Author's Note: Just so you know, this takes place between the second series and The Power of Three series. The Three have not been born yet, and this takes place relatively recently after Hawkfrost's death.

Disclaimer: Obviously I own the events of the story, but Warriors and the characters you recognizebelongs to Erin Hunter. I also own Fireclan and its members.


The night was dark, but parts of the woodland shimmered with starlight, flicking between the bushes and trees. The cats that carried the light convened on the sole cat that sat in the center of the four trees, her face that of one who slept. Her pelt did not shimmer with light, although it was glossy enough to reflect the light during a sunny day. At the sound of paws falling down on the grass, her ears flicked up and the blue orbs that were her eyes opened. She sat up and watched as her ancestors as they moved in front of her like a multi-colored river, showing the calm reserve that only a medicine cat like her could have.

The cats stopped moving, and one cat in particular stepped forward. Proud and strong, a strong male cat with dark grey fur and amber eyes; the she-cat lowered her head in respect to him, for he had been her leader not long ago.

"Rainbowface," he meowed to her, his voice rumbling in his throat.

"Earthstar, I am here," she replied, her voice respectful. After all, she who insults the dead winds up amongst them long after. "What awaits my Clan?"

"The time has come," Earthstar and the cats behind him meowed, and there was a tremble as if the spirit world was shaking with their voices.

"Time for what?" Rainbowface asked, her voice trembling slightly.

Earthstar ignored the she-cat. "For seasons, we have roamed the sky and the earth alone, rejected by the dead and the living alike that feared our Clan. For all this time, we have walked alone, after the accursed Clans of Shadow, River, Wind, and Thunder drove us away from the place we called home. We are alone.

"But now our time has come."

The powerful leader looked Rainbowface squarely in the eyes, and for her part, she did not flinch at what she saw. His eyes showed the resolve of those who wanted both revenge and to reclaim lost honor.

"Tell Sparkstar and her Clan this: her time has come. We have shone on her path for the reason that now comes to this. Her ancestors were driven out by them, and now it's time for Fireclan to show again why they were feared in the past."

Even as the dream began to fade, and the trembling that rocked the world she had walked in increased, Earthstar's voice echoed after her, carrying one of the easiest prophecies that she ever had to interpret.

"Before this ends, honor will choose where it belongs, and Fireclan will rise again."