Total Drama Torture CH1: Start

M for blood.

(Chris McLean is in a place with torture stuff)

Chris: As you must know, Total Drama Island/Action is the best show on Toronto. Why not try Total Drama Torture. This is a torture chamber, where the 22 campers from TDI are going to be tortured and where guests can see the violence on the bleachers. Let's start the show! By the way, if someone dies, we'll revive him or her.

(The 22 campers arrive)

Duncan: I don't like this spin-off one bit.

Gwen: This is the worst and most boring thing I've ever done in my life.

Trent: It could be way worse.

Gwen: Oh yeah? How?

Trent: I could be stuck here without you to talk to.

Chris: Here on Total Drama Torture, you'll get tortured in the way people want you to be torture. The victim is decided by the wheel of victims! You'll be revived before the next episode if you die. (Shows a wheel with mugshots of the campers and spins the wheel) And the lucky person is… (The wheel of victims stops on Owen) …Owen!

Duncan: I think he should be eaten by sharks.

Chris: Sharks it is. (Cut to Owen tied up and dangling over a shark infested pool)

Owen: No! Please no! (A shark takes Owen's right leg off hardly) OW!

Heather: I love this show!

Izzy: Owie! (Owen is being torn apart and eaten by the sharks)

Owen: AAH!

Geoff: No!

DJ: I can't watch!

Ezekiel: Gross, eh!

Noah and Eva: AAH!!

Owen: (All that's left is his head. He's dead. Izzy bursts into tears)

Chris: I said we'll revive him!

Chef: (As Chris is holding the last of Owen with a stretcher and walking away with it) (Singing) Ooh-ooh-oh-ooh. Hey! Ooh-ooh-oh-ooh. Hey!

Chris: See ya in the next chapter for more! (Throws Owen's head in a bin that says, "Reviver")