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3 Little Words

I have to tell him. I just have to Kagome thought as she curled into the corner of a broken hut. She stared at the sleeping form of Inuyasha. He looks so peaceful. Kagome smiled as she saw Inuyashas ear twitch. Ill tell him tommorow, I promise....she thought as she slowly drifted off to sleep.
~The next day~
Kagome and Inuyasha were both sitting on a carpet of luscious green grass and stared off into the everlasting meadows.
"Inuyasha?" Kagome said suddenly
"Eh?" Inuyasha looked at Kagome with his intense amber eyes.
Kagome blushed.
"Inuyasha...Ive been keeping this in for a while and I cant keep it in any longer!'
Inuyasha looked at her with surprise. His heart thumped rapidly.
Is she...is she really going to tell me how she feels? Should I tell her how I feel? Inuyasha thought as he felt his face heat up and turn to shades of red.
"I....I have to say these 3 words to you! I just cant keep them a secret any longer!" Kagome said as she stood up.
Inuyasha also stood up.
"Wha...What do you want to tell me?" Inuyasha slowly stammered....
Kagome asked "Are you sure? It's embarrassing"
"Please...don't be shy" Inuyasha said. His mouth turned dry. Is she really going to say it?
"Well okay then."
Kagome had a mischievous smile on her face as she suddenly pulled out a tennis ball.
She threw it out into the meadow as far as she could.
"Fetch, Inuyasha, Fetch!"


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