Do I really have to keep telling you people that the only person I own is Nightmare? Not that he's worth much but…Well here it is: the conclusion of Brotherhood Nightmare where all the loose ends will be tied up. Sort of.

Chapter Five: I Won't Tell If You Won't

The first thing Lance noticed was that the ground was shaking. Of course with powers like his this was not entirely unexpected. What did surprise him was that he was lying on some kind of table and that Tabitha was helping him stand up. Then he felt bits of the ceiling fall on his head. "What the…?"

He saw Fred was trying to hold up a support beam. "I can't hold this much longer!" Fred yelped. "The whole building's gonna collapse!"

"How the heck did this happen?" Tabitha yelled.

"What did you do?" Todd yelped.

"Me?" She shot back. "I'm not the one…"

"Guys can we please stop arguing before we get smashed?" Pietro yelped rapidly.

"Come on let's go!' Todd hopped as fast as his little legs could carry him. Somehow Fred managed to make it out of the room after the others just before it collapsed. The next thing Lance knew, there was a loud sound. He looked behind him to see the building implode on itself. For several minutes they stood there watching the building collapse, dazed and confused.

"Guys?" Fred looked around. "What happened? How did the building end up collapsing on top of us?"

"I dunno," Pietro coughed. "Last thing I remember was opening that box and…"

"Yeah you got shocked," Todd said. "And then there was this gas…"

"I found you guys in some kinda machine," Tabitha scratched her head. "I guess I must have wrecked it. You guys don't remember anything?"

"Not a thing," Lance shook his head. His ears caught the sound of sirens. "Oh man the Cops! Let's get out of here!"

"I'd better drive," Tabitha shoved Lance in the back seat.

"Oh man talk about living dangerously…" Todd moaned as they sped away.


"Okay," Nightmare wandered around in the mist. "I appear to be stuck in some kind of dream limbo. That's okay. No problem. I'll get out of it when my chamber opens. Which should be right about now." He looked at his watch. "Hmm. Any minute now. Uh huh. I see…Okay. Well I see the fail-safe device hasn't worked yet so that means that it must be broken somehow. But that's okay. When somebody opens the chamber I'll automatically wake up." Then he thought. "Of course, if something like the building collapsed it could be a long time before anyone finds me. And the chamber is shielded so not only can't I call on someone using my telepathy but also someone with telepathy can't find me. And I can't go in anyone else's dream unless they put on one of the mind connectors. Oh well. Perhaps the Brotherhood will come after me for revenge and wake me up…or they would have if I hadn't erased their memories at the last minute. That may not have been one of my smartest moves. Okay. Let me think. You know I suppose I should have hired an associate or something. Then someone would know I was here. What to do? Ah! I guess I'll just have to wait until some construction company comes and moves the building off of me. Of course if they do that I could get killed accidentally anyway. Okay. I'm trapped here. Oh boy." He put his head in his hands. "This…has really not been a very good day for me!"

Back at the Brotherhood house it had gotten late. Todd looked up from his cocoa. "So what do you guys think happened?"

"I dunno," Pietro shrugged. "But whatever happened I don't think we should tell anybody about this."

"Yeah," Lance said. "We might get in a lot of trouble for destroying that building. Whoever owns it may not be too happy we did that. Anybody remember why we were there in the first place?"

"I can't really remember," Fred frowned. "It's all kind of fuzzy."

"Freddy you can't remember anything except what you had for dinner last night!" Pietro laughed.

"So what did happen Mr. Smart Guy?" Fred snapped.

"Well…" Pietro frowned. "Um…We uh…"

"Ha!" Fred pointed. "You can't remember either!"

"Maybe we were just hanging out," Todd suggested. "You know, messing around."

"In our battle uniforms?" Lance asked.

"Well whatever the reason," Tabitha shook her head. "It's over and I won't tell anybody what happened if you won't. I'm going to my room." She started humming the song It's a Small World and went upstairs.

Todd and Fred watched as she went. Absently, they started humming the song as well. "What are you doing?" Pietro asked.

"I dunno," Todd shrugged. "For some reason I got that song stuck in my head."

"Me too," Fred said. "And I feel like doughnuts! Wanna get some?"

"Well I guess everything in the world must be alright if Freddy wants to eat some doughnuts!" Pietro mocked. "Aren't you guys even a little worried that something must have happened to us?"

"Not really," Fred shrugged. "I just want doughnuts."

"Wait you gotta admit, Pietro has a point," Lance said. "Some kind of mystery is going on around here."

"What isn't a mystery is how much a doofus Blob and Toad are," Pietro snickered.

"Hey!" Fred growled.

"That's it!" Todd said. "You're going down Quickie!"

"Yeah right!" Pietro zipped out of Fred's grasp. "You losers can't catch me!"

"Sounds like a challenge," Lance smirked. "Let's get him!"

The boys spent the rest of the day chasing Pietro. They finally cornered him in his room and had a massive pillow fight war. It ended up just another normal day in the Brotherhood House. Well, as normal as one could get with the boys.

Underneath ten tons of rubble, a dark dreamer slept. He would remain there for a long, long time.