Well, here comes the epilogue to this story, my willing readers. It sure has been one wild ride!


You know, I really hate it when I fall asleep and end up not having any recollection of my dreams when I manage to wake up. This happens to me quite a lot, and I can't help but be pissed when I can't remember the details of that fantastic dream I might have had involving Suzumiya-san.

Now these kinds of dreams are normal for teenagers to have, mind you. Wouldn't you be just as pissed if you couldn't remember something like that?

In fact, I've been having trouble remembering a lot of things these past few days. The cause is a sudden amnesia that coincidentally only started bugging me a few days ago. During the amount of time I actually could talk to Itsuki Koizumi without him forgetting something, I was told that it was because of the fact that Haruhi Suzumiya had lost her faith and belief that there were strange and bizarre things in the world.

It wasn't long until the thought-to-be-dead Ryoko Asakura, previously disguised as a crane approached me. She told me that the omniverse, which was the bigger picture beyond just the universe, was on the brink of ending due to the fact that Suzumiya-san was having trouble believing.

She thought that it would the greatest thing ever to watch everything end. She said that all the things she was doing would lead up to the most massive data explosion ever witnessed. She knew that the said data explosion meant the end of reality, but she didn't care.

I had risked my life to stop Asakura-san from killing Haruhi. I had almost been killed myself. Haruhi had somehow brought me to a nearby hospital, and I had survived my predicament and being nearly impaled with a piece of a steel girder through the stomach. Plus, Suzumiya-san had given me a kiss that I certainly did not expect.

My eyes opened with the speed of a slot machine. I had been thrust from a previously sleeping state.

Something was different. Something didn't feel the same. I looked up at the ceiling, realizing that I was in none other than my own bed. I was in my room once again, having awakened from what seemed like a very lifelike dream.

But before I could complain about these very real dreams, or groan at the fact that they always seemed to end at the best part, a stream of thoughts forcefully pushed themselves into my mind.

There are not many ways to describe what I experienced in those moments. If I had to describe it, I would use the words mystifying, dazzling and out of this world.

Every memory, thought and recent event that has ever transpired in my life, but was obviously covered by my recent amnesia, thrust themselves into my brain like icy spears. They surged in like some sort of rioting mob, and I could feel a massive headache coming on as every single one of these memories situated themselves in my thoughts.

As I sat up in my bed, I realized that there was no going over what had just come back to me. I knew everything that I needed to know. I looked. Realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

I can't believe it. I actually forgot that I was in love with Haruhi. I forgot the date we had gone on, and I had forgotten the events that transpired when we had both been trapped in that white void.

Man, my mind had been jumbled. Memories had left me like doves flying off into the distance. I had neglected so many events, and my brain refused to register them all. But why was I remembering that I had forgotten in the first place?

It doesn't take a moron to know that this is all rooted towards Suzumiya-san. Whatever she did, she managed to get me to remember everything that I had originally forgotten. The amnesia and the dreaded feelings of déjà vu were finally gone. That was a relief.

But as I got out of my bed, questions of all kinds began to pop up in my thoughts. Though I was now focused on the fact that everything my have returned to a semblance of normalcy, I still couldn't help but bring up certain points in my mental conversations.

Does this mean that Suzumiya-san is now aware of her power? Even though I was severely injured and losing consciousness at the moment, I had watched her use her powers as a God to literally make Asakura-san disappear in a flash of light.

Was this some sort of involuntary response that Suzumiya-san used when something in the world became too much of a bother to last any longer? When I manage to get to school, I could probably get some sort of explanation from either Nagato-san or Koizumi.

I knew that something inside me was longing to see the rest of the Brigade again.

More questions came into my head even as I found myself walking out the door. It's pretty intriguing to note how I didn't really want to see my sister so much. I have a feeling if I decided to try and talk to her, she would end up just clinging to me like a leech, and I'd be late. I'm not in the mood to be late right now…

I can't help but wonder how much Haruhi really remembers. If I got lucky, she might have just made herself forget about the entire situation with Asakura-san. What did Koizumi, Asahina-san and Nagato-san know? I assumed that they probably had some recollection of their amnesia experiences, as ironic as that sounds.

As I walked along my daily route to school, I found myself going at a quicker pace than usual. I guess the anticipation of having my questions answered was driving me forward.

The usual hike seemed like I hadn't done it in an eternity. Was I asleep for longer than just one night? Had Haruhi somehow affected time and space when she had decided to change everything? I obviously don't know. Let's hope that the clubroom's usual residents can explain all of this to me.

I'm a little surprised as I walk towards school. No sign of Taniguchi at all. Maybe Suzumiya-san decided to just remove him from the world as well? No. I don't think she's that evil or cruel. Still, it's nice not to hear his idiotic and annoying ramblings for once.

I arrived in class, early as always. The only person who I always notice above everyone else is Suzumiya-san, who still remains content with staring out the window until I arrive to sit in the seat in front of her.

I should tell her that I care more often. I should just make it clear to her. I don't know why, but I can't help but think that all these predicaments we had just been through were all somehow my fault.

I naturally sit in front of Haruhi, and not to my surprise, I immediately manage to catch her attention away from whatever is outside the window.

Something about her is calming me down. Maybe it's because I'm glad that I can remember being her boyfriend. Maybe because I can remember the many kisses that we've shared.

I don't know. Damn it! I don't care at this point!

Slowly but surely, my hand manages to wrap itself around Haruhi's. Fear begins to creep up on me, as if I'm waiting for Suzumiya-san to suddenly stand up and ask me what the hell I was doing.

But she didn't. Instead, she blinked back at me with her amber eyes, and I could feel the warmth of her delicate hand radiating back into mine. She had an almost indifferent expression when she decided to say something.

"You look wiped out, Kyon." She said to me, without much flavor or expression in her voice at all.

I'm tired? Look who's talking. She sounds like she didn't get any sleep at all. I wonder if it's the amnesia or something…

"I had a weird dream. I'm just a bit shaken from it." I replied, with the notion in my head that I could make Suzumiya-san believe that all the past events with Asakura-san were all just part of a dream, if she didn't already believe that.

"Speak for yourself! I bet my position as Brigade Chief that my dream was ten times weirder than yours."

I should have expected such a stubborn response from her. Still, it wasn't the angry and annoyed Haruhi that was speaking to me. It was the eccentric, optimistic and slightly bossy Haruhi. That was the kind of Suzumiya-san that I liked best.

"Sorry for undermining the credibility of your dream."

There was an awkward silence between us after I said that. I didn't know what Haruhi was thinking about, but I hoped that it didn't have anything to do with Ryoko. The last thing we all needed was for Haruhi to decide that Asakura-san was an actual alien. I don't know what the consequences of that would be, but something tells me that Koizumi would say that the outcome would not be good.

"What are you planning to do over the summer, Kyon?"

Haruhi spit that question out with her usual tenacity and impatience. If I didn't answer, I could only expect some sort of punishment. I find it strange that I'm able to call her my girlfriend, even though I've only said it to myself.

"I've got no idea, because summer is still some months away. I know I'm not going anywhere for vacation. I guess I'm not doing much of anything."

"Good! Because you're going to be dedicating yourself to the Brigade double the amount of time you already do. It's going to be back-breaking when we start going on more city searches this summer. I'm thinking we find more traces of strange beasts, and investigate more alien sightings and anything else that is out of the ordinary! The possibilities of the SOS Brigade gaining recognition in this city are endless! And we won't stop there! We're going to keep this up until the Brigade becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Imagine it, Kyon. My face on a billboard in ever country in the world! But we have to think of a better slogan for the Brigade. One that'll cater more to the international masses. Now let me see…"

It's better to just let Haruhi release her rants at times like this. At least I could be sure of one thing when she spoke like this. Whatever problem she was having with faith, it was definitely long gone. I couldn't help but sigh in relief as I continued to listen to Suzumiya-san. Class still had some time before it would start…

After having listened to Haruhi in the morning, I found that the rest of my day went relatively faster than usual. If I didn't know any better, I might have said that the situation with Ryoko Asakura didn't even happen at all. I don't think I really had anything to worry or complain about at the moment. Now that's a surprise.

Opening up the clubroom door, I couldn't help but revel in the sweet aroma of Asahina-san's tea. It drifted up into my nostrils like a sort of incense, and I felt empowered by it.

The clubroom was nearly full at this time after school. Koizumi's plastic smile was on his face as he sat in the middle table of the room, and Asahina-san was busy pouring her tea into the various cups she would serve to us. Nagato-san was reading another novel, and the only sound that came from her corner of the room was the occasional noise that signified she was turning a page.

"Yo." I said in greeting to the inhabitants of the clubroom, and it was at this time that I noticed Haruhi seemed to be almost conveniently absent. Nevertheless, I took my usual seat in front of Koizumi. Somehow, I was glad to see him.

"Another valiant effort in saving us all, Kyon. I would commend you as I have before."

I should have expected he would say something like that before I could even ask him about it. So this must mean that all three of these extra-ordinary people around me are clearly aware of the fact that they had forgotten their identities and turned into normal teenagers for a period of time.

"Valiant? I prefer the word lucky. Any idea where Haruhi went?" I responded to Koizumi, and I was not surprised to see the usual smile remain on his face.

"She mentioned that she needed to do something. She didn't tell us what."

"So I'm guessing you won't be able to explain much to me? Human interfaces are not necessarily your topic of choice, and you weren't even there to witness my near death." I asked, eager to hear the esper's response.

Koizumi smiled, and he directed his gaze towards the window as he spoke to me.

"You are correct on that notion. There isn't much for me to tell you, but I have a feeling Nagato-san might be able to disclose more information. What I can tell you, however, is that you managed to stop the end only seconds before it would come to pass. I have no idea how you managed to convince Suzumiya-san, but you certainly prevented a disastrous outcome."

I sat back in my chair, feeling a little confused. Koizumi didn't have much of an idea of any of this. Nagato-san most likely did. I shouldn't be surprised. She is a human interface herself, so she might be able to tell me something regarding the situation with Asakura-san. But she wasn't even there to witness it. I would have to explain it to her so she could decipher it. That involved me getting her attention away from her novel, of course.

"I made you a special batch today, Kyon-kun. You sound like you need rest from all the things you've been through…" Asahina-san said beside me, clad in her maid outfit as she sweetly served me a cup of her astounding tea. Like a thirsty child I greedily drank it up, taking very little time to actually enjoy the taste. The sensation of this hot liquid flowing down my throat was just too comfortable. It was nice not to have a big wound on my stomach anymore.

I turned towards Yuki after I had finished my cup of tea. Putting it down, I spoke directly to her, with questions in my mind that I hoped she would answer.

"So, Nagato-san….you wouldn't be able to tell me how I watched Ryoko Asakura disappear before my very eyes? I know you weren't present to see it, but Haruhi did something that just made her just vanish in a flash of light."

It took a few seconds before Yuki was able to shut her book and look up at me. Her eyes were like expressionless orbs that emanated a freezing aura. They contrasted very much with the determined look that was usually on Suzumiya-san's face.

"Total data eradication."

I didn't understand this aliens' answer immediately. It was made up of only three words, and I don't know why she would expect me to know something like that so quickly.

"Come again?"

"Total data eradication. It is the phenomenon that occurs when Suzumiya-san has grown discontented with some form of data that has a place in the world. Her emotions become unstable enough to cause her to completely wipe the said data from the face of the omniverse. It ceases to exist in any other universe, whether or not they constitute as a parallel universe to our own. The Integrated Data Entity has wanted an observation of this phenomenon for some time. It is unfortunate that cannot be so."

I thought on Nagato-san's answer for a moment. It wasn't all that clear, but I could get the breadth of it. Basically, Haruhi can wipe things from the face of reality if she gets pissed off enough. Being that she is God, I should expect nothing less.

This is yet another reason I probably shouldn't try to break up with Suzumiya-san. I don't think I want to be eradicated anytime soon.

I was slightly confused. Nagato-san had no comment on Ryoko having rebuilt herself in the first place? Was she really even aware of it that much? I had to ask her.

"Did you know that Asakura-san could just come back like that?"

Yuki blinked at me once, and it could have been interpreted that she might have been thinking of what she planned to say. She spoke monotone and autonomously as usual. I was actually beginning to miss that part of her when she had been turning human for a brief period of time.

"I hypothesized it might be possible. The odds were unfavorable, so it did not seem rational to dwell upon it. But I made multiple errors in my predictions. If you had not acted to stop her, then we would not be having this said conversation."

After saying that, Nagato-san went back to reading her book. In a way, I was assuming that she was trying to say thank you. I smile crept up on my face.

The door to clubroom flung open as none other than our Brigade Chief entered. Haruhi had the same award-winning, determined and excited expression on her face as she walked into the middle of the room, obviously prepping to announce something to the rest of the club. I wonder where she'd been this entire time.

"The club meeting is ending early today. Everyone except Kyon can go home. Consider this a well-earned break from performing your duties for the SOS Brigade!" she announced, her voice excited and brimming with passion.

What about me? I didn't deserve a break for saving her life? Damn it. She made herself forget it all. Damn it!

"Alright, Kyon. Let's get going!" Haruhi said to me, before grabbing me by the hand and already beginning to pull me towards the hallway. I managed to grab my bag and look back at the remaining members, who watched me get dragged out the door by Suzumiya-san.

"Where exactly are we going?" I asked as I was forcefully being pulled along. Suzumiya-san's grip was just as strong as always.

"There's a place where people say they've seen a lot of alien sightings. It's a huge grassy lot only a few blocks from here. We're going to be sitting there and watching to see if we spot any aliens. If we're lucky, we might end up having a close encounter!"

Is it me, or does this sound like Haruhi's idea of…

"You mean a date?" I said as we got to the entrance the school. The air was breezy and a bit chilly, but it was tolerable. I couldn't wait till it got warm again.

"Call it whatever you want. But we're going to find aliens one way or another!"

I couldn't help but smile as I continued to be tugged by Suzumiya-san.

Well, it seems like all is as it should be. Haruhi continues to remain mostly ignorant about the strange things that really go on around her. The dreaded plague of amnesia and déjà vu is finally gone.

This sounds like a happy ending in a fairy tale, but I know it hasn't ended yet. Sure, I'll admit to being happy, but I know that there is only more when it comes to Haruhi. There are only more crazy things that she has planned for us, and more insane ideas that she has running through her mind. I'm going to be spending this night stargazing with her, even though she wants to call it "alien watching."

Is this the girl I'm going to propose to? It might sound forced, but something tells me yes. This eccentric and beautiful girl might just be the one I end up spending the rest of my life with. I don't think I ever could have predicted myself being in this situation if I my life had depended on it. I can already see a chaotic future ahead of us. But something about it doesn't feel bad at all.

I guess some things just never change…



Well, that was one amazingly fun story to write! I really can't believe I actually got through it all without feeling a single ounce of "man, I really want this story to just be done so I don't have to write anymore." I can keep going with this stuff, everyone. I really can. As long as you're enjoying it, I can just go on and on. I'm just really suprised that I actually was able to not only write one story, but two!

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