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Prologue ~ Monsters of the Night


"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls." - George Carlin

"All right kids, that's enough training for today."

Relief flooded over the twin rabbits like a river as they fell to their knees, their eyes closing and their weapons powering down. The words had registered in their minds at just the right moment, because both were sure that neither of them would be able to take another minute of this harsh training. Since becoming Woo Foo Knights in a Little Less Training, Master Yo had been piling on the chores and the training like never before.

Who would've thought that the title 'Little Less Training' meant that they'd be training even harder than they were when they were just Woo Foo Students, even if it was for shorter periods of time?

A loud groan of weariness escaped the male twin as he toppled over, his chest and chin hitting the earth with a soft thud while his hand loosen around the hilt of his bamboo sword and his dark blue eye lids lowering half-way over his rich violet eyes in a sleepy way. He thought being promoted would be cool, but this...! He couldn't even comprehend how far away this was from cool!

Well, at least Yin wasn't any better off; the female twin was still on her knees, but with the way her chest was heaving and how red her hands were from the Foo Balls she'd been firing out all day, he could tell she was just as tired as he was.

From above the twin rabbits, the panda master only gave a shake of his head, stretching out his legs from the lotus position and placing them down upon the lawn. Gazing down at his two exhausted students, he put his hands on his hips, a smile coming to his features. "Well, kids, you actually did better than I thought you would," his features turned from a smile to a frown after a moment. "Although, letting that thief get away with those artifacts yesterday wasn't really all that good." he crossed his arms, glaring sternly down at them.

"It wasn't out fault..." Yang's weary voice broke through the silence that followed after his sensei finished. "That guy was fast and hit hard. I still have a few bruises from that fight." he explained, his violet eyes opening up to full size as he looked up at his master.

"That's why today's training session was a little tougher than yesterday's; you need to be prepared for anything, even a simple thief." came his master's response as the panda began to walk towards the door of the Dojo. "Now, since you guys excelled at today's training session... and you cleaned the outhouse like I asked, I guess I can give you guys the rest of the day off... but you guys better not wake me, or I'll put you right back on those chores!" the panda warned as he disappeared behind the doorway, shutting the woven door behind him. Today's session had been much tougher than the others, and supervising was a stressful job; he needed rest, big time.

Immediately, Yang's fatigue disappeared after hearing these words, a large grin coming to his features.

"Finally!!" the blue rabbit jumped up from his position on the ground, pumping his fist into the air. He'd been waiting all day for this moment, and after a hard day of training and working, freedom had never tasted so good.

Yin, on the other hand, wasn't as enthusiastic as her brother; while he'd been beating stuff up with a sword - and enjoying it, mind you - she'd been throwing Foo Orbs from her hands nonstop for the past three hours, and right now, all she wanted was some sleep... and possibly some ice for her sore palms.

Normally, she wouldn't have fought so hard, but after yesterday's events, in which both she had her brother had engaged a thief that had hit the local museum and were defeated by said thief, she was trying her best to get stronger. Besides, had her master known she was in pain, he was likely to have stopped the training earlier; that was something she didn't want, not when she wanted to hand that thief his tail next time they met. This defeat had been both humiliating and a blow to her pride and confidence, something she wasn't going to let happen again.

She sworn that she wouldn't let that thief get away with anything next time he appeared.

With a pained groan, she pushed herself up from her knees to stand to full height before she started to examine her sore palms. They were stinging with a numb pain, and were a little darker in color than her normal pink. Oh, yes, she'd definitely be heading straight to bed, and she'd be getting that ice as well; she couldn't stand this numb pain, it was just too persistent to ignore.

"Hey, Yin." her brother's voice caught her attention, causing her to turn her blue gaze up towards the darker blue rabbit. "I'm going to head over to Roger's in a few minutes, there's a game we haven't had time to finish; what are you going to do?" he asked.

To this, the pink bunny gave a long and exhausted sigh. "I'm going to turn in early, Yang. Today's session has made me really tired." she stifled a yawn with these words, to which her brother only snickered.

"Aw... little sis can't handle some hard training without wearing herself out?" he asked, smirking smugly as he gazed at his sister, mischief dancing behind his eyes. His pink twin only glared in response, a low and weary snarl coming from her throat. She neither had the time nor the need for her brother's jokes. Instead of coming up with some witty remark, the pink child only pushed him aside gently before walking towards the Dojo, sliding the door open before disappearing behind it.

From his position in the courtyard, the blue rabbit gave a few snickers at his sister's expense. If she had really worn herself out, then it was going to be extra fun ticking her off; a chance too good to miss for the blue twin. And while there were so many things that could blow Yin's fuse, there was pretty much only one thing that would send her over the edge: that light pink diary she kept with her at all times. It was a way to kill two birds with one stone, as he'd tick off his sister and - if he was fast enough to avoid her attacks - he'd get some juicy blackmail on her by reading said diary.

With that, the blue rabbit walked back into the Dojo himself, a playful smirk across his face. Roger could wait a little longer; this was going to be just too much fun to let slide.


A streak of crimson crossed the gaps between the buildings almost with an unreal grace, sharp green eyes flickering left and right to judge the distance of each jump, but also hiding within them a veiled emotion. Leaping across to another roof, he extended his arms to catch his fall, landing upon all fours without so much as a sound before he continued his path. He was sure he saw them come this way, and his sense of direction was never wrong.

Coming upon a building with a wide roof, the creature landed in a similar way to how he landed on the building before, his breathing a little bit labored from the speed he'd been traveling at. With a push of his hands against the brick and concrete below him, he rose to full height, turning his sharpened gaze to the sky as an eerie smile came about him. Night would be upon the city soon, the perfect time for thieves of his nature, although tonight's hit would be a little different than what he was used to.

His smile remained as he placed a hand over his shoulder, covering the place where the dark scarlet fur had been scorched off and giving it a short rub. Pointed ears went back against his crown as he closed his eyes and gave a dark chuckle, his smile widening ever so slightly. He couldn't help himself now, after seeing that power that little girl possessed, he had to control it, even if only for a night. Sure, she was a child and he had defeated her and her idiotic brother, but that child possessed more power than all those other political women combined...

And, next time, he probably wouldn't be able to best her.

Yet this was not his motive for the actions that would play out tonight; no, he didn't want simply control the girl or make her afraid of him, those were just perks that would come with the territory. What he really wanted tonight was a thrill, and lately, stealing things from high security places just wasn't cutting it for him anymore. Now, a child with this amount of power... he was getting goose bumps by just thinking of it. He'd make sure she wouldn't be able to fight back first, which he was sure wouldn't be very hard considering she wasn't that old, and then he'd have her all to himself.

A toothy grin crossed his features as he reached into a side pocket of the brown vest he wore, taking out a small ring and twirling it between his fingers as he examined it for the fifth time that day. A spoil of his hit, and one of his best trophies, because not only was it valuable, it would be quite useful later on.

Twenty four carats, made around two hundred years ago, and powerful enough for the job at hand. A sparkle of dangerous intentions entered his eyes as he collected the ring in on the top of his fist, placing the end of his thumb beneath it and giving it a flip into the air. As it descended, he snatched it out of the air with his other hand, his eyes narrowing slightly in mirth.

And the people called Woo Foo stupid? He'd laugh out loud if it wouldn't get him caught. Those museum curators had no idea that this little artifact was a wizard's ring made especially for weakening rival powers, and Woo Foo was no exception. How else would he have been able to defeat those kids so easily? And the best part was, the closer he got, the weaker the powers were...

Unfortunately, that meant he'd have to get up as close as possible in order to completely cut off a rival's power, and that meant the farther away the rival was, the more powerful the attack would be that they sent out. The ring might weaken powers, but it didn't seem to affect attacks sent out at another distance, possibly because such attacks could be easily dodged or easily missed... truth be told, he wasn't exactly sure why the ring was made that way, but the scorched shoulder he'd received in his confrontation with the bunnies was more than enough to tell him to act fast.

Oh, well, he'd just have to make due with what he had. Besides, what he was planning meant he'd have to get up face to face with the young girl either way.

Placing the ring upon his right ring finger, he raced forward to the other side of the roof, jumping down as to land upon the ground inside a darkened alley. Catching his fall with his hands and feet, the creature jerked his gaze towards the end of the alleyway, his eyes only giving one blink before he swiftly moved to the adjoining alleyway.

Despite how close he was to the streets, he knew he was safe from curious eyes in the darkness of the closed spaces; darkness was the only friend and partner in crime he wanted, and besides, no one, not even the most horrible of villains around here, would be caught skulking in a garbage filled alleyway, too unsanitary for their tastes.

He was all alone now, but he wouldn't be for long...


At the Dojo, Yin entered the room she and her brother shared, her left hand opening the door while her right hand held a small bag of ice she'd managed to sneak past her sensei. She couldn't have anyone knowing she'd hurt her hands in training, as it would most likely get her into trouble with someone after they'd found out she'd weakened herself; not a position she wanted to be in.

Dragging her feet to her side of the room, she placed her ice bag upon the left side of her bed before climbing upon the mattress and dropping her head upon the pillow, sighing in relief. However, the hard surface beneath the pillow perked her up a little as she remembered the final part of her daily ritual.

"Oh! Almost forgot!" she stated as she raised up into a sitting position on her bed and slipped her hand beneath her pillow, grasping the object and pulling it out into sight with a sweet smile. Her diary, the only thing of solace and privacy she had left, considering how her brother was. Said diary was nothing more than a small light pink hardcover book with a small fabric pocket on the cover to hold the pen, which was of the same color as the covering.

There was nothing written on the spine, no sparkle or two-ni-corn picture pasted upon it, just a simple color that wasn't too bright or too dull to the eyes on the outside, and most of the events of three years of her life, from the day when she'd started keeping the diary to right now, her most prized possession next to the purple bow she wore upon her ears, which had been given to her by a kindly nurse the day she was born and which she'd kept ever since.

Removing the pen from its holder, she opened the pink cover and flipped through the written pages. A sigh that sounded almost like a laugh escaped her throat, the pen she used to write with was pink, yet the ink it had within it was as black as the night sky itself, very strange indeed. She was broken from her thoughts when she finally came to an empty white page with pink guiding stripes that were even lighter than the book's cover, a perfect slate for adding the newest entry to the rest of the three years she'd been keeping this diary.

However, as she was about to put the pen to the paper...


The book had been slammed closed and snatched away so fast, Yin barely had enough time to blink. However, the sound of her brother's obnoxious laughter brought her out of her shock in a hurry. Crystal blue eyes narrowing, the pink girl's face became redder than her hands as she gritted her teeth in anger. Weariness and pain tossed into the most forlorn corners of her mind, she leaped off her bed and chased after the blue rabbit at a speed close to that of a cheetah.



It had taken him all day, but at last, the thief had found the residence of the two rabbits he'd engaged yesterday. Surprisingly, he wasn't sure why it had taken him so long, considering it wasn't some apartment or condo; a Dojo in the middle of the town shouldn't be that hard to find.

Well, however long it should've taken him, he'd found it either way, and as he thought, at a reasonable time, too. Sharp gaze glared upwards at the slowly setting sun, a smirk coming to his features. It had to be at least seven o'clock in the afternoon, plenty of time to get to observe his target's residence, but first, he'd have to get some leverage. That stone wall was quite large and he didn't have x-ray vision.

With a growl of annoyance, the creature leaped upon a dumpster before bouncing off of it and grasping onto a window seal of the nearest building. Pushing himself upwards, he latched onto a window that was higher up before leaping upwards and grasping upon the ledge of the roof before flipping himself upon it. Giving his fur a shake, he closed his eyes for a moment, letting his tired and wound up form rest.

Today had been more of a challenge than most heists he pulled, as he was out in the open and had almost been spotted once or twice. If someone had seen him and called the police... well, that would've put him on the spot easily, and the very thought of it got his adrenaline pumping. He needed to unwind, and soon, so the wait he'd have to go through till night fell would be just the thing he needed.

Ears suddenly perked upwards at the sound of glass shattering, and curiosity got the better of him. Creeping over to the edge of the building's roof, he turned his gaze to the direction the sound had come from, which was within the now smaller wall that surrounded the Dojo. Sharp green eyes caught sight of the pink and blue blurs racing in the yard, and immediately he knelt down to stay out of sight, turning his ears in the direction of the voices as to listen in on what was happening.


"Yang, give that back! Give it back, NOW!!"

Yin's high pitched scream of anger roused the panda master from his slumber in his recliner, a groan of disbelief coming from his throat. He didn't want to believe it, but it seemed as if his students still had enough energy to get into a loud argument even after how tired they seemed earlier, and here he thought he'd be able to get some rest today; easy come, easy go he guessed.

With a few grumbles, he made himself comfortable in his chair once again for the third time in five minutes and closed his violet eyes, content with letting the two bunnies settle this argument themselves while he got back to sleep. However, the moment he heard glass shatter, he reopened his eyes with an annoyed growl, gritting his teeth and narrowing his eyes. It seemed he'd have to break this fight up as well.

Lifting himself off the chair, the panda master moved towards the door that led to the yard, which now sported some serious looking burns and holes as well as an opening that resembled Yang's figure. Sliding the woven door open, the panda master growled once again as he stepped out from the safety of the Dojo and into the war zone.

"Kids! What in the name of Woo Foo is going on out--WHOA!" he'd started to go into a rant, but found himself quickly cut off when he ducked a light blue Foo Orb, covering his head with his arms for extra protection and allowing said Orb to fly over him harmlessly before entering the Dojo and slamming into the wall on the other side.

Raising back up from his position on the ground, he gave a worried glance behind him at the path the Orb had traveled before turning his attention back to his students, his mouth slightly agate with disbelief at how far the argument had escalated. However, upon seeing the pink book that was clutched firmly in his blue pupil's hands, his shock wore off quickly as he slapped a hand upon his forehead in annoyance. Of, course, why else would Yin be so angry unless Yang had stolen her diary again?

"Wow, this is a good one!" Yang's voice sounded off as he jumped upon top of the stone wall before he caught sight of his sensei in the corner of his eye. "Hey, Master Yo, listen to this-" the blue rabbit had no time to finish as a Foo Orb brushed dangerously close past his cheek, removing some of the boy's dark blue fur in the process. "Whoa! Gotta keep moving!" the blue rabbit exclaimed as he leaped off the wall, just seconds before his fuming sister had jumped upon the exact same space he'd been in.

"Yang, get back here!" the pink bunny screamed as she leaped after her elder brother, the look on her face telling her master that as soon as she caught her brother she would not hesitate in strangling him. Also, it seemed as if she didn't care about where her Foo Orbs hit anymore, just as long as she got her diary back; a very hazardous situation for both the sensei and the students.

With some quick thinking, the panda master quickly raised his hand as Yin closed in on her brother, catching both children with his Woo Foo and effectively immobilizing them. Upon seeing that neither of them were about to break free anytime soon, the elder sighed in relief; he wasn't sure if he could dodge another stray Foo Orb again. Placing both rabbits in his gaze, the panda master moved closer to the now floating siblings, a stern gaze coming to his eyes.

"Yin, Yang, what is going on here?" he asked as he lowered them to the ground, releasing them from his grip and placing his hands on his hips as he kept them in his stern glare. He didn't need this today; heaven knew he didn't need this, so why had it cursed him today with his students' tempers breaking?

Purple eyes turned towards Yang as the blue rabbit opened his mouth to speak, possibly to defend himself, but Yin's voice beat him to the punch.

"Yang stole my diary and wouldn't give it back!"

Turning towards his sister with a hard gaze, the blue rabbit stuck his nose up in the air in a smug way as he responded. "I did not! I was only borrowing it!"

"Borrowing is when you ask permission, Yang!" the pink child snapped back, her gaze narrowed as flames danced behind her eyes. "And since you didn't ask my permission, you stole it!" with that, she snatched the pink book out of her brother's hands, holding it close to her chest. "Besides, a diary is suppose to be personal! No one but the owner is allowed to read it, and that includes nosy elder brothers!" she added, a snarl edging her voice.

Immediately, the blue rabbit placed his hands up his defense. "Okay, okay, Yin! I was only playing with you!"

"Stealing and reading someone's diary is not a game in the least, Yang!" came the pink rabbit's resort.

"Well, you almost hit me with a Foo Orb! I could have been hurt!"

"Would've served you right!"

Amidst the angry words that were being thrown between both siblings, the panda master only blinked in surprise. A fight between these two normally ended when the object of the argument was returned to the rightful owner or placed up where both rabbits couldn't retrieve it, but that didn't seem to be the case today. All he could guess was that the stress and fatigue from the training earlier had taken its toll on both students. He'd have to remember not to give out training sessions as long or hard as today, because he didn't want a repeat of this.

"Both of you calm down, now!" he tried to assert himself over the escalating shouting, but was unable to.

"Well, I think that's diary's stupid!" Yang's voice had taken a snarling turn of its own as he pointed at the book in his sister's hands. "What use it if no one can read it?!" he asked.

"Will you just mind your own business?!" Yin screeched in response.

"Kids, please!" the Woo Foo master called out, trying to stop the two warring siblings, but again, it was just a waste of breath as Yang reached his breaking point.

"Why'd I have to have a sister?!" Yang snapped out quickly, the anger in his voice surprising his sensei into reeling back a little when the panda tried to step in between the two. "All they do is cause trouble, take fun away, and make your life horrible!" with this, he pointed his finger at his pink twin, who only narrowed her eyes and returned the glare her brother was sending her way. "I hate you! With all my being, I HATE YOU!!" he screeched.

"And I hate you, too!" Yin snapped back, her anger just as high as her brother's. As for their guardian, the words his students shot between each other had been the straw that broke the camels' back. Sure, they got into violent fights on a regular basis, but this was the first time they'd ever said anything like what they had just spoken to each other. Closing the distance between him and the kids, he took more physical action to cease the shouting.

"That does it!!" Yo raised his voice as he grabbed the two up from the ground by the back of their shirt collars before either one of them could reply and continue the argument, bringing them up to his eye level before speaking. "You two need to calm down and think about what you've just said!" he stated, gazing at the blue rabbit before switching his gaze to the pink rabbit. "Do you know what you'd do if something happened to the other?" he asked, a rare serious tone to his voice.

"Yes!" was Yang's response as he twisted from his sensei's grasp. "I'd be the most thankful boy on the planet if she was out of my life!" the rabbit added, still glaring daggers in Yin's direction.

"And I'd be able to get on with my life!" Yin resorted, giving a small 'humph' as she was released from the panda's grasp before whipping her head away from her brother's gaze and walking in the direction of the Dojo's now broken door, the direction of her gait telling the other two that she was heading towards the bedroom once again.

Yang stood in the same position for a few more moments, his eyes still narrowed in the direction Yin had gone in. When he was sure she was in the room, he too headed for the Dojo door, intent on playing his Y-cube and blowing off some steam on some poor fool of a challenger; he would've headed over to Roger's as he planned, but right now, he didn't feel like it anymore. Perhaps tomorrow.

As the blue rabbit disappeared into the Dojo, the panda master only shook his head, slight disbelief about him. "I hope those two know the weight of what was said here..." he stated to himself as he followed his students back into the Dojo. He desperately needed rest at this point, so he decided he'd head off to his own bedroom; at least there, he'd get some peace and quiet.

Or at least he hoped he would. Knowing Yin and Yang, anything could happen...


From atop his perch, the strange creature only snickered, a dangerous sparkle coming to his eyes. This was a turn of events that would work in his favor, as he was sure neither rabbit would stay together for very long after a fight like that. Glancing up towards the sky, the thief's smile widened at the slowly darkening sky. Night was approaching fast; his time to act would be upon him very soon, and what a day it had been.

Standing to full height when he was sure the panda wasn't coming back, he placed his right hand out to his eye level, using his other hand to fiddle with the ring upon his finger with a smug look upon his face. "Well," he started, his voice edged with a dark chuckle. "They say they'd be happier if something happened to the other? Then won't this be a test for them." placing his left hand upon his hip, he used his right hand to purse his lips, allowing a string of thoughts to run through his mind. Chuckling to himself, he cut the thoughts off, finding himself growing a little impatient the more he thought about it.

Another thought suddenly cut through his mind after this, what if the two rabbits made up? What if he was caught while he was in the act?

This he quickly shrugged off. Sure, there was a chance of being caught by the panda or the male rabbit, but with the ring on his finger, he was sure he'd be able to take them, although it would be a messy clean up afterwards. Oh, well, there was going to be a mess anyway, he figured it was worth the chance.


At least six to seven hours had past after the argument, and slowly the stalker was getting anxious. He'd not left his position on the roof nor had he taken his gaze off the Dojo for more than a few moments. His reasons for becoming so anxious was the fact that he'd been out much longer than he normally would be, leaving him exposed no matter where he was, and there was the fact that he wanted the thrill he was sure to have from the girl. Combining these had left him in a state of where his patience was wearing thin, and he was desperately trying to hold onto it.

It had been at least thirty minutes since the last light had been extinguished, and at last he couldn't take it anymore. His time to act had come, and he couldn't let this opportunity slip away.

Stepping up to the ledge of the building, the creature tensed his muscles before leaping down off the brick building, flipping through the air before landing upon the top of the stone wall, catching himself with his hands and feet before he swiftly leaped into the yard. Sharp green eyes darted back and forth before he moved towards the Dojo, making sure not to make a single noise and alert anyone that may be near by.

Pressing his back up against the outside wall of the Dojo, the creature locked his eyes on his main entrance way, a smirk of mirth and disbelief upon his face. Neither the rabbits nor their panda master had fixed the doorway that led to the yard yet, which meant they didn't think they were going to expect company tonight. Moving closer, the creature's smirk widened as he pushed the door slightly, resulting in the woven door to swing open slowly and allow the creature entrance. "This is just too easy." he chuckled as he crept through the doorway.

Ears suddenly perked upwards as he recoiled slightly, his sight flickering to the enlightened screen of the TV and hearing the unmistakable noise of very loud snoring upon the couch. Great, someone was sleeping in the living room, which raised his chances of getting caught, that is, if they woke up soon. With a low throaty growl, he moved stealthily towards the sofa to examine his challenge, placing his hands upon the back of the sofa whilst placing his weight in his legs as not to make a noise, the fur on the back of his neck rising as he gritted his teeth. However, as soon as he caught sight of who was on the sofa, his anxiety disappeared to be replaced by a smirk.

The person on the sofa was the blue rabbit boy, who was obviously in a deep sleep. Judging from how the TV was blaring and the way the kid was clutching his game controller, the intruder could only guess he had fallen asleep while playing the game; well, this gave him the advantage. With the game blaring as loudly as it was at this distance, he doubted the child would hear whatever went on in the next room, and therefore, he didn't have to worry about the little blue rabbit. Now, where did the panda go?

The even louder noises in the room on the other side of the Dojo gave him his answer.

He was right, this was just too easy and with no stings attached! Still, can't be too careful...

Moving away from the sofa, the thief silently continued to creep towards the room opposite of the panda's room, the one which he guessed was the room he'd find his target in. Despite the loud noises that he knew would cover up his crimes, he still kept a trained eye on the blue rabbit on the sofa and the door to the panda's room, just encase they woke up to get a glass of water or something like that. Finally reaching the door, the creature took one last look around before turning his full attention to the door. "This is going to be so much fun…" he whispered as he began to slide the door open.


Loud snoring could be heard from the sofa as Yang slept, his hands still closed tightly upon the controller to his Y-cube. The events of last night had seemingly no effect on his sleep, which wasn't much of a surprise. And like always, as soon as the light of the afternoon sun hit his face, he awoke, opening his rich purple eyes to the new day. A light haze covered his vision as his eyes tried to adjust to the light, causing him to close them again before he released his controller and moved his hands up to his eyes to rub the sleep out of them and quicken their adjustments.

With a quick yawn escaping his mouth, he stretched out his arms and legs, placed his controller on the space beside him and jumped off the sofa, closing the distance between himself and the TV before reaching down to press the power button on his Y-Cube; a daily routine in the household of the Woo Foo Knights. Once that was done, the male rabbit began to move over into the kitchen, his gaze moving towards the door of the room he and his sister shared as he moved past it, and immediately frowning. Yesterday had been a bad day, but hopefully the words said would just fly over and be forgotten. Yang was already beginning that process, and hopefully, for his sake, Yin was, too... although he doubted it.

"Hey, Yin," he called out as he moved over to the cabinet, reaching up to open a door and grab a bowl from within it. "You want something to eat?" he finished as he closed the cabinet and moved towards the pantry. Ears perked up slightly as he tried to listen in for either the door opening or his sister's voice, but strangely, nothing came.

Well, it looked like she hadn't completely forgotten about yesterday after all.

Shrugging it off, the blue boy continued his work, grasping the box of cereal from the pantry and moving towards a counter. "Oh, well, if you don't want anything to eat…" he started as he opened the box and poured the cereal into the bowl. "Then it's your loss, because I'm not going hungry." he added as he closed the box up and placed it on the counter before moving towards the refrigerator, swinging the door open and taking the milk down. As he poured the white liquid over the cereal, he still continued to listen for his sister, but again, he was met with silence.

Now, Yang was getting annoyed, and although he would never admit it, slightly worried all the same. Why wasn't she answering? Was she still that ticked about yesterday? Oh, well, she'd eventually get over it, she always did. Shrugging his annoyance and worry off once again, he placed the milk back up in the refrigerator and closed the door before moving over towards the sofa, placing his bowl upon the coffee table and grasping the remote.

However, as he turned on the TV and turned it to his favorite channel, he couldn't help but to glance worriedly over at the door to his and Yin's room. She was being awfully quiet for an early riser; she was normally up earlier than him most days. Was she still sleeping?

All traces of worry disappeared as a smug smirk came over his features when this thought crossed his mind. If she was, he couldn't wait to get back at her for all those times she'd scolded him for waking up late.

Abandoning his cereal and show, the blue rabbit made his way over to the door, snickering softly as he reached up to slide the door open. He'd waited for so long to catch Yin doing something she wasn't known for, and now was his chance to tease her about it. However, as he grasped hold of the door, he was caught off guard by a retched odor that was coming from within the room. Upon taking one sniff of the odor, he recoiled and covered his mouth and nose, his face turning green as he tired to keep himself from vomiting. Great Foo, what was that?! It was worse than the Stink Aardvarks!

"Yin!" he called out through his hands, trying to breath through his mouth. Taking the chance, he reached up and slid the door open, having expected to find Yin in a lit room ready to throw whatever it was making that stench at him for yesterday, but again, he was surprised to find a dark room. Eyes closed as he fought back a gag reflex, the scent of whatever that was becoming unbearable. Surely Yin couldn't be sleeping, not in this!

"Aw, Yin!" he called out, shaking his head as he pressed a hand harder over his mouth and nose. "If you're still sleeping, then wake up! I can't take this stench any longer!" he added as he closed his eyes, the heat from the smell causing a dull burning sensation to come to them. Placing his free hand upon the wall he knew the light switch to be on, he began to move his hand around the smooth surface to seek out the switch that would brighten the room, although it took a moment of searching to find it. It was when the sound of a soft click came to his ears that he opened his eyes to gaze at whatever was making the stench...

And immediately wished he hadn't.

With a gasp, the blue rabbit recoiled in fear, his hands catching the edges of the doorway as his eyes continued to widen at the sight he was met with.

Right there, in the middle of Yin's bed, was a pool of crimson blood; the source of the horrible stench. It wasn't very large, but it was big enough to cause worry to manifest in the blue twin's heart. Drops of scarlet streaked down her bed cover and stained her sheets, both of which were wrinkled and collected at the foot of the bed, almost as if there had been a struggle of some sort.

But perhaps most frightening was the fact that Yin wasn't anywhere in sight.

Worry for his sister overpowering his shock, Yang didn't think as he rushed over to his sister's bed, grasping the bloodstained sheets and lifting them up to see if his sister was hiding beneath the bed. The scent of the crimson liquid nor the fact he had a few drops of it upon his hands didn't seem to bother him anymore as an icy cold fear bred in his heart when he dropped the sheets and blanket, having been unsuccessful in finding his sister. "Yin?!" he called out, unable to hide the worry that erupted in his voice, which only deepened when he was met with silence for the third time that day.

"Yin, where are you?!" he called out again as he rushed to his side of the room, grasping the covers of his own bed and lifting them up to check if she had hidden underneath his bed. Fruitless again, he wasted no time in grasping his covers with both hands before ripping them off to see if she was hiding beneath them, only to find a pillow and empty space. "Yin, this isn't funny! Yin!" he had no control over the tone of his voice as he moved to the middle of the room, tears welling up in his eyes and threatening to spill over. Yin wasn't here, no, she had to be here! She had to be!

But as he stood in the middle of the now bloodstained room, he felt his knees become weak. What if he couldn't find her? What if she was-

His train of thought was cut off when his ears caught the sound of light whimpering.

Purple eyes widening, the blue boy whipped his head around towards the source of the sound, which was coming from the closet in the back of the room. Almost like lightning, the elder twin raced towards the closet, sliding it open so fast he almost smashed it into pieces. His body became numb as his eyes laid upon his pink sister, the relief flooding over him almost overpowering. She was still in the Dojo, she was still alive, and for the first time ever, he was giving thanks to any and every god that existed, because surely he believed- no, he knew that one of them must exist now.


From within the shadows of the closest, the pink student's crystal blue eyes looked upwards as her brother's form appeared from the closet door, her own wave of relief flooding over her. Her brother had found her, oh, thank the lord, her brother had found her! Weak tears flooded from her eyes as she launched herself at his form when he fell to the ground, her arms flinging around him as she cried into his chest. She was safe, after all those hours she was finally safe.

She had heard her brother's earlier calls, but by this time, she hadn't slept all night, and the attack that had occurred last night had only drained her more. She couldn't find her voice to respond to him, she was too tired to do anything, but she didn't want to sleep either, not until she was sure she was safe. Fear had overcome exhaustion, meaning while her body demanded rest, her brain kept her awake encase the intruder who had entered the Dojo in the middle of the night came back. All she allowed herself to do was to cry, and cry until she ran out of tears.

Hard, dry sobs escaped her throat as she felt her brother's arms wrap around her shaking form, his own tears soaking the fur on her face and his form slightly shaking. The scent of the blood seemed to be drowned out as she took in her brother's scent, the scent she'd known since before her birth; it gave her comfort, much more than the dark loneliness of the closet could ever give her.

"Yin, what in the name of Foo happened to you?" her brother's shaky voice cut through the silence, the tone almost a whisper. He was struggling to keep himself from losing his cool, which was something that neither of them needed right now. He had to be strong for his sister, and if he became a wreck, both of them were in trouble. Yin seemed to understand this, however, when she opened her mouth to respond to his question, only a dry gagging sound came out. Her voice was still gone from her, possibly not to return for a while.

Worry settled over the blue boy's heart once again when he caught the sound of his sister's attempt to speak, his eyes widening for a moment. As if her condition wasn't bad enough, with the cuts and bruises that littered her body as well as the blood that stained and crusted over her shirt and fur, she couldn't even find her voice, and judging from the stench of the splatter of yellow and green that stained the carpet next to them, she wasn't going to get any better anytime soon. She needed help, and fast.

"Yin," he spoke up again, his voice a little stronger in an attempt to calm her down. "I'm going to go get Master Yo. I'm sure he'll know what to do. Don't worry, I'll be right back." he explained as he loosened his grasp on his sister. Yin's response was to tighten her grip on her brother, her figure trembling harder at the thought of being left alone again. This sight pulled-no, ripped at the heart strings of her brother's heart; what had happened last night? How long had she been in here? These thoughts ran through his mind as he tightened his grip around her once more.

He knew he had to go get their master, but how could he leave his little sister alone?

The answer was simple: he couldn't. He just couldn't leave her alone, not when she was in this state. He couldn't bring their master to her without leaving her though, so instead he opted to bring her to their master. At least then he would be able to stay by her side.

Thinking quickly, the blue rabbit reached out and grasped a throw blanket from the other corner of the closet. It wasn't anything special, just a brown cotton blanket that was used during the cold nights, but it had escaped the splatter of blood and vomit, and it would help for now in covering his sister's form; her shirt was so badly torn that there were some parts that were barely hanging on by a thread.

Placing the blanket over his sister's shoulders, he found the strength to lift her up with him as he rose to full height, placing an arm behind her back to balance her when she nearly toppled backwards. "Easy now. Come on, I'll help you walk." the blue rabbit stated in a comforting way as he began to lead her out of the closet, wrinkling his nose as he held his breath as the stench began to reassert itself to his senses.


"Master Yo! Master Yo! Wake up!!"

As soon as the blue and pink rabbits escaped the room, Yang had taken a quick breath before using his free hand to slam the bedroom door shut and cut off the smell. He didn't want to smell it, and Yin most certainly didn't need to smell it either. But as soon as he was able to breathe again, he wasted no time in shouting for his sensei, his voice reaching a tone loud enough to startle the panda into consciousness-

...and topple out of bed in his shock.

A groan of annoyance came from the panda as he rubbed the spot on his head that hit the floor, his teeth gritted slightly in annoyance. It was too early for this, and he was getting too old to keep being woken up like this.

"What is it this time, Yang?" he called back, his eyes opening as an annoyed scowl came to his features. As he raised himself to full height, said blue rabbit threw open the sliding woven door and entered the room with his sister; when the panda caught sight of his two students, he couldn't stop the gasp that escaped his mouth.

While the brown blanket covered up most of the injuries Yin had received, the bruises on her face and hands were out in the open, while the now dried blood drops upon Yang's face and hands was almost as equally terrifying. Naturally, their panda master immediately suspected that the two had gotten into another fight and things had become physical, however, there was just something about the scene that told him that was not the case. "Yin, Yang! What happened?!" he asked, his voice raising as he closed the distance between himself and his students.

"It's Yin, Master Yo." Yang's reply was shaky and tired from the effort he had used to call his master. "I found her like this in the closet. She's beat up really bad, and there's blood everywhere in the bedroom. She can't even talk anymore!" the rabbit's voice had taken an almost desperate tone.

The panda hadn't heard anything else past the fact his student was beaten up badly and wasted no time in scooping her up into his arms. The young girl only trembled slightly before snuggling further into her guardian, sniffling lightly. Carefully, the panda moved back one of the corners of the blanket to examine her injuries, though it only took one glance at her ripped shirt and shallow cuts for him to understand the extent of her wounds. "Yang, get in the car! We're going to the hospital!" the panda stated as he placed the blanket back over his student and turned towards the blue twin.

Yang wasted no time in bolting towards the car, his master on his heels.

Racing out the front door, the panda spared a glance at his pink student, whom in the comfort of her guardian had passed out within moments, having no strength left to stay awake. A sigh of disbelief and worry escape the panda as he stared down at her, his gaze holding concern and fear for her well-being. These cuts and bruises were deeper than what a bandage could cover, and the more he looked over them, the more chills raced down his spine. He had a life-sucking feeling that there were more injuries that what he was seeing on the surface, although he was praying to whatever God was out there that he was wrong.

Finally making it to the car, the panda master placed his sleeping student in one arm before using the other to fling open the car door, placing his sleep bound student in her usual seat while her brother jumped in on the other side, quickly reaching over and placing her seat belt over her exhausted form as his their sensei jumped in the front seat and cranked the car. Yang barely had enough time to place on his seat belt before the car ripped out of the Dojo gate, bound for the hospital and having no intentions of being distracted.

However, as they roared out of the gate, there was still one question weighting heavily on both the male student and the sensei's minds:

'What happened to Yin?'

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