Disclaimer I do not own TDI, but I do own these characters

Summary- A Season 1 AU with 6 more campers and 4 interns that cause heavy changes on the island

Warning- This fic will eventually have a Yuri pairing, if you do not like it, don't read it and each of the 4 interns will be a 20-22 year old sibling of one of the original campers

Canon pairings- Geoff/Bridgette, Gwen/Trent, Owen/Izzy

Fanon Pairings- Ezekiel/Katie, Cody/Lindsay/Tyler, Duncan/Leshawna, Harold/OC, OC/OC,

Also since there are more campers it means that there are going to be more challenges so help send in ideas with your reviews


Name: Jessie


Gender: Female

Stereotype: The Psychologist

Clothing: Wears a baby blue tank top that shows her stomach with hip hugger jeans with sandals with a watch on her left arm.

Bathing Suit: two piece bright yellow bikini

Appearance: long auburn hair (around Lindsay's length) brown eyes, very athletic and curvy body, wears glasses


Likes: analyzing things, observing people, hanging out with her friends, writing in her notebook,

Dislikes; perverts, stuck up snobs, sadism, bullies, and

Bio- ever since she was little, Jessie has always been a good judge of character and has a way with analyzing people to discover their inner selves. She is known as an exceptionally bright women with an extraordinary amount of patience. She is not afraid of doing sports although terrible at it and is also seems to project a reassuring and calm aura around her

Name: Laura


Gender: Female

Stereotype: The Painter

Clothing: red zipped up sweatshirt that is unzipped in front, showing a slightly torn up black t-shirt that has a pink heart on it, black skirt reaching slightly passed her knees with splattered paint on them and slightly worn nikes

Bathing Suit: one-piece kaleidoscope style bathing suit

Appearance: messy shoulder length raven hair with red streaks through it, shining emerald eyes that seem to light up a room, slightly paler skin than Gwen's and her body is skinny and slim.


Likes: being to herself, painting, listening to stories, quiet environments

Dislikes: attention, being picked on, loud noises, comics

Phobia: painting on a stage

Bio- ever since her diary was read on the school intercom revealing she was a lesbian 2 years ago, she has been stuffed in lockers, beaten, picked on insulted and everything in between. This has caused her to become very shy and insecure with herself and has led to SEVERE self-esteem issues. She is a sweet girl who can make friends with any of the campers as long as she can get over her self-esteem issues and increase her confidence.

Name: Jake



Stereotype-Childish Prankster and Bomb Expert

Regular Clothes:A black t-shirt with a picture of the Dark Knight Joker on it, regular jeans, cross necklace and black headband, red and white Nike sneakers.

Bathing suit- blood red swim trunks with orange flames running up the sides

Appearance: messy black hair, puppy-like baby blue eyes and basically looks like the adorable little brother anyone would want. Has a skinny mass and average tan

Height; 5,4

Likes: building pranks, hanging out with his friends, skateboarding, spending time with his sister, cartoons! video games and blowing stuff up Chef (will eventually thinks he's a bada*)

Dislikes: drugs, queen bees, arrogant dudes, boredom and Chris Mclean whom is his main prank target

Phobia: Sharks

Bio: After his mother died from childbirth when he was born, his 24 year old sister has been the closest thing to a mother he has and with her being a prankster in her childhood, she has past on her talents to him. he has a knack for building prank bombs and wishes to go into construction and demolition when he grows up. His family (his father, who is a lawyer, sister Olivia and himself, live in an average sized house in a small town about an hour from Montreal. He is probably one of the friendliest people you can ever meet and although a prankster, he has his limits on who to prank and knows if he goes to far.

Name: Andrew

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Stereotype: Martial Artist

Clothing: White karate gi with sleeves torn to his elbows.

Bathing Suit: white bathing shorts with a red slash across the middle

Appearance: Muscled around Geoff's level, shaved head with scar under right eye, tatoo of the Chinese word for warrior on his left bicep and brown eyes

Height: 6,0

Likes: challenges, fellow martial artists, honour, respect, horror and martial arts movies

Dislikes: Cowards, disrespect, weaklings, villains, noises that break his concentration

Phobia: Swords

Bio; He has been training and learning many styles of combat since he was six and his trainer is the only sensei he knows that happens to be his father. This firm training has given him experience and shown him to respect others, even when he has lost. He is known as a cool and level headed teen who seems to be incapable of being scared of anything except swords, which when he was 8 accidentally cut himself while practicing. He believes in fighting fairly and has joined the show to be challenged and IF eliminated for fair reasons, he'll leave with his head held high. However, he take things too seriously sometimes

Name: Marcus

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Stereotype: The Inventor

Clothing: Lab coat over a brown shirt with brown pants that are slightly too big for him and heavy duty boots with thick rimmed glasses

Bathing Suit: Yellow bathing shorts with a hazmat symbol on them.

Appearance: scraggly bright red hair with a freckled face, a slight buck tooth problem and teal colored eyes

Height: Beth's height so around 5,8

Likes: Tech, comics, experiments, robots, inventing items, clubs, chess,

Dislikes: being bullied, sports, cheerleaders, jocks.

Phobia: Clowns

Bio; Ever since he was born, he has had an unnatural ability to create and invent new inventions such as go-karts, fax machines, heck he even created a soda machine from scratch! These things, however, have led him to being picked on at school by many of the students at Harvard where he has been for almost three years. He is a somewhat nervous and klutzy boy who is nervous around other mean looking teenagers and is basically an average nerd.

Name: Sara

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Stereotype: The Talented Pop Singer

Clothing: a black tube top with a green flower on it, Daisy Duke style jean shorts, tattoo of a rose on her stomach, 1 inch high heel shoes.

Bathing Suit: two piece blue bikini.

Appearance: big-chested and curvy, she has raven dark hair in a high pony tail, and gentle kind green eyes


Likes: singing, hanging out, hiking, camping, playing on her guitar, swimming, spending time with her family

Dislikes: creeps, perverts, fan boys, bullies, rich snobs who think they can get any type of girl

Phobia: burping in front of a large audience

Bio; She has been known as a talented singer and as the hottest and friendliest girl in her school. She has never been one to pick on others and her best friend, she is not afraid to say, is the captain of her school's computer club. She has been raised in a rich environment near a woods that she and her friends sometimes like to go camping in. She is very open-minded, blunt, and honest with other people. She does not mean to be harsh with people, she is just down to earth and always comes straight to the point. She also sometimes doesn't pay attention due to her listening to her MP3 player during a possible vital piece of info (hinthint)