7 years old


I was sitting in the kitchen eating a banana watching my mom and dad fight, they had been fighting a lot lately.

Suddenly I started crying, my parents who had just remembered that there seven year old daughter was in fact in the kitchen with them turned around to look at me.

"Bella honey we're sorry" my mom apologized for what seemed like the tenth time this week.

Later that night after they tucked me in bed I got thirsty so I kicked my blanket off and slowly got off the bed flinching when my feet hit the cold hard wood floor

I was just passing my parents bedroom about to enter the kitchen to get some water when I heard the sound of my name coming through their door, I took a few steps back and pressed my ear to the door to hear what was being said

"It can't be good for her to hear us fighting all the time" I heard my dads voice say

"No, no its not" my mom replied

"She can't be here while we start going through the divorce"

"That would be to much for a seven year old to handle… but where could we send her?"

"Do you remember Carlisle Cullen? We went to collage with him?.... well I talked to him the other day and it seems he has three kids, he only lives an hour or so away maybe she could stay there till all this is over with"

"But Bella has never met the Cullen's! I don't want to send her off with strangers!"

"They are not strangers! Carlisle is one of the nicest men I know! And he used to be my best friend! We can trust Carlisle and Esme to take care of her, and we will go and see her whenever we can!"

That's when they started fighting again, my water forgotten I tiptoed back to my room…


Two days later I was sitting in the living room watching family feud when my parents walked in and turned off the TV.

"Bells" my dad said using his nickname for me "We have something we want to tell you"

My mom nodded and said "You are going to be staying with some of our good friends for a while"

I sighed it looked like dad had won that fight, I asked even though I already knew the answer

"Who am I going to be staying with?"

"Dr. Cullen and his family invited you to stay with them for a little while" my dad answered

I laughed sadly to myself 'sure… invited' I thought sarcastically

"Have I met Dr. Cullen?"

My mom hesitated then answered "No, but they have a son that is about your age you two will be great friends I'm sure"

I sighed again and asked. "When do I leave?"

"Tomorrow morning"


By the next morning I had all my clothes packed, my CD's put carefully in their place at the bottom of my bag, and teddy my stuffed bunny sitting atop my suitcase.

The car ride there seemed to last forever.

I sat in the back seat with my headphones in, trying to block out my parents voices, I was listening to my favorite CD a mix of classical music that my best friend Jessica had gotten me for my birthday this year.

Jessica, I would miss her while I was gone visiting the Cullen's.

The Cullen's I wonder what they are like I hope they are nice and I also hope I come back home soon.

Mrs. Cullen better make good chocolate chip cookies otherwise teddy will be upset and so will I for that matter….


We finally arrived at the Cullen's

Their house might have been the biggest I ever saw! I jumped out of the car and stared up at it.

Mom and dad also got up and together we walked up to the front door.

Dad reached out to ring the bell………

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