Well, it seems the date I originally had planned was too late for my tastes. I have released the sequel to my first successful story four days early!

This is here is the direct sequel to my first Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu fanfic; The Attraction Of Haruhi Suzumiya. Before even READING any words below; I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU READ THE FIRST STORY. Otherwise; you'll have very little idea of some of the things I reference in this one. Plus; the first one is probably my best story at the moment. Especially for anyone who's a Kyon/Haruhi fan; like myself.

For anyone not familiar with the previous work; I write in Kyon's point of view only. I feel like that's the best way to do the novel's justice. Otherwise; it seems awkward to write it in any other way. This sequel will have a more action-oriented story, along with my somewhat decent sense of humor. And expect a lot of romance. Always expect romance with me.

Well, that's all from me. Updates will be as frequent as possible.



Hejin57 Presents....

~~~~~The Incapability Of Haruhi Suzumiya~~~~~


There is one day of the week I have always loved the most. It is the one where I feel like I've gotten through a hard week of school; and a pleasurable weekend awaits me. That day is Friday, of course.

Friday is an exciting day for multiple reasons. It is the day before the weekend, which is the time that I get to sleep late and not end up rudely woken up by my over-energetic sister. It also exciting because it means that I do not have to undergo my daily hike as usual, which usually always results in me being forced to converse with Taniguchi on my way to school.

In a different time, I might have also added that I wouldn't have to do anything involved with the SOS Brigade. Now that doesn't mean I absolutely love every single time that Haruhi Suzumiya forces the breadth of the club to trek the city in search of strange happenings. It just means that I don't mind it as much as I used to.

And I can only assume that's because me and Haruhi have begun to get closer than either of us could have ever imagined.

I did not mention this yet? Well, it's a tiny bit embarrassing…

Straight to the point, I've basically agreed to go out with Suzumiya-san. Which means she has essentially become the one thing I never thought she would ever become, my girlfriend. I guess this was inevitable, even though I had spent a good portion of time trying to avoid this sort of situation for as long as possible. But my life is unreasonable; and things happen without my permission. It is a fact I must try to accept.

Back to the topic of Friday, I begin to realize that I still have a normal school day to go through. And until I get to the club room, school days tend to be quite boring.

My morning routine tends to be the same as usual. I get up, and I prepare myself for the day ahead. All this while trying to avoid my little sister. It's usually best if I am able to leave the house before she can even find me awake.

My brown hair refuses to let itself be brushed as I struggle with combing it. I become annoyed; deciding I don't care about having messy hair this morning. It's not like anyone ever notices the status of my hair follicles anyway.

The walk to school is the same as usual. I carry my bag slung over my shoulder, my expression blank as I trek up the usual hill that is on my morning path to North High.

So far, so good. I don't see a sign of Taniguchi at all. And the school is not so far ahead at this point. Perhaps I can make it…

But my dreams of a Taniguchi-free morning come crashing down when I hear someone calling me from behind. The voice is clearly unmistakable.

"Yo! Kyon!" he says in his usual loud voice. I can already feel the firm hand pat down on my back. It's easy to imagine the expression Taniguchi probably has on its face. It tends to be something that alludes to me having done something ridiculous and out of the ordinary.

"Morning…" I say; my voice gravely. I've never been a morning person.

"So how's the relationship going with Suzumiya? How many times have you kissed her by now? 5? 6?" Taniguchi asks, giving me another unwanted pat on the back. I resist the urge to groan at him. I understand it's his way of being friendly; but it can really be goddamn annoying sometimes.

"Don't ask. It's not that important." I replied; sounding bothered by his question.

"Don't sound so modest, Kyon! You know you're probably enjoying every moment of Suzumiya getting all over you like a-"

"That's more than enough. Now I've got class to go to. We'll speak again later; I assume." I said; cutting off the last part of Taniguchi's sentence. The relief of school approaching gave me an escape from talking to him about Suzumiya-san. It's not that I was trying to hide the emerging relationship between us. I just didn't always have my head in the gutter like Taniguchi. I had my head there sometimes; but not all the time. And Taniguchi definitely thinks about girls in that way all the time. Though I can see why he's a failure when it comes to women.

Now if there's anyone I actually look forward to talking to in the morning, it's Haruhi. I manage to walk in to see her sitting in her usual chair; which is located right behind mine. She seems to be in her usual daydream state before I arrive, as her amber eyes are absent-mindedly staring out of the window beside her. I've noticed that she's neglected in constantly change her hairstyle these past few days. She used to have a different one daily; and different colored hair ribbons for each day of the week.

"Yo." I say to Suzumiya-san, as I take my seat in front of her, pivoting around to face her. My greeting breaks her out of her trance immediately. I never had this kind of effect on her before. It's nice to have any effect on her at all, actually.

"Morning, Kyon." She replies; her amber gaze now completely focused on me. It's a bit awkward; to say the least, but I think I'll get used to it. I'm at least glad that she's got that usual look on her face. The one that comes before she's ready to announce the SOS Brigade's next crazy venture.

"You got bored of changing your hair for the aliens?" I comment, pointing out the fact Haruhi's hair has remained mostly the same for a few weeks in fact. She ended up changing it much less after meeting me; but now she hasn't been really changing her hair style at all.

"I figured it was beginning to get useless. Aliens would probably react to other things besides a person's hair. Once I start reading that book you bought me; I'll be able to find out what really makes them tick!" Haruhi said to me, exclaiming the last part.

She didn't even read that book I bought her yet? The one she was looking everywhere for? I sighed. I could only expect no less from Suzumiya-san.

"I'm still surprised you haven't treated me like an actual boyfriend yet. I only assume that's what people who are going out do. They actually show affection to one another." I said; pretending to look nervous as I scratched the back of my head. I was actually confused about this fact. I had been anticipating Suzumiya-san to simply start grabbing me and kissing me whenever she pleased. Perhaps I didn't have to necessarily fear that.

"And why would I do that? If I need you for something; I'll just order you to do it! I'm still your Brigade Chief; which means my word is law. And if you don't listen to me; they'll be a penalty you'll have to pay!" Haruhi responded; staring up at me with her eyes like an energetic little kid.

The mention of ordering me to do things was not much of a change to the norm. I always expected to be receiving orders from Suzumiya-san; but now she was going to order me around as her personal boyfriend? She hasn't even really acknowledged that fact yet either. It's just assumed we've gotten that close. At least she assumes it.

What am I saying? I should expect this from Haruhi. She's always been one to dominate everyone around her. Actually; I'm going to get off that topic. The words "dominate" and "Haruhi" don't mix too well when my random thoughts began to surge frightening images through my head. I'm not even going to begin with that kind of stuff, it all scares me half to death.

"So I have to just listen to you night and day? Don't I have any free will in this relationship? If you would even call it that…" I ask her in a slightly disappointed tone.

Haruhi stares back at me with those same amber eyes. She cracks her famous expression, her face coming right up to mine.

"If I'm in a good mood; then maybe you can have a say. Otherwise; you're taking orders from me as usual, Kyon!"

I sigh. Being ordered around by Suzumiya-san as usual shouldn't really surprise me.

The rest of the school day went by fairly quickly, to say the least. I don't know if I had some sort of unbridled excitement brewing inside me because of Haruhi's mood. Perhaps she had something planned for us after school today. It was a Friday, and tomorrow was a Saturday. This also brings up the question of when I'm going to actually have to start taking Suzumiya-san on dates. Itsuki said she has some sense of rationality; so I can only assume that she would want to go to the movies or something like most normal girls.

Although something inside me says that Haruhi probably would rather watch a Godzilla film, a science-fiction movie, or a horror movie instead of the normal gushy romance movies that most teenagers my age have taken their dates on. I guess I might be able to survive through a Godzilla movie. Kaiju aren't all that bad, I guess…

My walk to the SOS Brigade club room begins again; with my bag slung over my shoulder as usual. I find myself quietly whistling as I head towards my destination. I guess I'm in a relatively good mood today. Nothing has gone wrong yet. But that still leaves plenty of time for something to in fact go wrong.

Entering the club room, I am greeted by familiar faces as usual. And as always; every face is more extra-ordinary than meets the eye.

Yuki Nagato was the first to notice me. The large orbs that were here eyes looked at me slightly behind her light-colored hair. It was like she was studying me from a distance for a few seconds, before she found interest in the book she was reading again. I never question Yuki's demeanor anymore. She's an alien who enjoys reading more than anything else. It's better than her staring at you with the same expression all day, at least.

Itsuki Koizumi gave me his usual smile when I entered. He was always one to greet me quickly. Although he could be quite annoying from time to time, I'll admit he really wasn't so bad when it came down to it.

"Kyon." He said to me, his eyes watching me as I found myself a seat to sit in.

"Itsuki." I replied, fixing my hair for a moment. I guess I did care about the way it looked somewhat.

"I've made tea again." A soft, sweet voice said from behind the both of us. Of course, it was unmistakably Mikuru-chan; the club mascot and by far the nicest girl I have ever met. And that's not something I ever intend to say in front of Haruhi, mind you. I like my face where it currently is.

I smiled back at Mikuru as she served both me and Itsuki her fantastically brewed tea. I almost feel sorry for her, as she's seems to have the role of wearing the same maid outfit from day to day, and brewing tea for us on a daily basis. And I've yet to stop Haruhi from forcibly changing Mikuru-chan into the various outfits she finds for her to wear.

On the topic of God, I spotted Suzumiya-san on the club room computer, looking bored as she stared at the screen with disinterest. I can only assume that she hadn't thought of anything for us to do yet. These uneventful days for the Brigade aren't uncommon. It's just Haruhi doesn't like them.

As I begin to sip my tea, I hear Haruhi bolt upwards from her chair. I turn to see the expression on her face. It is unmistakably the same one she puts on when her next outlandish and ridiculous idea is about to announced. I prepare myself for her loud voice to begin speaking.

"I've got it!" she announces to us; her voice full of energy. The glint in her eyes could have probably blinded you at this point.

"What is it, Suzumiya-san?" Mikuru asks innocently; her voice shy and quiet.

"Our next course of action! I know exactly what we're going to do next!" Haruhi tells us; her hands at her hips. I can't help but wonder what she has planned for us now. I already assume that whatever it is, it's going to be taking up the duration of tomorrow.

This means I'll probably be waking up early this Saturday. Damn.

"So what is it then?" I ask; only somewhat curious about what Suzumiya-san is planning to say.

"We're going to be looking for this!" Haruhi says, before literally turning the computer screen around so we can all see it. She obviously has no knowledge of what it means to handle with care, because I swear I heard what sounded like something breaking. Well; I'm guessing if something does break; Haruhi will just force the members of the Computer Research Society next door to fix it. She really knows her way around black mailing.

The image on the computer screen is something I've never seen before. It's a large, drawn image of what looks like some sort of prehistoric dinosaur. It's got a pair of large wings, and a head shaped like that of some giant heron or crane. I really have no idea what it is at all.

"What's that?" Mikuru asks, prompting Suzumiya-san to point one of her fingers directly at the image.

"It's the Kongamato! It's one of those creatures that scientists all over the world have yet to find! And we're going to find it and capture it!" Haruhi says; in a way that makes her newfound goals sound like a big game.

Many questions go into my head at her exclamation. I should expect something like this, but even this seems a little bit much. Now we're going to look for creatures that don't exist? And even then, Haruhi might just make them real. The mere thoughts scare me. I can already imagine this thing becoming real, grabbing me first and pulling me into the sky as I watch the ground below me go into the distance.

Quite a scary thought. I should just forget it.

"You've got to be joking. How are we going to capture it in the first place?" I ask Haruhi; obviously disbelieving what she wants to now do. But I guess I shouldn't ask. I should have remembered that Haruhi is always dead serious.

Where the hell does she find out about all these weird monsters anyway? Is that what she does on the club room computer all the time? Search for obscure things such as that?

"This isn't a joke, Kyon! I've got it all planned out! Tomorrow, we go on a monster hunt!" she replies; sounding triumphant. Mikuru already looks scared at Haruhi's exclamation, and I can only imagine that anything involving monsters would probably scare her like that. I personally don't know what to think. Half of me just wants Haruhi to just act normal; but the other half enjoys her usual personality.

But that fact she hasn't really acknowledged the topic of "us" yet, is a little intriguing, if not worrying.

I can already see the expression on Koizumi's face telling me that we'll have things to discuss tomorrow. I assume now that he'll be giving out an explanation while we're out in the wilderness searching for this "Kongamato". I wouldn't be surprised if Haruhi just decides to turn into an overnight campout. It sounds like one of those bizarre adventures that happen only in stories. The kind of stories I stopped reading awhile ago.

I sigh; but I guess I'm fine with all of this as usual. Tomorrow is another day with Haruhi as usual. I can only help but wonder if we're going to find any trace of this monster at all. And if we do; I sincerely hope that I'm not the one who gets dragged away to be fed to its young.

Let's hope not. Now that I think I'm Suzumiya-san's boyfriend, I would expect she wouldn't want something like that to happen. Unless I did something to piss her off. I'll certainly remember not to do that. Tomorrow is going to be another crazy day. At least my life isn't as boring as it used to be.

That's one plus. Even though it's only a minor one.