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Chapter Three

Mary and Marshall just stared at each other. The doorbell rang, and Marshall went to get it, wondering if his family was going to expand any more. There was a man standing there, along with two bigger men behind him.

"Yes?" Marshall asked. The first man peered around the living room. He had spiky white blond hair and piercings all over his face.

"I'm here for my daughter," he said in a thick New York accent. Marshall's heart jumped. Sure, he'd only had Aliza a day, but what if she was his daughter? He wouldn't give her up to some sketchy strangers.

"You must have the wrong house," Marshall said quickly.

"Nah, we saw Whitney come here and drop the little girl off," the man told Marshall.

"Who are you?" Mary demanded, appearing at the door. The men looked over Mary hungrily.

"I'm Cole, and this is T and Bobby," Cole introduced, "Now I want my daughter."

"What are you talking about?" Mary demanded. She looked at Marshall, acting confused. Marshall kept his fingers brushing lightly over his gun.

"Don't play dumb, lady," T warned, stepping forward. He put his hand tightly around Mary's arm. Marshall pulled his gun out.

"I want you people out of here now," Marshall growled. T backed off, releasing Mary's arm.

"Don't think this over. We'll be back, and we'll be watching you, just in case," Bobby hissed. Mary and Marshall looked at each other, and Marshall rushed back to his bedroom to check on Aliza, she was fine. I have to get that paternity test, Marshall thought.

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