Hope Dally don't get Johnny too badly....we still need the kid! I mean, I already know for a fact exactly what happened between them and I wasn't even there to witness it! It's kinda common sense, really.....they were gettin' dressed, weren't they? Unless they decided to streak down the street, I'm pretty sure they did the deed.

Oh well.....that's what hormones'll do to ya, I suppose. Happens almost twice a week with me an' Dallas (sometimes more....). But enough about Johnny and Pony's sex life....what the fuck was with my daydream?! I was just drivin' down the road (not really payin' attention....Darry should learn not to make me get up that early in the mornin' to scrap up his horny fourteen year old brother), and all a sudden....I see this really fat homeless guy walkin' across the street and my car hits 'im like THUMPCRASH!

It scared the livin' shit outta me!! I really thought I'd killed the sonuvabitch! But...he wasn't even real... I'm a screwy, ain't I?

Dally's real worried about me, I can tell.....and he don't usually worry 'bout anyone or anything. Me, Johnny and Ponyboy (although he'll swear up and down that he hates the kid with all his black-holed heart) are the only people he's ever openly admitted to worryin' about. He really shouldn't waste his time on me, though. I don't wanna see him lose his cool over me.

I'm just kinda here....I'm the laid back guy of the group. Tch-not really....I can only wish I was as laid back as I seem. I think my cover was blown whenever Johnny, Ponyboy and Dally pretty much broadcasted my freak-out over Dally. Not my sexual cover, either.....my sane cover.

Oh well....shoulda suspected that it was gonna happen one day. I can't keep pretendin' forever, ya'know. Which means that I'll have to out myself to my family and the rest of my friends one day. On the note for my friends, I think Steve already has a hint (I would too if I caught two of my friends bangin' in the hospital).....and Darry....what the hell would he do?

He never really talks about anything queer. Not in a bad way or good way....just not at all. Seein' that his two other brothers don't really mind (one bein' a fag himself and the other possibly bein' one, too), perhaps Darry'll be the same way? Oh I could only hope....I don't wanna lose one of my greatest friends of all time.

Now onto my family....Kim already knows and my folks.....oh boy.....I'm screwed, huh? Mom might not care.....but Dad sure would! He already hates me....he'll just hate me more after I tell him. Oh well....not like I give a rat's ass about him, anyway.

But still....it makes me mad that I don't have a lovin' father like a normal boy. Then again.......Johnny, Steve and Dally don't either and the Curtis' father died (but he was still the coolest dad I'd ever seen. I saw him as my own dad, sometimes. Even though I never told him....I kinda regret not tellin' him...). So I guess I really have no reason to be angry, really. But I can't help it sometimes.

I took really long drags on my cigerette while I contemplated on the whole issue. Darry was still bein' real anal about smokin' in the house (according to Ponyboy, anyway. Shoot, I ain't ever gonna get over how funny that pun sounds!). Suddenly, I heard a very familiar voice from in front of me. "Hey, it's that damn conservative gay that made fun of us earlier!"

I looked forward and saw some real skinny potheads standin' in front me. Oh yeah-they were the hippies earlier! What the fuck were they doin' out here this late?! Oh God....please don't tell me this ain't another daydream....

"Hey....ya'll real or am I just seein' things again?" Their eyes shifted around each other and then they finally walked up to me on the porch. The real skinny one that hit on me earlier poked my chest hard with his right index finger and spat out, "Did you know that thanks to far-right conservatives like you that fifty of our greatest friends were arested for detesting the war in Vietnam?!" Okay, so they are real.

"Heh, it ain't like I called the popo on your stoned asses! You sure that Fredico, the flyin' purple elephant from India, didn't do it? I'm sure he's gettin' real tired of you potheads always pointin' at him whenever you're on a real awful trip." They started whisperin' among theirselves and looked at me with full hatred once more. 'We're not fallin' for that. People've already told us that Gregory, the pink dancing spider-squid monster, did it and we fell for it.....that's how the last ten of us got locked up!" Ummm....WOW.

"Awww, you sure?" Their faces went blank. "Umm....I don't even remember now, dude." I started to laugh hard at them.

"Ya'll fuckers are STONED!" They started laughin' back absent-mindedly. "Sure are, brother!" Ah lord, I love pickin' on stoners...oh so much.

"Well now, it's kinda late. Harold, the late penquin, is kinda pregnant right now. Y'all should throw him-her a baby shower!" Their eyes widened and they started wavin' their arms. "Oh mah goodness! I love babies! Let's go, brethren!" They started to run off, but then the skinny leader came runnin' back to me.

"By the way, man....what's your name?" I stifled a giggle as I replied with, "Betty." He nodded and ran off.....shoutin', " See ya later, Betty the talking dinosaur!" I waved back at them dully.

Betty the talkin' dinosaur? My oh my.....I don't wanna ever become friends with hippies.....


Bad news: my computer crashed and now I have to use my brother's computer. So I may not get to update as often. I'll most certainly try to update as often as I can, but I can't do it daily as of right now. I'm supposed to get a recovery disk Monday....so I hope it works! :D