Chapter 1


"Come on guys!" I screamed at my 'brothers', even though it is not needed they could've heard me loud and clear even if I whispered.

"Ed, we better go before Jazzy here starts twitching"

Emmett, once again making fun of me because I want to go hunting. Someday he's going to regret that.

They finally came down and just smirked at me.

"We would've been faster, if Eddy didn't spend so much time making his hair perfectly messy."

We finally left the house.

I caught the wind, and smelled a deer nearby. Most people think the meat eaters are better tasting, by I like the herbivores. I bagged a few large ones, and set off to find Edward and Emmett.

I found Edward rather quickly; he was done too, and still looked like he was going to some fancy dinner.

Emmett on the other hand was playing with his food… like he always does.

"Hey guys!" he laughed, as the bear swiped a heavy paw at him. It bounced off his head, he just laughed some more.

Edward then asked, "Having fun Emmett?"

"Tons" he replied

"Emmett have you ever herd of not playing with your food?" I sighed

"Fine, you kill joy!"

He finished his bear, and we went on our way home, it was a pretty long run, when I first smelled another vampire. I knew the smell from somewhere, but I just can't put my finger on it.

"Hey guys you smell that?"

"Yeah, smells like another vampire"

"I know the smell from somewhere"

"You do?"


"Well you guys instead of standing here like idiots, why don't we follow it?" Emmett can be pretty useful when needed.

We followed the scent, and wounded up in a small clearing. The vampire looked up, and I instantly recognized her.


A/N: This is really crappy I know. But it was one of the first stories I ever wrote. So R&R please?