John Cooper cocks his weapon as he walks toward the police car, his rookie trailing behind him.

"Look sharp, act sharp, be sharp" he says to Ben.

As he continues to talk, neither notices Officer Michelle Patricio lying down in the backseat. There is a foul smell but the officer knew better than to give away her position in scaring her training officer and new rookie partner.

"…she's gonna lose her foot with this sme –"Cooper could not finish his sentence.

"BOOM!" yelled Michelle from the backseat.

The rookie jumps up and turns around quickly, hand on his Glock. Her training officer, however, does not flinch. Instead he shakes his head and sighs.

"That trick's getting old, Patricio," he says to her as he put the car in reverse. "You can't scare me. I've been in this business for 5 years, you expect me to get scared by a girl hiding in the backseat?"

Michelle sits upright. The rookie keeps his eyes on her but instead of staring back, she sticks her tongue out. The rookie sticks his tongue out in reply and faces forward.

"Well, sir, at least I got the rookie," Michelle said. "Did you see him? He looked pretty defenseless."

"At least I'm mature," the rookie spiked back.

"Oh yeah? At least I don't look like a straight up rich, spoiled brat from Beverly Hills!"

"You don't know who you're messing with, little girl!"

Michelle and Ben continue to throw comebacks at each other until Cooper has enough. He turns the corner real fast and pushes all his weight onto the brake. He turns around and faces Michelle, alternating looks between her and Ben.

"Hey, SHADDAP! Rookie, you know better not to be a jackass in front of a lady and Michelle, you know better not to flirt with other officers in the unit," he says, silencing them.

"Well, he's not an officer yet, y'kno – HEY! THAT'S NOT FUNNY! I WASN'T FLIRTING WITH HIM!" Michelle yells.

"Looked like it," Cooper says in reply. "I mean, don't you know people make fun of others because they like them? We've all learned from high school."

Michelle slouches in the backseat and Ben rolls his eyes as Cooper signals to come into the lane.

"Well he is kinda cute," Michelle mutters to herself.

"Did you say something Patricio?" Cooper asks. "Cause I just saw Ben turn the pinkest shade I've ever seen."

"Y'know what John Cooper? I hate you," Michelle replies.

"I love you more than you hate me."