18 Days

Chapter 9

It was nearly three-thirty a few days later when Ashley laid her ring on her pillow, along with a note for Sam. Glancing at Sam, she placed a soft kiss on his forehead, her heart aching. This would be her final moment with him. She had to save Taylor. Doing so meant that she couldn't be with Sam. She had her mind made up and she had to do it before Sam woke up. Ashley quickly gathered her things and slipped out of the room. She had to be fast about this; Taylor was fading quickly. She bit back tears as she made her way to the car.

Not long later, Ashley was doing the ritual that is required when at the crossroads. She stood up, dusting off her hands on her jeans. She had to channel her sister's personality, she decided. She would be tough, not taking no for an answer. She had to be ruthless. She looked around, feeling anxious to get it over with. Suddenly, someone tapped her shoulder. Biting back a scream, Ashley turned to face the same yellow-eyed man that had been haunting her in her dreams.

"Hello, Ashley." the demon smirked, his black eyes narrowing as he did so, "how can I help you? Fame? Fortune?"

Ashley was little surprised her knew her name, but she had to power through that. She came here to save her sister, and that's exactly what she was going to do.

She swallowed, growing nervous, "Actually, I need you to save my sister. She's dying."

The demon laughed, "oh, so you're one of those. 'I can't live without her... blah blah blah'"

"Will you do it or not?" Ashley snapped, quickly getting impatient with the demon. She had almost forgotten how much she hated demons until that very moment.

The demon whistled, "Touchy, touchy," he paused, folding his arms, as he looked her over, "Yeah, I'll do it. I'll give you... a day."

"A day?" Ashley exclaimed, growing angry as her eyes widened as she realized the severity of what she was doing, "I need more time than that."

"That's the best I can do, sweetheart," It was a test, seeing if Ashley really wanted to bargain or not.

"Fine, I'll just go find some other demon to do business with," Ashley smirked, beginning to walk away.

"Wait!" the demon called out to her before she had even taken a step away, "fine, fine. I'll give you a better deal."

The demon obviously couldn't afford to lose her business. She was being determined, more determined than she had ever been. He paused, causing Ashley's heart to speed up.

"Okay, okay, but only because I like you. I give you... 18 days."

"Oh, come on, is that the best you can do?" Ashley pleaded, blinking her eyes flirtatiously at the Demon, "I know you've made better deals than that."

The demon groaned, "You're tiny, but a feisty little thing, aren't you?"

Ashley smirked and nodded, watching as the Demon thought it over once more.

"I give you a year," the demon rectified, "but only because you're so... scrumptious."

The way he spoke made Ashley shiver, but she wasn't going to show it. She smiled, thinking that this was a good deal.

"I—" she started to accept it, but the demon interrupted.

"Just think about it, because I don't want any take-backs. Those are the worst. If you do this, you'll go to Hell in a year. Don't come crying to me in a year from today, crying about how you don't want to go."

"I realize that, I'm not stupid," Ashley snapped, rolling her eyes. She took a deep breath, as she looked the demon in the eyes, "I accept."

"Oh, sweetheart," he smirked, his dark eyes flickering, "that's not how we seal the deal."

He pulled her close and kissed her, she finally caught on and kissed him back. Then, just as quick as it began, it was over. She opened her eyes and the demon was nowhere in sight. Unfortunately, there was someone who saw the whole thing. She sighed, running a hand through her hair as she made her way back to her car.


The voice caught her off-guard, causing her to jump and turn towards it. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw who it was.

"Dean," She swallowed, knowing that she had gotten caught, "what... what are you doing here?"

Dean walked closer towards her, and she noticed he had a box similar to the one she had just buried. Her eyes widened; he had come here to do the same thing she had.

"Looks like I came here to do what you just did," Dean finally responded, coming to a stop when he stood directly in front of her.

"I had to," she blurted, "she may hate me, but she's my only family. I had to do it."

Dean shook his head, holding his hand up, "You don't have to explain anything to me. I came here with the same intentions, but looks like the midget beat me to it."

He gave her a smirk, letting her know he was just teasing. Ashley smiled back; she knew she liked Dean when she saw him.

"Does Sam...?" Dean trailed off, but Ashley immediately shook her head.

The two were quiet for a few seconds before Dean put his hand on her shoulder.

"She doesn't hate you, you know," Dean blurted, "she really missed you and she's hurt, but you're her kid sister. She couldn't ever hate you."

"Those aren't exactly the words she told me the other day," Ashley let out a sad laugh, "but thanks, anyway, Dean. You better take care of her, or I'll haunt your ass."

Dean removed his hand, laughing a little, "You're something else. So, how long until... you know."

"I got a year," She finally responded, glancing around the dirty area, then finally looking back at Dean, "but I'm leaving, Dean. Sam and Taylor don't need me hanging around for a year, and you know that they're going to try to find a way to save me."

Dean nodded, not knowing her well enough to give her advice or anything.

"I'll see you, Dean." She smiled, patting him on the shoulder before turning away and walking towards her car.

She let out a deep breath, sliding into the driver's seat and starting it. Dean held up a hand to her and she waved back before pulling out. She knew exactly where she would go. Her second home, the Roadhouse.

Sam woke up to the alarm, groaning as he rolled over to stop it.

"Ash?" He muttered, rubbing his eyes as he woke up. He blinked a couple of times before turning on the bedside lamp and looking around the hotel room. Ashley was nowhere in sight. It was five o'clock in the morning, where had she gone?

He looked over to her side of the bed, which was empty except for a note and... her engagement ring. He immediately reached for both, opening the letter while holding the ring in his other hand. He slumped against the headboard when he finished, feeling confused and hurt. He tried calling her cell, but it had been disconnected. He got so angry; he threw it against the wall.