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"DAMN THE WORLD!" Grimmjow slammed his hand of cards into the dirt, "Why the hell do you have to be so damned good at this stupid game?!"

Hiyori was flashing me a smirk, "It's Go Fish, dickhead! Get used to losing!"

"Grahh! That's it, I quit! Can't we just have some kind of eat off or something?!"

"Kensei won that one."

"How about poker?"




"Diss off?"


"Music guessing game?"




"Uhm... Wii Bowling?"


"But he didn't even play!"

"Don't look at me. I'm just telling ya like it is."


"Will you two keep it down?!" Kensei snapped from the room nearby, "I'm trying to watch Desperate Housewives!" It had been two days, and Grimmjow was pretty sure he wasn't going to be rescued any time soon.

He passed the days doing random activities with the Vizards, but they always decided to play a game he sucked at. And he was certainly not allowed to fight with them when they trained. In other words, he was screwed in so many ways he couldn't seme to care much anymore.

"Shut up, Muguruma!" Grimmjow barked back.

"Why don't you, Espada?!"

"Make me!"

"Don't make me make you!"

Hiyori landed a kick on Grimmjow's back and slammed him to the floor, towering over him with a broad grin spread across her face, "Pipe down, Kitty! I don't want to get caught up in the blast when you're blown to bits!"

He shot up and pushed her off with a surprised yelp, "Don't step on me! I'll kick your puny little Vizard ass!"

"Bring it on!"

Lisa was in the corner of the room flipping through a magazine. She glanced up to see them rolling around on the floor, trying to pin each other down. Sigh... Hiyori's a strong girl, Lisa thought, She can't get close to him, and I doubt she even feels anything aside hatred towards him. But... why are we studying him? He's obviously not worth our time... If Kisuke won't let us at least test him out in combat to study an Espada's resurreccion--

"Kids, may I have your attention?"

Grimmjow and Hiyori stopped wrestling and all three stared up into the face of a disapproving Shinji. "Urahara wants to see you two: Hiyori and Grimmjow."

"What could he possibly want us for?" Hiyori questioned, afraid to find out.


"This is so stupid..." I snarled, adjusting my black collared shirt. "What's the point of sticking me in a gigai? And why the hell do I have to go shopping with you of all people?"

Hiyori smacked the back of my head, "Because we're stuck together dumbass-in-the-making!"

Our souls in the gigais were still linked together by the stupid bracelet contraption, but on the gigais the bracelets were just gray accessories. "Damn you to the center of the Earth, Kisuke!" I muttered under my breath.

"Look," Hiyori jabbed her finger up at me, "This gigai hides your reiatsu, so ya shouldn't be spotted."

"Most fun. Anyway, where are we going?"

"Well, Urahara said 'Shopping', but that's just a code for bringing yer sorry ass back to the Vizard hideout. We can't have ya staying in one spot for too long, now can we?" The Midgit blonde twitched my elbow with her own.

"How do you know my Espada buddies aren't going to recognize me?"

"If they haven't found ya yet, I highly doubt they're still looking for ya."

"Why do I try?" I scratched at the back of my head, a malicious sneer spread across my features, "As long as I'm away from the psychopath Urahara I guess I shouldn't complain too much."

Hiyori glanced around and started forward, dragging me with her.


"This is the dump you live in?" Grimmjow asked as more of a fact than a question.

My foot met his face and knocked him to the ground, "Shuddup ya half-twit!"

"Look who's talking," He muttered and rubbed the marking from his face, "I think I might like it better back at the shop--"

"Stop complaining! You don't have a say in the matter, remember?" I dragged him inside by his collar, "Besides, Mashiro and Hachi might be there already so either you stop whining or I chain you to Kuna!"

Grimmjow rolled his eyes, "No, I like you better. I really do..."

Ignoring his sarcasm we advanced inside--but to a sight I didn't expect. Both Mashiro and Hachi were unconscious on the floor, cringing in pain. Mashiro tried to rise to her knees but a foot came down and stomped her back down.

I knew who they were all too well.

Grimmjow read my mind, "Stark, Halibel... How did you...?"

Halibel had her arms folded back against her chest, still refusing to remove her foot from Mashiro's back. "Hello, Grimmjow. We've come to rescue you."

Stark cracked his knuckles and I shivered. "Hand him over calmly and I won't have to hurt you."

Ah shit. That's just dandy! I was chained to Grimmjow and I didn't have any back up.

Why did I have to draw the shortest straw?!

Next time: How exactly did Stark and Halibel find Grimmjow? Flashbacks next chapter... obviously lol