When Koopas Meet Digimon

A/N: After watching some episodes of Digimon and having Mario games on my mind, I've decided to make this little fanfic about what happens when Kooper, The Mario Bros., and the Koopalings meet Digimon.

Who's That Digimon?

Iggy never liked sharing rooms. Out of the nine relatives in his family, he was the second smartest and the one who bothered pursing careers that were actually worth doing. And yet, he always had to sleep in the same room as his loud mouth brother Morton. Perhaps it was because he was the middle child that he never had any special privileges. It wasn't really that Morton bullied Iggy, like his other brother Roy, but he just would not stop talking. Everytime when he woke up in the morning, Iggy couldn't get another five minutes of shut-eye without Morton yelling in his ear. And even if he did wake up when he was supposed to, Morton would continue to jabber around him until he left to go to his chemistry studies. But Iggy supposed he'd rather deal with a blabbermouth than a gruff koopa who would suplex him off the bed everyday.

So now it was almost seven in the morning and pretty soon, he and his brother would wake up and Iggy would head off to his chemical college while Morton would stay in his father's castle and cause mischief with his cantankerous siblings.

"Hey Iggy! Get up!" shouted Morton in his ear.

Iggy grumbled and rolled over on his stomach so he wouldn't be facing his brother.

"You have college bro? Remember? That you have to go to in order to learn more stuff? College: the institution of learning and furthering one's mind? College: the big building full of professional…professors who teach people professional things? College: the um…uh…damn, what's the word I'm looking for? Um…college: the advanced meaning of the word school? College: that building--"


"You gonna eat that cupcake?"

"Yes, I am going to eat that cupcake Roy." said a trite, still semi-unconscious Iggy.

"You suuuuure you wanna eat it?"

"Yes Roy. Now leave me alone so I can eat my damn pastry in peace!"

Roy abruptly grabbed the cupcake and started chewing on it. But he didn't swallow it. Instead, he chewed on it until it was all mushy and coated with saliva, then took the remains off his tongue and dumped it on Iggy's plate.

"Here you go." said Roy, smiling widely.

Iggy grumbled to himself and shoved his plate aside, eating his plate of eggs and bacon first with Morton.

"So what are you supposed to be doing in your chemistry class today? You gonna blow up some bob-ulks?! That would be so cool…blowing up bob-ulks."

"Nah, we're gonna try to make an extremely corrosive acid with the saliva from stone chomps and the poison from hurt plants. Although our professor said not to try this experiment since it usually ends with explosive results."

"So why are you and Roy gonna do it?"

"Because we need the extra credit! Otherwise we'll fail this term and have to start over!"

"Don't you have that test coming up? All you really have to do is pass that and you're fine!"

Iggy laughed. "Like I'm really gonna pass that test!"

Iggy grunted and sighed heavily when something slammed into the back of his head and cracked. He heard Roy make a leering laugh and as Iggy touched the back of his cranium, he noticed that it was covered in egg yolk.

"You got a little--"

"I know."

Iggy, a couple shady koopas, and The Koopa Bros. were sitting together at this giant chemistry table with safety goggles on to shield their eyes in case anything exploded. While Green and Iggy actually bothered trying out the experiments, most of the other students were horsing around or mixing random elements that could blow up the entire school.

"Why the hell are your brothers even in this class Green? They never do anything but throw acid everywhere and try to make stink bombs!"

"They're not smart enough to make stink bombs Iggy; you should know this by now."

"That is not true! Black here made a stink bomb last week and the whole top floor was evacuated!" said Red.

"Uh, sorry. That wasn't a stink bomb."

"Then what made that horrible odor?" asked Iggy.

"I took off my shoes in the middle of class." said Black, before laughing nervously.

"Yeah, that would cause a massive scale evacuation!" said Yellow.

Everyone around the table laughed heartily, making Black feel dumbfounded. Black returned the favor by bonking his younger brother on the head.

"OW! Why are you guys always so abusive to me?!" whined Yellow.

"It's all the part of sibling rivalry. Just ask my brother Roy; he'll tell you." said Iggy.

"I don't have it nowhere near as bad as you Iggy! At least Red doesn't throw eggs at the back of my head."

"Eh, better than bowling balls."


"Long story. Let's get this experiment on the way shall we?"

Iggy and Green started mixing a series of compounds and elements together inside of a beaker and waited for something. After a couple of seconds, the mixture slowly turned red and then orange and began to bubble and fizz. Iggy began to laugh evilly to himself and lifted the potion into the air.

"With this acid, I shall be able to combine with the DNA of any animal I choose they alter its gene structure so that I can turn it into a walking breathing monsters! And then, I can create more and more and more until I have a whole army of acid monsters at my side! MWAHAHAHA!!!"

"Dude, this is a Mario fanfic, not Frankenstein. Calm down." said Black.

"Hmph! You guys just don't appreciate evil geniuses when you see 'em!"

"Okay guys, now let's mix our chemicals and see what happens. Now…pour the mercury slowly…" commanded Green.

"I'm the leader of this group so I should be the one who says what goes where and what gets dumped on who! Now…Yellow, get the mercury." said Red.

Green rolled his eyes as Yellow slowly poured the liquid-metal into the glass beaker.

"The next thing you have--"

"AH AH! What did I say Green?!"

"Don't you guys realize that if you put the wrong compounds in at the wrong time or put too much in at the wrong time, you'll blow up the whole school?!!!?"

"…So?" shrugged Red.

"OOH! This looks interesting!" said Black, adding a bluish element to the beaker.

"Black! NOO!!!"

Iggy and the rest of the students in the classroom where standing outside getting sprayed and hosed down by HAZMAT koopa units. Unlike Green predicted, Black didn't make an explosive with the stuff he mixed together. Instead, he created a low-grade radioactive element that gave everyone in the class radiation sickness. But hey, at least they didn't die. They were infected with radiation, but they weren't dead. After their "sponge bath" everyone collected their items and proceeded to go home, since the campus was now closed down for investigation.

"Nice goin' bro! You almost killed everyone in the whole school!" yelled Roy.

"It wasn't me! Black did it! I had nothing--"

"I really don't care at this moment Iggy! I was in the same classroom which I have radiation poisoning too! I swear to God, if my kidneys start fallin' out I am gonna kick your ass SO hard!!"

"I'd like to see you try…" mumbled Iggy under his breath.

The two brothers began to walk back to their father's castle. But Iggy, fed up with being around his abusive older brother, walked down a different path, surrounded by nothing but a road made of concrete and several large hedges.

"What am I supposed to do now? Can't go to college now that that Neanderthal Black radiated the whole place. Can't experiment at home, since Roy or my other siblings…or Dad would smash them all and possibly kill us. I just…wish there was something I could experiment with! Like some sort of animal or organic compound. Something like a new species whose DNA I could alter to my liking so that I could take over the Mushroom Kingdom or fuel Dad's koopa army! If only I could find something…team up with another group of scientists to go on an expedition in Keelhaul Key or Jade Jungle, then maybe I could pull this off!"

There was a sudden blue flash from beyond a hedge that Iggy ignored…

"Who am I kidding? Like this plan is really gonna work! Maybe I should just get back to scheming for when I get older…"

And so, Iggy continued to walk towards his father's castle, unaware that there was something stalking him behind the hedges. Iggy heard something rustle shortly after the wind blew across his face, but he thought it was just the leaves blowing along the ground. So he continued to walk along the road until he heard another rustle in the hedges and turned around to investigate. Once again, he found nothing, which lead to him to scratch his head in confusion. So, once again, he resumed walking to his father's castle when he heard faint growling beyond the hedges, prompting him to leap right through 'em and investigate.

"All right, who the hell is that?!" wondered Iggy.

He franticly looked left and right to try and discover the source of the noise, but whatever this thing was, it obviously didn't want to be found.

"I getting sick and tired of hearing all these weird--"

As Iggy turned around, he yelped and fell backwards when he came face-to-face with an odd creature with red skin and black bands around his body, and a white underbelly with a black symbol that looked like a radioactive sign. It had long, pointed ears that reminded someone of a bat and long claws and toenails. It was roughly the size of Iggy himself…and it looked like a dinosaur or other type of vicious lizard. Iggy didn't know whether or not he should be scared or try to fight the beast, but he did know it was growing in a slightly menacing tone.

"What…what the hell are you? What do you want with me?" asked Iggy, still fearful of the creature.

But the creature didn't respond at all and continued to growl at the koopaling shortly before it walked up to him. The creature looked at Iggy before cocking an eyebrow and lowering its head to sniff Iggy. After sniffing the koopaling a few times, it growled questionably before turning its head. The creature suddenly smiled and said, "Hi!" in a friendly tone.

"Uh…hi?" said Iggy.

The creature continued to stare at Iggy with a smile on its face, nudging him with its nose.

"So what are you supposed to be?"

"My name's Guilmon! I'm a digimon who came from the DigiWorld!"

Iggy scratched his head. "Digimon? Like that internet card thing?"

Guilmon shrugged and grunted as though he said, "I don't know."

"How'd you get here?"

Guilmon scratched his head. "I not sure…I was walking when I saw a bright flash and was sucked through it."

"Well it was nice meeting you. I'm uh…I'm gonna go now." said Iggy, walking away from the digital dinosaur creature.

But to Iggy's surprise, he realized that Guilmon was following him to his father's castle, like a dog trailing someone with a sack of meat.

"Are you following me?"

"Can Guilmon stay with you in your castle?"


Iggy turned around and began to walk away. But a few minutes later, he was nudged in the shell by Guilmon's head.


"No, Guilmon. My Dad's gonna flip out if he finds a red dinosaur hiding in my room."

Iggy walked away from Guilmon once again, but just as he anticipated, the Digimon bumped into his shell once again.

"Damnit Guilmon! You can't come home with me!" yelled Iggy.

"Aww…" whined Guilmon, taking his ears down with a sad expression on his face.

Guilmon then began to howl at the sky as his own form of crying or bickering. It wasn't something you'd like to hear everyday, especially after you've just been exposed to radiation.

"If I let you stay for a few days…will you stop howling?"

Guilmon abruptly stopped howling and smiled, saying, "Okay!" while flapping his ears.

"Okay, fine, but we have to be quiet about this. Like I said, my Dad's gonna freak if he finds you!"

Iggy was walking inside his father's castle late at night, trying to be as surreptitious as possible. So far it was working; none of the guards spotted him. So all he had to do now was get up to his room and he could stay in there all night. He'd figure out how to deal with Morton later.

"Okay, let's go." whispered Iggy.

Guilmon began to follow Iggy…whilst he was inside an emptied Bob-ulk.

"All we have to do is get past the dining room and--"

"HEY IGGY! Whatcha doin' with that bob-ulk?" asked Bowser.

"Uh, nothing! Just taking this ordinary bob-ulk upstairs to my room!"

Iggy strained as he began to lift the giant bob-ulk up the stairs.

"You sure you don't need any help?"

"I'm just…fine. Don't worry…about…me." said Iggy with strain in his voice.

That's when he shouted when he fell down the stairs and made an ear shattering crash. Bowser got off the chair he was sitting on to go help his son out, but as he arrived to the staircase, he noticed that Iggy already scurried up the steps and was in his room.

"Okay Guilmon, you can come out now."

Guilmon climbed out the bob-ulk from the top and began to explore the room, sniffing various items and knocking some stuff over.

"Hey, that's my radio! Don't break that!" commanded Iggy.

"Which bed do I sleep in?" asked Guilmon.

"You have to stay in the closet tonight."


"Look my brother sleeps in that bed and I can't have him finding out anything. Not unless you want to get kicked out of here when Morton squeals on you. So you're just gonna have to sleep in the closet tonight."


"No buts! Now go!" demanded Iggy.

Guilmon whined once again and retreated into the closet while Iggy shut the door, just as Morton entered their room.

"Who were you talking to?"

"Um…the wall…" said Iggy, shortly before laughing nervously.

When it was roughly around two in the morning, Iggy awoke when his closet door opened up with a loud creak, revealing Guilmon. Luckily, Morton didn't hear anything and was fast asleep.

"Whuh? What is it Guilmon?"

"I can't sleep; the floor is too hard. Can I sleep on your bed?"

Iggy sighed exasperatedly, but knew that Guilmon would start whining again and his brother would wake up and spot him.


"YAY!! I get to sleep on the bed!" shouted Guilmon.

"SHH! You want my brother to hear you?!"


Guilmon got onto the bed and fell flat on his stomach…crushing Iggy.

"The other side Guilmon! The other side!" said a suffocating Iggy.

Guilmon rolled over and got into a comfortable position on Iggy's mattress. Iggy yawned and muttered, "Good night." while Guilmon responded with a drowsy growl. Too bad Iggy wasn't aware that Guilmon had a habit of sleeping with his mouth open.

"Ugh! You know up close, you have really bad breath Guilmon."

But Guilmon simply grabbed Iggy and brought him closer to his being, cuddling with him and sighing contently. Iggy was gonna have to sleep with a heavy dinosaur with halitosis resting on his body. Iggy didn't really mind though, as it was two in the morning and he was too tired to do anything else.

"I wonder what'll happen tomorrow morning?" mumbled a drowsy Iggy.

Elsewhere, another Digimon, nowhere near as friendly as Guilmon, was walking through the Mushroom Kingdom after getting transported through the DigiProtal, looking to start some havoc…