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xox- means a new scene (not sure what exactly POV means, buts the persons point of view… well that just goes to show you, I figured it out in a stupid way, I'm a dits)

xox- Anakin's POV -xox

The adrenalin pumped through my body, Obi-wan beside me, Palpatine behind me, both counting on me to save their lives, mine too. I don't know what Obi-wan would do if I didn't save his life every time. The jolt of my landing cause my heart to race faster, the torn, and beaten ship dragging through the ground sent jolts of electrifying shock through my bones. As we stopped, I felt my heart calm, and my hands relax.


The small transport landed quietly, further reminding me of my last landing not too long ago. Chancellor Palpatine stepped out gracefully with thought and class, the way most senators and other politicians would. Making my way down, I saw him engulf himself in a crowd of worried, more so frightened, senators, asking him what had happened, who had saved him, how he was abducted in the first place. Stepping onto the ground, still slightly shaken- though I would never let on, not after all my other crash landings- I looked up at my former master, Obi-wan.

"Aren't you coming master?" I asked, curious.

Simply leaning on the doorway –much like I do- he glanced at me, then at the politicians, looking at me again, he made a slight smile, saying-

"Oh no, I'm not brave enough for politics, I have to report to the council, besides, someone needs to be the poster boy"

"Hold on," I said, "this whole operation was your idea,"

"Let us not forget Anakin, that you rescued me from bust droids, and you killed Count Duku, and rescued the Chancellor, all while carrying me, unconscious, on your back"

"All because of your training," I said, firing the apparently unwanted praise back at him.

"Anakin, let's be fair, today you are the hero, and you deserve your glorious day with the politicians" he said, smirking at the thought of me with the politicians.

"Alright," I said, caving, "but you owe me one, and not for saving your skin for the tenth time,"

"ninth time, that business on Kantanebrata doesn't- doesn't count," he said, waving off the memory with a motion of his hand.

"I'll see you at the briefing" he continued, turning back into the transport.

The doors closed, with a hum and flutter of machines, while I made my way with talk with a few of the senators, R2 at my side. I came to the end of the train of politicians, my mind spacing on anything they said, all I could think about was the strong presence, familiar, comforting, but also different, lurking in the shadows, watching me. C3-PO shuffled over with R2, chatting, something 3-PO finds rather easy. Senator Oranga sharing a few words; I replying a simple word or two. We parted, 3-PO and R2 followed a little more, while I made my way to the source of the rather comforting presence. Kiara, in a simple black kimono with a plum purple, one of her favorites, her hair held in a loose bun, long loose curls falling along her delicate shoulders, I recognized the comb she had holding her hair up, it was the jade comb I had found on my first mission as a jedi knight. I rushed up to her. Her smile widened as I wrapped my arms around her. I knew we could had held each other for days, months, possibly years if allowed, I pulled her close, I realized I was lifting her off the ground, spinning her. Gently allowing her down, she buried her left hand in my hair, a habit of hers when she was worried, or scared.

"oh Anakin," she said, breathing heavily, as if my presence made the air disappear.

"I missed you so much Kiara," I said, meaning it more than my voice could ever show.

"I had heard rumors that you had been killed, I knew they weren't true, but I was still scared," she said

Rubbing my hands along the curve of her back, easing her, I said-

"I'm alright, because with you, the one person I love, we've been apart for so long, it feels as if we met hundreds of years ago, with my last battle on Tantakal, and your last mission to free those on Hallitan." I said, recalling the past few weeks we were apart.

"Anakin, something amazing has happened," she said, pausing, barly able to contain her joy, "I'm pregnant!"

I gazed into her mellow and naïve green eyes, my mind went into a spin, thoughts of joy, fear, and love entered, but I was happy.

"Tha-tha-that's wonderful," I said, a rather untamed shudder cutting in. Trying to fight off the thoughts of fear, I smiled, and kissed her. I could feel she was still a little scared.

"We're not going to worry, our child with be loved, and happy," I said, reassuring her, "this is a happy moment,"

Kissing her once more, I felt the weak presence of another person coming this way, parting, we made our escape


Kiara was running her fingers through her hair, which was now released, in loose curls, floating along her hips. She was in a flowing dress, it was green, with long sleeves, ending at her fingertips.

"What if we had our baby on Naboo?" she asked, turning to me, "I could go there early, find a house on the quiet country side… near the waters,"

"You're so beautiful," I said to her.

Blushing, she said, "it's only because I'm in love with you,"

"No, it's because I'm so in love with you," I said

Making my way closer to her, I wrapped my arms around her; I looked into her pools of emeralds for eyes, saying, "You're my angel,"

"Do you remember when we first met?" she asked

"of course," I replied.

xox- flashback –xox

I had heard my master's command to come. Grudgingly, I obeyed, as I walked in, Waldo, my master, complained about straying away in huttese. There was a man with long hair-not too unusual here- part held back, and a kept beard that had began to grey. Behind him was a froglike creature with long ears and snout and a droid. That was when I saw her, she had long brown hair, at that point, in tighter curls, but still longer that most women, she was dressed in present clothes, about an inch or two shorter than me, her eyes were pure green. Waldo and the older man talked business, about hyperdrives- something that pleased Waldo, since he was the only one who sold those in this spaceport, something he could up prices on- as they left for the back part of the shop, the man turned to the froglike being, and said

"Don't touch anything!"

The being made a look of displeasure, and revealed his long tong, waving it at him to defend himself-wouldn't last a day here- I turned my attention to the girl. 'how old is she?' my mind had asked. She simply stood there, her eyes wandering, dancing around the room. I could tell she felt frightened, and nervous, but that was most likely because I was watching her.

"Are you and angel?" I asked

Her head, causing her curls to twirl in the dry air. Her eyes met mine, flashes of confusion rapidly flowing the color they contained. Her cheeks flushed like the twin suns of Tatooine.

"An angel," I continued, "I heard the deep space pilots talk about them. They're the most creatures in the universe. They live on the moons of Eago… I think"

Her cheeks flushed color in brighter tones than before.

"how do you know so much about them?" she asked me

"I listen to all the pilots and traders that come through here," I said, "I'm gonna be a pilot you know,"

xox- end of flashback –xox

I felt a smile cross my lips as I remembered that sweet memory.

xox-normal POV(whatever that means) -xox

Obi-wan walked through the streets of Curosount, the hood of his cloak on, so he wouldn't be recognized. People passed him, occasionally giving him a light push, further reminding him of how crowded the streets got some nights. Turning the corner, he walked into a ally. A young woman-his age- ran up to him, hugging him. She had fairly long blond hair, flowing in the wind. She had on a simple blue dress on under her white cloak. Obi-wan kissed her with passion a longing heart carried.


Kiara's face appeared blurry. Her face was wet from tears and sweat; her screams filling Anakin's head. A child's scream piecing through the air. Her face faded away.

Xox-Anakin's POV -xox

I sat up quickly, my face covered in sweat. Resting my head in my hands, thinking over the dream, the cold metal hand instantly warmed at the touch of my hot face. A cry beside caused me to turn my head, still shaken, I realized Kiara was asleep. She had tears on her face, her head was rapidly turning this way and that.

"Ani!" she whispered.

Wrapping my arms around her, I tried to comfort her into a more peaceful sleep. It worked, in a sense, she woke up. Wrapping her arms around me, she buried her face in my shoulder, and her left hand in my hair. Something was definitely wrong!


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