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Story: The Betrothal

Author: Twilight51545888

Full Summary: Edward and Bella have been friends for as long as they can remember, always being there for each other. Bella and Edward's families pretty much rule the corporate business as far as anyone is concerned. The Swan and Cullen Corporations are two of the richest, most powerful companies in America, with plans to go global.
After an accident takes Bella's Father away, her family reads his will. Stated in it is that Bella is to marry her Father's best friend's son, Jacob Black. Jacob's Father, Billy, is the owner of a large company that is already completely global. If Bella were to marry Jacob, they could be the most powerful business in the world. Everyone but Bella is thrilled about the engagement. The only way out is if she is engaged to and marries the man of her dreams, and stays with him for a year and a half. But there is a catch to that... she must bare an heir within that time, or she is to marry Jacob immediately.
How will her best friend help her? And will secret feelings stay hidden, or be revealed?
OOC AU Edward and Bella.


Bella: 18
Edward: 21
Alice: 20
Jasper: 20
Jacob: 25
Emmett: 25
Rosalie: 23

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from Twilight, nor do I own the rights to any of the songs I may us later on.

(C)hapter (O)ne: (T)imes (O)f (S)orrow, (N)ot (C)elebration


Ah, the company parties. My Father always insisted that I attend these. I thought that they could be fun in their own little ways occasionally, but I didn't get to talk to very many people there. Most didn't have the time of day for a mere eighteen-year-old girl, like myself. Well, except for my best friend Edward, of course. He was always there for me, no matter what. We couldn't ever get enough of the other. And before you ask, no. Edward and I aren't going out. We never have.

"Bella, hold still!" my Mother, Renee, said as she flat ironed my hair. We were in my mother's massive bathroom, getting ready. I could already hear some of my Father's guests coming in and talking about their various jobs and responsibilities. Mingling, if you will.

Our Family's company is within the top three Companies in America. First is the Cullen's company, then the Swan's, and then the Black's. The Cullen's is Edward's family. We have been friends for as long as we can remember, partially because our Father's have been business partners since before we were born. Before we were even thought of, I bet.

"But I don't want to..." I complained with a pout. Though my Mother was behind me, she could clearly see the pout in the mirror above the sink that we were facing. The bathroom was pretty big, with a shower, over-flow bathtub, steam-room and a jacuzzi. Also, the tiles under my bare feet were nice and heated, so that made it really nice when you step out of the shower, like I had just a half hour ago. "And why is dad holding a party again this week?"

"He just wants to, Bella... You know, there is going to be someone that your Father wants to help him run the business, and he wants all of his associates to be here... There. I'm finished with your hair. Now, go and get your outfit on. I will have your sisters come up here in a little bit so you can chit-chat while they apply your make up." I groaned at the mention of them playing Bella Barbie. "And before you ask, yes; you do have to wear as much as they put on you."

My sisters were Alice and Rosalie. My mom had wanted a big family, but she couldn't have very many kids. But she was glad that she could have us three. Even though you could tell that my dad wanted a boy at some point, you knew that he loved us just by looking at him.

Once my mom left, I got up out of my very comfortable chair and walked over to the hook that the hanger was hanging off of and grabbed my dress. I didn't know why, but I felt like dressing a little more than usual tonight. I didn't think it was at all necessary, but I just wanted to. I figured it would make my dad happy, to see me looking my best.

I couldn't wait to see the Cullen boys, too. Edward, Emmett and Jasper. They were like family to us. Our parents, both Edward's and mine, knew just how much we all cared about each other. They were the brothers I never had, and the boys my mother never got a chance to have. It was the same, but the other way around with Esme. She's Edward's mother. She had three handsome boys, all of which she loved very much, but you just knew she wanted a girl, too.

As I took the non-see-through white plastic over the top of the hanger, I could see my dress. As beautiful as ever. It was a nice midnight blue, and I just fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on the thing. I put the dress on, and it fit like a glove. Tight in all the right places, and poofing out ever-so-slightly at the end. It only came it just above my knees, and was spaghetti straps. Absolutely perfect for my tiny figure.

"Bellllla!" I cringed as I heard Alice and Rosalie call for me. I saw them walk into the bathroom, wearing their outfits, with their hair and make up perfectly done, and a make up bag in each of their hands. "Time to be Bella Barbie!"

Oh, great.

Edward P.O.V.

I fidgeted in my seat as we headed toward the Swan mansion. It wasn't as big as ours, but it was still a pretty good size. I would go into details, but that has to wait for now. Right at this moment, I was in a limo with my Mother, Father, and two brothers, Emmett and Jasper. We all got along real well, but for some reason I didn't want to be around them at this moment. I didn't want to go to the party at all, but my Father insisted that I go anyway.

"Edward, calm down," my brother, Jasper, said placing a hand on my shoulder. He was always able to tell what someone was feeling. He just had this calmness about him that was pretty contagious.

"I can't I just... can't!" I said. He removed his hand as the mansion came into view. It was semi-formal. All of us boys were wearing dress pants with a matching jacket, and a different color button up shirt underneath. Mine was a deep purple, while Emmett went for a maroon and Jasper a dark blue. My Father went for the casual black. Esme was wearing just a plain white dress that went to below her knees.

"Son, what's wrong?" My Father asked, slightly worried about my discomfort.

"I don't know..."

"Are you feeling alright, dear?" My Mother asked. Great. Now I had everyone's attention.

"I'm fine. I just don't like these parties." That answer seemed to be enough for the others. Well, all but Emmett.

"Bro, just admit it," he said, he signature grin in place, "you want to see Bella!"

"Shut up, Emmett! You want to see Rosalie!" That got him to be quiet, but he still had that grin as the limo driver came to a stop. A minute later, the door was open for us and, Carlisle leading, we each exited the vehicle, one at a time. I was last, and thanked the driver as I walked up the brick stone stairs to the door of the mansion.

Right as I got in I knew where I wanted to go. I went up the stairs, trying to avoid as many people as possible, and went to the second set of stairs, these ones slightly more hidden behind a sharp corner. They led up to the third floor. Once I was there, I walked down the hall and counted the rooms until I arrived at Bella's. I had been around here enough times to know exactly where to go.

Knocking twice, I waited for a call to come in. I didn't get one, so I tried the glass door knob. Opening the door, I saw that Bella wasn't in her room. Not wanting to stay too long, I closed the door and turned down the hall towards Alice's room. As if she knew i was coming, she opened the door before I had the chance to even touch the knob.

"Edward!" Alice yelled, jumping into my arms. I gave her a tight, warm hug. She was always like a little sister to me. And you couldn't help but adore her. She looked like a pixie.

"Hey, Alice," I said, smiling. "Do you know where Bella is?"

"She's right in here," Alice said, pointing behind her shoulder. "And Jasper..?"

"Is down stairs, probably waiting for you." She squealed and then headed towards the stairs. I laughed one more time before walking into the room. "Bella where--?" I stopped myself early.

Before me stood Bella in a midnight blue dress that barely went to above her knees. The make up she was wearing was light, but noticeable. It accented her perfectly. And that color on her skin... I looked her up and down, noticing how perfectly fit it was on her. She had her hair down and straightened. It reached her waist. Some of it was pulled back into a small little half pony tail. Smaller pieces of hair framed and accented her face. To say the least, she looked radiant.

She started to look uncomfortable. "Do I really look that bad?" I was snapped out of my Bella gazing my her little voice. She looked so beautiful, but she must have taken my silence as a bad thing.

"No... You look... Amazing..." I breathed. She blushed, and then did a little twirl for me.

"Why thank you, Mr. Cullen." She walked towards me, and I stuck my arm out for her to take.

"Any time, Miss Swan," I replied, giving her a crooked smile. She wrapped her tiny hand around my arm. "Well? Shall we go and mingle with your Father's guests, acting as if we actually care what they have to say?" She giggled.

"Why yes, we shall."

Bella P.O.V.

I was so happy that Edward was here. I didn't think he would go, being as stubborn as he is and all. But he will always have a place in my heart for constantly being there for me. He probably just went for me, knowing how much I hate these. I am forced to go because they are at my house.

But after a few hours of acting like I cared, I was tired. So was Edward. He was courteous enough to stay with me the whole time. He was always such a gentleman.

"Do you think we should go and hang out in my room?" I asked, walking with him out of the parlor. "I just want to relax for a while..."

"That's sounds like a good idea," Edward replied, letting me take him arm once again. "You look like you are just about to pass out, too," he observed.

"Yeah, I know... These death traps that Alice put me in are hurting!" Edward laughed at my discomfort as we moved through the crowd of various business men and women. I playfully slapped his arm, and he faked a wince. "Don't make fun of me!"

"What? I didn't say anything?" He failed at keeping a straight face. We walked for a while, me sneaking glances at him while we made our way to the stairs. We wanted to just slip away from everyone; everything. Then I remembered.

"You know, according to my Mother, Charlie just wanted to call everyone here because he was looking for someone to merge with, or something like that," I waved it off like it was nothing.

"Oh, really? My Father, Carlisle has been talking about our two companies meeting together, but there had never been anything final just yet.

"Edward, do you think maybe--?"

"Help! Someone call for help!" Everyone's attention was driving towards the doorway to the kitchen, where Mike Newton, a high class business man's associate was yelling. "It's Mr. Swan! Somebody help him! He's unconscious!"

This got everyone's attention, especially mine. I ran through the people, Edward trailing behind, and others got out of my way as I headed towards the blonde. Before I was even five yards away, he called out to me that Charlie was in the kitchen, on the floor. I headed in and then people started crowding the doorway. In the distance, I could hear people yelling. But I didn't care too much. I didn't even realize that they were talking into their phone for an ambulance.

He was lying on the floor, a wine glass not too far from his hand. It was empty, save for a few drops left in the bottom. The cooks were going mad trying to wake him up, and keep everyone out of the way.

I hadn't even realized my eyes filled with tears until I felt them slide down my cheeks. I knelt down beside my Father, and pressed on his shoulder. Lightly at first, but then getting more and more aggressive.

"Dad... Dad, wake up... Wake up, Charlie! Wake up! Get Up!" My voice was strained by the tears in my throat. I was being pulled away from him and gathered up in two strong arms. "What's wrong with him?" I cried. Looking to my Father, I could see that his face was changing colors. Lack of oxygen. "Help him!" I loudly cried, tears completely clouding my vision. I barely felt Edward stroking my back. "Help him..." I sobbed.


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