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previously (BPOV)

"Oh my god really? I'm so happy for them!" Charlotte looked just as excited as I did, minus the bouncing.

"I always knew he'd end up with a feisty one. Only the major can handle someone like that, it always surprised he didn't end up with you Bella, but it looks like Emmett can handle the heat that you always bring." At that moment we screeched to a stop in the Cullen's huge garage.



"Jesus Char! What the hell are you trying to do? Make all the vampires, and various other mythical creatures in the area deaf? He would of heard you if you whispered!" I was covering my ears, pushing them so hard that if I had been human my skull would have been crushed, but that damned loud continuous ringing just wouldn't stop.

"Holy mother of god, where's the fire Char?" Jasper was in a similar position as me when he graced us with his presence.

"You tell me mother fucker. Where the hell did you disappear to for the last twenty or so years? I should be setting your ass on fire." Peter, asshole always cut straight to the point, didn't sugarcoating with pleasantries. I guess that's why we got along so well. He was tapping his foot like the dainty little prissy he sometimes acted like, he even had his hands locked on his hips.

"I'd like to see you get that far. By the way I love your Edward impersonation." And he just hit the jackpot! Peter abruptly stopped tapping his foot and let his hands drop down to his sides. He had always thought Edward was a little gay, he told me so himself. Of course I never met Edward, so I'm not going to be quick to judge his sexual orientation, but if Peter of all people say he seems gay, then the guy must really act like it.

"Cut the crap Whitlock, where the hell have you been? I was worried about you fucker. I thought someone finally defeated the God of War, Ares himself, I was this fucking close to going and avenging your death!" Peter held his thumb and pointer finger about a inch apart to emphasize his point.

"Peter, man, I know you. The only reason you would have wanted to kill whatever bastard that managed to burn me, is for your own benefit. Lord knows you've been trying to beat me at something ever since I helped you leave." Peter was about to reply with something witty and probably extraordinarily crude for a vampire of his age, but Charlotte cut him off.

"Yeah yeah, you guys can return to your brotherly banter later. I for one want to know where you've been, Jasper, and all about this woman, that caught The Major's eye." When he heard the last sentence, Jasper turned and glared at me. I just shrugged. He should know by now that I don't scare that easily. Sure the guy can rip me to pieces and set me alight before I can comprehend what's going on, I've seen him do it enough times, but I know he won't. The killing instinct just isn't as strong as it used to be.

"To answer your question Char, I've been with the Cullens for the last twenty years. I thought you guys knew that? I know the real question is why I haven't contacted you, and I have no acceptable excuse. I just forgot. As for my lady friend, that is none of your business." He shot Peter a look that clearly said butt the fuck out.

I leaned over to Peter and in a stage whisper said "It's OK Petie, don't take it personally. It's just been a while since The Major got laid, he's a bit grumpy cause he has to take Pam and her five sisters out on a date later, if you know what I mean. Besides Rosie told me everything, I'll give you a summary later." I shot his a wink, then turned and smirked at Jasper.

"Jazzy, I'm your best friend, and Rosalie told me the not so innocent version of what happened... don't look so surprised! She trusts me! Anyways, so I know you owe your hand dinner. It's perfectly acceptable behavior, after all, Rosie does have a hot bod." As I said those words I could feel Emmett's smothering gaze on me, and I couldn't help but shudder.

"That reminds me. Would any of you Whitlocks like to explain the 'open bed policy' to me?" It was the first time Emmett had spoken since we had gotten home. His voice was husky, filled with mischief, but you couldn't mistake the curious tone if you tried.

"Ahh the open bed policy. Just one of the perks of being a Whitlock."

"Peter your a pervert." Charlotte and I chimed at the same time. It was true too, he was the one to create the open bed policy, well I'm pretty sure Jasper helped... Char and I just follow along with it. I turned to Emmett and hoped he would understand this crazy policy.

"Well the policy started off with one of Peter's disgustingly graphic fantasies of getting me in his bed. He of course being mated with Charlotte, didn't and wouldn't be unfaithful. So he suggested they bring another girl into the bedroom. Char for some ungodly reason agreed. This is where I come in. We fucked, it was amazing, and it became an arrangement of sorts. When Jasper finally left that cunt, he joined the little coven we had going on, and to say he was confused the first time he heard the three of us going at it is an understatement. I think you can guess Jasper was added into the arrangement. As time went by the arrangement turned into a policy. We don't practice it in the recent years, but it's still in place."

The look on Emmett's face after I finished telling him about it was hilarious, it was the T rated version too! I hoped to god he didn't ask what the policy entails, and he wouldn't notice I just gave him the history of how the policy went in place. But of course god doesn't spare me, and he asks.

"And what does this policy entail?" I gave a deep sigh.

"It's kind of like a massive orgy. Fucking is allowed, the mate doesn't have to be there, as long as he or she is OK with it, you can go at it. No means no though. Another reason this policy is in place is because, well you got to spice things up once in a while. It reminds you how much you love your mate, and well it's a change of scenery. Peter and Charlotte are the only mated people in the coven so really most of the rules, when they were created, were meant for them. But now all of us are mated. Though I can't say the policy will be void. It's just that the rules apply to all of us now." I looked up to see Emmett's reaction, I wanted him to know, that the policy does have it's rules, and none of us have to participate, it was just there. He slowly nodded. Then a wide grin appeared.

"Damn, so basically you guys are a bunch of swingers?" he quietly chuckled to himself.

"Well if you wanted to put it that crudely..."

"Anyways! What are you guys doing here anyways?" Jasper asked, changing the topic.

"Oh right, well you see, we we're urm, eating, when we noticed a certain bitch from our past. She told some newborn looking kid to get ready, because she's getting her treasure box back. Whatever that means." Peter trailed off. Jasper and I automatically tensed. Shit! Crap! God damn this! How is this fucking possible! I watched her burn! I made sure she was ashes!

"She means she's re-recruiting. She's getting back her soldiers. That talented ones, the experienced ones. Vampires like us, we're probably at the top of her fucking list. She's willing to risk everything by doing this. So whatever she planned for us to do has to be big." I saw Peter, Charlotte, Jasper and Emmett freeze.

"Bells, are you sure? How do you know? I thought you destroyed her?" Jasper was in full out tactical mode.

"When I started burning her, she told me to wait for her. That she's going to catch up with me, and all her children will be back by her side soon enough. I thought she was crazy. I mean I was going to dance on her ashes, and she thought she could get us all again? I don't fucking know how she did it, but apparently she's back from the dead."

It was dead silent. No one dared to even breathe. Even the animals were quiet.

Fuck. How did this happen?

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