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Later that night…

The house was somber; the wind rocking against the eavesdrops as he walked downstairs to his boat. The empty shell reflected back at him, almost taunting him in its obscureness. Shaking his head slightly he frowned before stepping up to his work bench, pulling the aged bottle of bourbon towards him. Emptying a jar full of miss-matched nails he poured himself a small helping of the amber liquid and took a sip, relishing the feel of the burn as it swept down his throat. He had taken a hot shower to ease his sore back and neck muscles but he still felt the slight sting on his face where he had met the wall in an uncomfortable dance. The remnants of the kiss were still in his memory; her lips sweeping over his, his hands holding her close to him. It felt right, too right and he wondered if it had all been a mistake to take that chance.

Not one to dwell on past mistakes Gibbs turned, picking up the sanding block and glanced at the empty shell of boat number 3. Stepping up to it he ran his hand over the slightly rustic look of the wood and began sanding, his mind automatically going blank like it always did when he worked on his boats. It was a relaxing way of ridding himself of the stress he dealt with on a daily basis. Small filaments of sanded wood drifted down around him as his hand steadily went over the plank of wood. Try as he might, the image of Abby, with her eyes closed and her lips slightly swollen wouldn't leave his thoughts and he closed his eyes, willing himself to forget. It was a one time thing nothing more he figured.

Abby walked along the nearly deserted streets, her mind oddly blank of any thoughts as she pulled her coat tighter around her. She stepped off the curb and onto the road, turning left at an intersection. Her cobweb tattoo glittered in the streetlamp light, giving it an eerie yellow glow. She noticed a couple walking ahead of her; the mans hand safely on her lower back as the woman giggled at something and reached up to kiss his cheek. It made her think of Gibbs and that whole incident in her office. He surprised her, doing something bold like that, not knowing how she'd react. Oh sure she had thought about walking up to him grabbing his lapels and kissing him until he forgot his name but that was fantasy, not reality. But when he walked up to her in her lab, his face so perfectly calm and composed, she though he was there to tell her something bad. She had no idea that there could be the slightest chance that he felt the same.

Nearly dodging a car as it drove beside her Abby shook her head. "That's it Abs, go see him." She muttered to herself, green eyes bouncing with the new-found knowledge. Lifting her hand she hailed a cab, amazed at how fast it came and told the driver the address.

His hand was starting to tense as he continued sanding, his drink long forgotten as he was swept into the calming sound of paper on wood. Standing straight, he stopped stretching his back as he placed the sander down. Glancing around at his basement he nearly jumped when his stomach grumbled, signaling that it was time to eat something. Blinking as he looked at the clock he shook his head, climbing the stairs slowly, trying to figure out if he had anything in his fridge. Making it upstairs he froze as he saw Abby standing there, a bright smile on her face.

"Pizza will be here in twenty minutes." She said by way of greeting as she moved to sit down on the couch, pulling her boots off and sighing.

Gibbs shook his head as he watched the beauty before him act as if she owned the place. A soft smile lit his features as he replied, "Thanks Abs. How did you know I didn't eat yet?"

She turned to look at him. "Gibbs, please." Was all she said as she eyed him.

"Okay, okay." He chuckled as he walked towards the couch, sitting in his normal spot. Tilting his head towards Abby he couldn't help but smile slightly. She noticed,

"What?" She asked evenly as she moved a strand of stray black hair from her face.

"Nothing." Gibbs stated still smiling.

"No, there's something. You can tell me Gibbs." She replied more softly this time, now unsure of why she had come.

He noticed her unsure look and moved closer. "Abby, what are you doing here?" He asked as softly and gently as he could.

Her green eyes darkened slightly and she opened her mouth, closing it before thinking it over. "I was worried about you; you come back from apprehending the suspect all bloody and broken, acting as if nothing was bothering you…" She said in a single breath never taking her eyes off of his face. "I also was wondering why you kissed me. I mean the honest truth. And I don't want a random answer anyway, though I know you Gibbs, it's the truth or nothing, so let me have it." she stopped as his finger touched her lips, blocking her tirade.

"I wasn't that bad Abby." He stated simply, his eyes searching her face. Blue eyes met green and he leaned closer to whisper. "Look in my eyes Abs; what do you see?"

Her breath hitched slightly as she felt his body move towards hers, the air around them intensifying. She sat perfectly still as his hand went up to her face, his fingers barely caressing her chin, lifting her head up to his eye level. What she saw in his eyes astounded her, making her own orbs fill with tears. "I see…" she began but stopped, a frown appearing on her face as she took a good long look. "Me reflected back." She whispered as her answer.

Gibbs smiled as he dropped his hand. "And what does that tell you?" He wanted to know, already seeing the answer reflected in her eyes.

"But it's not possible Gibbs! I mean, I'm not your type. One, I'm not a red-head, two I play loud obnoxious music all the time and I know how you hate that. Three, I'm … I'm too young for you." Abby exclaimed, getting up off the couch to stand, her hands fidgeting nervously. Oh, this wasn't how she planned on doing it she mused to herself, watching sheepishly.

He stood up along with her his face calm. The smile grew to a full blown smirk as he stepped up into her personal space. "One; red-heads are no match for ravens. Two; even though I think your music is annoying at times it makes me happy to see you happy." He took another step towards her, his feet now touching hers. He stared right into her eyes as he finished. "And three, age has no limits."

The room was electric now as they stared at each other. Abby was shocked at his words; never had she known he'd even begin to feel that way. Not since every girl friend he had was the complete opposite of her. Her heart beat picked up as she realized just how close he stood to her. She could feel his presence invading hers and she liked it. She wanted no needed more. Reaching up a tentative hand, she caressed the mark on his cheek, her fingertips barely touching it. He closed his eyes as she leaned in, touching her lips to the angry red mark. Pulling away she couldn't help but smile as he had his eyes closed at her touch, a look of utter peace on his face.

Their hearts beat as one as she copied his earlier movements; her hands sliding up his forearms feeling him tremble slightly. Resting her hands on his shoulders she leaned forwards the few inches separating them, placing her lips onto his in a soft, gentle kiss. He stood perfectly still, not daring to believe it was happening until he felt his hands move on their own accord, sliding around her fragile body, pulling her closer to him. She tightened her hold on his shoulders, arms winding around to the back of his neck as she deepened the kiss, her eyes drifting closed.

The sound of someone knocking on the door separated them and they looked at each other sheepishly before Gibbs reluctantly broke away from her warm body to open it. Forking out the money, he paid the delivery boy and closed the door behind him, walking over to the counter to place it down. A grin was now plastered on his face as he soon felt two arms snaking around his waist, a soft sigh escaping their owner.

"Pizza?" He asked cheekily, turning in her embrace.

Abby chuckled, her eyes filled with lust as she reached forward to kiss him again. Grinning into her kiss he pulled her flush against him and soon pizza was the furthest thing from their mind. They were now starting a new journey together one full of promise and love.

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