw my kunai, pinning his other hand to a tree before walking over to him and pinning his other hand "Don't underestimate people"

I began to look through his stuff, no scroll though

"Where the hell is your scroll?" I asked, twisting one of the kunai

"Like I'd tell some random bitch" he said, and I kneed him in the balls

"Tell me damn it" I said, and he groaned in pain, so I kneed his balls a second time "Tell me or I start using genjutsu that even Zabuza Momochi couldn't release"

He looked at me in disbelief, and I shrugged before grabbing my harp, but a kunai hit his throat

"You look so cute, you take after Anko so much" a feminine voice said, and I tensed

"Who are you?" I asked, and that Kusa nin appeared

"Oh, just me" she said, biting her thumbs "SUMMONING JUTSU!"

In a puff of smoke a snake appeared, and I growled

"You… you're not a genin, only two people hold the contract to summon snakes, OROCHIMARU!" I screamed in pure rage, and the kusa nin laughed

"I've been told about you, Nayuki" Orochimaru said, ripping of the kusa nins face to reveal his own "you're so much like Anko… but so different as well"

"Shut up!" I screamed, biting my thumbs and getting my chakrams out of their scroll "I'll kill you for what you did to her!"

I charged at him, slicing his little pet snake in half when it got into the way

He simply sidestepped me and kicked me in the stomach, the air I had in my lungs forced out as I flew into the tree I had pinned that rain nin to

Once I finally got back up, Orochimaru grabbed me by my neck, cutting off my air

"NAYUKI!!" Sakura screamed, and Sasuke rushed at Orochimaru

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" Sasuke yelled, but Orochimaru just jumped onto a nearby tree branch

"My… you seem so attached to her… I wonder" Orochimaru said before lifting me up to his face and putting his mouth near my collar bone

"no… let go… stop!" I said as he drew closer, and then

He bit me

I screamed as a burning sensation ripped through my veins, I felt him let go of my throat, letting me fall off the branch he had jumped onto

I hadn't even hit the ground before the darkness engulfed me

---Sakuras POV---

"NAYUKI!!" Sasuke yelled, catching her before she hit the ground, I could see him shaking with rage "WHAT DI YOU DO TO HER!?"

"The same thing I'm going to do to you, Sasuke-kun" the pale freak said before extending his neck towards Sasuke and biting him too

"SASUKE!!" I screamed, and Sasuke started to cry out in pain before passing out "What did you do to them you pale freak!?"

"I simply gave them the means to gain power" the pale bastard said before leaving

I dragged my team to a nearby tree and placed a few traps

Nayuki was shaking, as if she was cold, but she was burning up, and Sasuke was sweating as if he was in the middle of the desert during a heat wave, but was freezing

"What's going on...?" I asked myself, doing what little first aid I could

Soon a full twenty-four hours had passed, and they still were unconscious

"You... wake them up… we want to fight them" a voice said from behind me, I turned to see a team of sound ninja

"Go away!" I screamed, throwing a kunai with an explosive note, but they just deflected it

"You must be tired, poor thing, you should get some sleep" the bandaged up one said, and the girl on their team scoffed

"Let's just kill them like Orochimaru-sama ordered and get out of here" she said, and I stood up

"you know him, then what did he do to Nayuki and Sasuke, what are these markings!?" I demanded, and the bandaged one flinched

"I'm getting tired of this little bitch, let's just kill her too" the spiky haired one said, and the girl nodded

They began to charge, dodging all the traps I had placed, then I attacked

"LEAVE US ALONE!" I cried out, and the spiky haired guy grabbed my arm and used some weird tubes in his arms to launch me into the tree the others were resting in

I hit the ground, already beaten and crying, what could I do, they were going to kill Nayuki and Sasuke

I started to get up when the girl grabbed my hair and pulled me up

"What a weakling, people like you give us kunoichi a bad name" the girl said, and I let the tears fall

Suddenly a huge amount of chakra came from beside me

"Well… you two woke up" the girl asked

"Sakura… are you ok?" Nayuki asked, I turned around to see half her body covered in flame-lime markings, I looked over at Sasuke to see that he was awake to, and like Nayuki, he had flame-like markings on half of his body as well, only they were on the other side "Let go of her"

"Why should I?" the girl asked, and Nayuki grabbed her arm

"Weaklings, I'll beat you up like I beat her!" the spiky haired one said, and Sasuke went behind him and grabbed his arms

"Such soft skin you have" Nayuki said "all the better for slicing up"

Nayuki threw the girl as Sasuke pulled off the spiky haired boy's arms

"EAT THIS BITCH!" Nayuki screamed, pulling out her zanbatou from a scroll and jumping at the girl

"No, stay back!" The girl said as Nayuki fell upon her

She sliced off the girls legs, causing the girl to scream in agony as blood began to squirt out of the wounds before Sasuke came over and threw her into the air

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Sasuke yelled, and Nayukis zanbatou began to glow blue

"Slicing Wave!" Nayuki screamed, swinging her blade at the fireball, causing a blade of wind chakra to arc out of the blade

The chakra ignited when it hit the fireball, slicing and burning the girl when it reached her, killing her instantly

"STOP!" I screamed, grabbing onto Sasuke "Please stop…"

The marks started to recede from his from his body and converge on that marking Orochimaru had given him

"No… stay away, I surrender!" the bandaged one started yelling

"Oh no, NAYUKI!" I said, and Sasuke ran over to her and pinned her down

"Stop it, don't let it control you!" Sasuke said, but Nayuki just kept trying t get out from underneath him

"He's the enemy, HE HAS TO DIE!" Nayuki started screaming, and she threw Sasuke off and ran at the bandaged sound nin

"NAYUKI STOP!" Sasuke yelled, getting in front of her and pulling her into a hug and pressing her head against his chest, Nayukis eyes became huge "Just stop… we won… he surrendered"

The marking on Nayukis body began to recede as well, going to her mark, and Sasuke started to pet her head

"You in control?" Sasuke asked, and Nayuki nodded, pushing him softly

"Here… take it… you killed my team, I couldn't go to the next part of the exams even if I wanted to" the sound said, and Nayuki took the scroll

"Thank you… and… I'm sorry…" Nayuki said, and the sound nin nodded

"Don't worry about it, no-one lives forever" he said, walking away, and Nayuki turned to me

"Let's go, he had the scroll we needed" Nayuki said, tossing me the scrolls, and we headed towards the tower

---five minutes later, Nayukis POV---

"Here we are" Sasuke said, point his thumb at the door, and I nodded

"Let's take care of this then" I said, pushing open the door

"There's nothing here" Sakura said, and I pointed at the scrolls

"Open them up, Anko-nee said once you get into the tower you're supposed to open your scrolls" I said, and she nodded

"Ok, here we go" Sakura said, and she opened the scrolls, and they began to smoke a bit

"SAKURA DROP THEM!" I said, and she squeaked before tossing them

After a few seconds, a cloud of smoke appeared and Iruka appeared

"Hey, looks like you made it" Iruka said, and I smiled

"Hey Iruka-nii" I said, and Sasuke nodded

"Well, you three look like you need some rest go on, there are some rooms over there" Iruka said, pointing at three rooms "In a few days the second part of the exam will end and we'll see what happens from there"

We nodded and he left, nothing special

"you guys hungry?" I asked, they nodded "Ok, let's go eat"

I walked out of the room into the main corridors

"Nayuki-san, you made it" Gaaras voice rang out, and I turned up to see him and his family on one of the balconies

"Hey Gaara, any difficulties?" I asked, and he shook his head

"No, the team I fought couldn't get past my barrier, or dodge my sand" Gaara said, and I laughed

"So you crushed them with sand burial?" I asked, and he nodded "Cool, wanna come eat with us?"

"I might as well, otherwise you won't stop bothering me to eat with you" Gaara said, and I giggled, he was probably right

He used a sand shunshin to get to us, while Temari flew down on her fan and Kankuro simply jumped down

"Hey Nayuki, it's been a while" Kankuro said, patting my shoulder "How've you been?"

"Pretty good, how's Karasu?" I asked, and he smiled

"Still the best puppet I've ever used, but I still can't use more than one yet" Kankuro said, and I smiled

"Sorry to hear that" I said "But we all know you're still going to become a better puppeteer than Chiyo ever was"

Kankuro grinned at that "You bet!"

Temari sighed "It's been a while since we've been able to have a conversation"

I got the message underneath it, 'Because Gaara only lets us talk when he's near you'

"So how's your jutsu coming?" I asked, and she waved her finger

"I'm not like Kankuro, I don't brag" She said, and I laughed

"Damn it, I almost got information on both of you" I said, and Kankuro facepalmed

"Fuck, how does she manipulate people so well" Kankuro muttered, and I laughed again

"Come on, food's this way" I said, and he beamed

"Ah sweet you know where the food is around here!?" Kankuro asked, and I nodded

"I'm really close with Anko, so I come here often, I also happen to know the forest well" I said, and he grinned

"Well, lead the way!" Kankuro said, and I started to walk towards the cafeteria

After about ten minutes of walking, we were there

"Here we are" I said, walking into the cafeteria

"So you all made it, well, foods free, just don't eat too much or you'll get sick" the chef said, and Kankuro and I ran up to him

"DANGO!" We yelled, and the chef laughed

"Alright alright here" He said, and the others ordered their food, and I came back

"More please!" I said, and he gave me another plate of Dango "thank you!"

"So, how do you know Nayuki?" Sasuke asked the sand siblings, and Kankuro shrugged

"Your Hokage brought her to Suna about eight years ago, and she hung out with us while our dad and your hokage took care of the alliance" Kankuro said "You have no idea how often we found her hanging out with Gaara, the two were inseparable"

I hit Kankuro over the head "Oh shush, I hung out with you and Temari too"

"Not as much, you were practically hanging onto Gaaras arms, hell, you even held onto one arm of his old stuffed bear while he held the other" Temari said, and I groaned

"It was one time"

"And now that stuffed bear is on our fire mantle" Kankuro said, and sand wrapped around his mouth

"Shut it" Gaara said, and I giggled

"Is that true Gaara, did you miss me that much?" I asked, and he closed his eyes

"Quiet…" he said, and I laughed

"So cute, you're just so damn HUGGABLE!" I said, glomping him, and the cafeteria doors opened again

"Hey you guys, you made it…" Kiba said, glaring at Gaara, and I glared at Kiba

"Why are you glaring at my friend slash teddy tanaki?" I asked, and Temari spat out her water comically

"WHAT!?" Kankuro, Temari, Kiba, Sakura, and Sasuke all yelled at the same time, and I grinned

"What, it's not like I called him my lover, though I'm sure as HELL that his sand would give any lover of his a good time" I said, and Hinata fainted while Temari and Sakura blushed at my choice of words

"You're as blunt as ever…" a voice said from everywhere, and I mentally groaned, does everyone know this jutsu except for me

Everyone began to freak out a bit, well, everyone except Gaara, but his sand was starting to rise a bit, which meant he was mentally screaming in fear

"Show yourself bastard!" I demanded, and the voice laughed

"Oh alright, I'll come out, if only so you can see me" the voice said, and a teenager, about the age of Temari, shunshined into the room, he had black hair and was wearing an ANBU cloak "Hello nee-chan"

"N-nee-chan, no… you're lying, not only is my brother dead but you don't even look like him!" I yelled, charging at the black haired teen with my chakrams, but he just shunshined behind me and grabbed my arm while placing a kunai to the back of my neck

"Naruto-nii is dead?" he asked, his voice cracking slightly "I… I didn't know"

"Let go of me so I can castrate you damn it!" I said, and he poked me with the kunai

"What happened… how did he die!?" he asked, his voice breaking, as if he was crying

"He was killed by a member of the Uchiha clan, that's all you need to know about that day imposter!" I said, breaking out of his grip and jumping away from him, I turned around and threw my one of my chakrams, but he just deflected it

"what else happened..." he asked, tears in his eyes, and I brought my other chakram back with chakra strings

"I said… you don't need to KNOW!" I screamed, throwing my chakrams up and putting my hands out "REPULSE!"

A wave of wind chakra came from my hands and shot towards the teen, but he just shunshined out of the way again before pinning me to the ground

"Tell me… please…" He said, his tears falling onto my face "I need to know… sister"

"I'M NOT YOUR SISTER!" I screamed, and he glared at me

"TELL ME DAMN IT!" the teen yelled, his voice completely broken, and I glared back


"Nee-chan…" he whispered, and I activated my Akagan


I swung my blade down in an attempt to behead him, but he rolled out of the way and threw a few senbon into my arms, paralyzing them

"Listen to me-"

"NO, I WON'T LOSE TO AN IMPOSTER LIKE YOU!!!" I screamed, using a chakra burst to launch the senbon out of my arms before running at him "I DON'T NEED MY ARMS TO BEAT YOU!"

I jumped over him, hoping kicking him in mid-flip, but he dodged it

"the Hurricane Feet style, not bad nee-chan" the teen said, and I growled

"I'm not your sister!" I said, moving my arms to show that they were working again, and I enveloped my right hand with wind chakra

"Woah isn't that attack a bit far?" the teen said smirking, and I charged at him

"Don't play around with me you bastard, Impaling Fist!" I screamed, punching at him in the hopes of punching him right through his chest

I finally landed a punch, just for him to turn into a chair

"Substitution?" I asked "Damn it, COME OUT AND DIE!"

"Calm down and listen to me nee-chan" the teen said, appearing a few feet in front of me

"You're not my brother, how many times do I have to say it!" I asked, past the verge of tears, but I still wasn't crying, I could feel the curse mark activating, and I charged at him

"What the, WHY DO YOU HAVE THE CURSE MARK!?" the teen asked, and I started kicking at him

"SHUT UP AND HOLD STILL SO I CAN KILL YOU!" I screamed, and he hit me across the face

I tried to counter with a kick to the stomach, but he just grabbed my leg and threw me into a table, destroying it

I wouldn't lose, not to this imposter, not to this BASTARD!

"I WON'T LOSE TO YOU!!" I screamed, pulling out some of Kyuubis chakra and charging at him "IMPALING FIST!"

He grabbed my arm and snapped my wrist as if I was nothing before grabbing my neck, throwing me at a wall and pinning me to it with shuriken

"damn it…" I whispered, and Sasuke stood up while the others got into battle stances

"Let's get him" Sasuke said, and the others nodded

"We'll show you what happens when you mess with Konoha shinobi!" Kiba yelled "Let's go Akamaru!"

Akamaru barked once and charged at the teen with Kiba and Hinata while Shino sent his insects at him

Kankuro turned out to be Karasu, and Kankuro burst out of the wrappings that Karasu held on his back before sending him to attack the teen, who at the moment was dodging Temaris wind jutsus

As for Sakura, she was sending Repulses and using what basic weapon-based taijutsu she knew

"Come on, let's show this punk what we're made of Nayuki" Sasuke said, yanking the shuriken that held me to the wall out

"Thanks Sasuke" I whispered, and he nodded

I heard Akamaru yelp and looked over to see that the teen had backhanded Akamaru, sending him into the kitchen

"AKAMARU!" Kiba yelled, and he took a soldier pill "You're going to regret that punk"

"Am I really?" the teen asked, and Kiba got on all fours

"DRILLING FANG!" Kiba exclaimed, spinning at the teen, but he just grabbed Kiba through the vortex and tossed him into a row of tables

"Sand Coffin!" Gaara said, and Temari opened her fan all the way

"WIND SCYTHES JUTSU!" Temari cried, but he just dodged all the attacks and attacking both of them with taijutsu quickly enough to get pass Gaaras sand

After a few attacks Gaara was on the ground, unable to move from the pain, and Temari was completely overwhelmed

"Don't move, I wouldn't want to hurt that pretty face" the teen said, wrapping Temari up in metal threads and making sure that her hands were tied away from each other so she couldn't get away

"TAKE THIS!" Kankuro said using Karasu, and the teen dodged "NOW BUG BOY!"

Shino grew a tick mark but nodded, and Shinos insects burst out from inside Karasu, swarming all over the boy, but he exploded into water and Shino had to recall his insects before they could drown

"We won't let you hurt her anymore!" Hinata yelled, turning around and attempting to hit him with the gentle fist style, but he dodged it, he was dodging everything

"I'm not trying to hurt her, but I need to know" the teen said, grabbing her and throwing her at Shino and kicking Karasu so hard it fell apart and the main body hit Kankuro in the face, nearly knocking him out

"Please stop you guys, I'm not trying to hurt her" the teen said "She just won't listen to me"

"Ya right, you're probably just like the rest, acting like you care and then hurting her when she lets down her guard!" Sakura said as she placed a minor genjutsu, but he just waved it off and paralyzed her with senbon

"Really, just stop, you don't stand a chance"

I ran to my zanbatou and filled it with as much wind chakra as I could

"SLICING WAVE!" I screamed, launching an arc of wind chakra at him

But he just grabbed his own sword and cut the arc in half

"W-what… impossible!" I said, and Sasuke appeared behind him

"Fire style: Fireball Jutsu!" Sasuke said before breathing a fireball at the teen, but he cut the ball in half with his sword and pinned Sasuke to a wall with shuriken

"Please, just listen to me nee-chan" the teen said, and I charged at him with my zanbatou

"You're NOT MY BROTHER!!" I screamed, but he grabbed my sword with one hand and pulled it out of my hands before kicking me in the side, I felt a rib snap from the impact

I flew towards the wall, dislocating my shoulder when I hit it; I turned my head towards him to see that he was walking towards me, his blade still in his hand

"No… stay back, get away from me!" I said, and Sasuke turned towards us

"LEAVE HER ALONE, I SWEAR IF YOU HURT HER I'LL KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND!" Sasuke yelled, and the teen scoffed before grabbing his cloak

"I really am your brother, you want proof, here" the teen said, taking off his cloak, he was wearing your average ANBU uniform, but he didn't hve an ANBU tattoo

he pointed at his left bicep, and I gasped

The Uzumaki Whirlpool symbol was on it

"Do you believe me now?" the teen asked

"H-How… but…"

"Konoha made a mistake a couple of days before the kyuubi attack, and killed a mist nin, I was sent as compensation" the teen said "Now tell me what happened and why you have a curse mark on the right side of your neck!"

"Who… who are you!?" I screamed, and he sighed

"Kori Uzumaki" the teen said "Now answer my questions, what happened!?"

"Orochimaru... he bit me…" I said, and Kori started to release killer intent

"Anything else I need to know about?" he asked, and Iglared

"No, you weren't here so why would you need to know!?" I demanded, and he pulled me into a hug

"Because I care… nee-chan" he whispered, rubbing the back of my head the same way Kakashi and Anko do when I'm sad

"… nii-san…"

"You guys finally gonna stop trying to kill each other now?" a voice said, and I turned to see Zabuza-sensei and Kakashi-sensei in one of the corners

"You two done crying and cowering in that corner now?" Kori asked, and I glared at Kakashi

"Can either of you explain why the hell I wasn't told that I have another brother?" I asked, and Kakashi sighed

"I was told not to, as it's hard enough to keep you here" Kakashi-sensei said, and I became angry

"Who told you not to?" I asked "The Council, the same ass lickers that have been trying to ruin my life since my birth!?"

Kakashi-sensei was silent for a moment, and I laughed

"Kakashi-sensei, whose side are you on?" I asked, "Are you on my side, or theirs?"

"Nayuki…" Kakashi said "It was for the best"

"FOR THE BEST!?" I screamed, killing intent coming off of me in waves "If this village wanted what was best for me and my brother, then they would have sent us to the Hidden Mist with Kori-nii!"

"Nayuki please understand" Kakashi started, but I grabbed my shirt with my working arm and ripped it off

"LOOK AT ME!!" I screamed "Zabuza, would I look like this if I had gone to the Hidden Mist Village with Kori-nii!?"

"Well… it could have been worse, but I don't think you would have the brandings" Zabuza said, and I felt Kori shaking

"You said you'd protect them…" Kori said, and Kakashi took a step back

"Kori, we tried" Kakashi said, and Koris head shot up, he was glaring at Kakashi

"Then what about Hiruzen, why didn't he protect her!?" Kori demanded, and he pointed at Zabuza "The only person that has helped her that I can see is Zabuza, who already explained to me why he's here!"

"We'll talk about this later Kori, right now we need to get a few medics to take heal everyone here, you did a lot of damage" Kakashi said, and Kori nodded before picking me up bridal style

"I'll take care of her myself, I don't trust this place to heal her correctly" Kori said, and he took me to the medical ward himself

"You still haven't told me what else happened when he died, I know I'm not getting the full story" Kori said, and I looked away

"I won't tell you, but you might find out while you're healing me, depends if you go the full ten miles or not" I said, and he sighed

"Fine… I guess I'll have to do just that then" Kori said, and he smirked "So… like any boys yet?"

I growled "No, friends only"

"Poor you… anyone you have your eyes set on?" Kori asked, and I kicked upward, causing my knee to connect with his chin

"No, but all the other girls are set on Sasuke" I said "he's the guy that used the fireball you cut in half"

"The Uchiha?" Kori said "So predictable, I knew Itachi pretty well, I don't think he killed them all in cold blood"

"Really, I hadn't noticed, they all acted like they're the lords of the elemental countries if you ask me, I would have killed them in cold blood" I said "And Itachi was more used to killing than I am"

"Oh and you've killed?" Kori asked, and I smirked

"Yep, who do you think killed Gato and his army of thugs?" I asked, activating my Akagan "All it takes is a single cut, and even the greatest armies will fall prey to these eyes"

"… You've killed already huh…" He said, and I scowled

"It was either that or let them kill my team, plunder and rape a village, along with me while I'm at it, or kill them all in a hurricane of blood, I chose the latter"

"I see… when was your first kill?" Kori asked, and I looked away

"Seven, a guy was beating me for no reason and it caused my Akagan to activate, I had already cut him when I was trying to defend myself, and I killed him, after that, I haven't been able to shed a single tear" I said

"Well, at least you had two years more than I did" Kori said, setting me down

"Um… you might want to get a few people here to make sure you don't go on a killing spree when you find out" I said, and he looked at me, a bit angry, but nodded

"Oi, Zabuza-sensei, Joshin-sensei, Kakashi, can you guys get in here?" Kori yelled, and a brown haired man with a pitch black Jonin vest and marroon slacks came in first, he was about six foot, ten inches

"What's up… this Nayuki?" he asked, and Kori nodded

"Nayuki, meet my jonin sensei since Zabuza left the mist, Joshin, The Phoenix Swordsman" Kori said, and Joshin grinned and waved at me

"Sup" Joshin said, and he sat down in an empty "So, why am I here?"

"Apparently she thinks that when I find out what happened to her, I might try to go on a killing spree" Kori said, running a diagnostics jutsu

"Pfft, nah, you'll just turn Konoha into a piece of melted waste" Joshin said, and Kori glared at him

"Not helping!" Kori yelled as two boys, Zabuza, and Haku all came into the room "Alright just a little… what the…"

Kori's killing intent started raging through the room, so much that Zabuza jumped and fell over while Joshin leaned back and fell out of his chair

"THEY RAPED YOU!?!?" Kori yelled, and I closed my eyes and nodded

"KORI STOP!" Joshin yelled, pinning Kori down and summoning his sword while the two boys latched onto his arms


"A LITTLE HELP HERE!!" Joshin yelled, and Zabuza started to help hold his legs down as Haku began to make shackles out of his ice "KORI CALM DOWN BEFORE YOU CAUSE AN INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT!"

"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!" Kori yelled, trying even harder to break free, and I looked at Haku

"Can you heal me real quick, maybe I can help calm him down" I said, and Haku nodded

"Alright, here" She said, walking over and healing my wounds, and I got up

"NII-SAN!" I screamed, jumping onto him and hugging him "Please stop, I can't let you hurt the people of Konoha, I WON'T LET YOU FORSAKE THE NAMES OF OUR FATHER AND OUR BROTHER, not for me"

The killing intent left the room, and Kori stopped struggling

"Nee-chan…" Kori said, and everyone started to back off

He burst through his bonds, hugging me and crying, and I nuzzled into his chest

"I'm so sorry… nee-chan…" Kori whispered

"It's ok nii-san, it's ok" I whispered

After a few minutes, we parted to see that Joshin was the only person in the room still, and he sighed

"Well, the good news is that I've made damn well sure that you two won't fight in to prelims, bad news, you two will have to fight eventually" Joshin said, and Kori tilted his head

"and how the hell did you pull that off?" Kori asked, and Joshin laughed

"Let's just say that swords that can create huge waves of fire are very persuasive" Joshin said, heaving his sword onto his shoulder "Don't cause a war ok?"

I got up and helped Kori up "He doesn't seem like much, a bit too playful even in serious situations" I said, and Kori laughed

"It's how he copes with stuff, trust me, the guy can make Anko look sane when he fights, he's a freaking berserker, and not much lives when he comes through, problem is he often forgets to check if his enemies are dead or not" Kori said, and he smiled "Still, outside of battle, he's the friendliest person in the Mist by far, and the closest to the Mizukage when it comes down to it, and as such he gets away with calling her Hime even though she usually demands respect"

"Wow… so he's a good ambassador" I said, and Kori started laughing again

"Him, an ambassador, NOPE!" Kori said "if he was an ambassador, he would get the hidden mist into wars just trying to negotiate a simple appointment for a meeting"

"I see… well I'll be at my room, see ya" I said, walking away

Soon I was in my room, and found Sasuke sitting on the bed

"Um… hey Sasuke" I said, and he turned to me

"Are you alright?" He asked, and I nodded "That's good… that guy, Kori, is he really your brother?"

"He might be, he has the Uzumaki branding on him, and that branding is made by a ritual I read about In one of my mother's scrolls" I said "Why are you in here anyway?"

He disappeared

"what the?" I whispered, and I felt a pair of arms wrap around me from behind "S-Sasuke!?"

"Nayuki, we have to be careful, these… markings are dangerous, I can feel it" Sasuke whispered into my ear, and I nodded

"I figured that when it was given to us by Orochimaru" I said "He's not exactly a nice guy, now let go of me!"

He chuckled before he started started to nuzzle my neck, and I tried to get out of his arms

"Sasuke" I gasped "this isn't funny, stop it, please"

"Shh, don't worry, I won't hurt you" Sasuke said, nipping my neck

"Sasuke, please, stop!" I said, and he chuckled as his hand ran up my shirt

"You're so cute… but so strong" he said, grasping my breasts, and I gasped, closing my eyes

"No… S-Sasuke… PLEASE STOP!" I screamed, and he suddenly stoped, I could hear him gasping for breath

He quickly pulled away from me, and I turned towards him to see that he was looking at me in fear

"N-Nayuki… I-I…" He said, still gasping, and he ran off

"Sasuke wait!" I said, but he just kept running

"let me guess, you both have the same curse mark?" a voice said, and I turned around to see a woman

"Oh… ya… who are you?"

"Tsuki Ame, one of Orochipedophiles experiments, Joshin helped me get away from him though" the woman said "I'm now the only person that's working against Orochimaru that knows everything about his experiments and plans"

"Oh… ok, why does our curse marks have to do with anything?"

"that boy already has a crush on you, but with your curse marks attracting each other, he'll have random moments where he'll start lusting for you, and will become unable to stop himself from satisfying his lust, I'm surprised you didn't have a moment at the same time as him" Tsuki said, and I frowned

"I see… but then, how did he stop"

"Your scream basically woke him up, and he ran off fearing what he might do to you if he stayed close" Tsuki said "Don't worry, though the moments are random, they still have a set limit as to how often they'll occur"

"Really, how often!?" I said, and Tsuki smiled

"Once every two months" Tsuki said "I'll go tell him about that, but do you forgive him?"

"Ya, it wasn't his fault…" I said, and she nodded

"I'll tell him that too" she said, walking away

I walked back into my room and laid down

"Why… why must Fate and Lady Luck both work against me…?" I asked myself as I pulled the sheets over my head and curled into a ball

Soon I was asleep

---two days later---

"Come on Nayuki, let's go" Sakura said, and I got up


"The prelims that Joshin told us about, they're happening TODAY"

"OH SHIT!" I screamed, running to where Anko had brought my clothes, and I grabbed a red form-fitting shirt with equally form fitting black pants "OUT!"

"Nayuki we're both girls here" Sakura said smirking

"OUT" I screeched, throwing a brick that Anko had given me for just such an occasion

Sakura closed the door and the brick hit it, but didn't break it

I changed and ran to the arena

"Well, you're all here" the hokage said, and he began to ramble on about why the chunin exams were in place

Then a guy who looked like he needed to be in a hospital told us about the reason for the prelimanaries, and I rolled my eyes

"Would anyone like to quit now?" the guy said, and Kabuto raised his hand

"Ya, I'll leave" he said, and he walked away

"is that it?" the guy said "Very well, let's see what the first match will be"

I looked up at a screen and smiled when the names appeared

Yoroi Akado


Nayuki Namikaze

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