The amount of times Scorpius somehow worked Albus's older brother into their conversations.

(Albus doesn't know why James is so interesting, anyway.)


The number of scraps Scorpius threw in the trash bin, abandoned letters he never finished, all introducing himself to James and inviting him to a drink at the Three Broomsticks.

(Albus finds these scraps and wonders why Scorpius never formally invited him to the Three Broomsticks.)


The amount of times James snatched the snitch out from under Scorpius's nose during Quidditch games.

(Albus knows that if only Scorpius would concentrate on the Snitch instead of the other teams Seeker, maybe they could win against Gryffindor occasionally.)


The number of times James has caught Scorpius staring at him.

(Albus realizes now that that's the reason Scorpius never notices Albus staring at him.)


The number of times Scorpius has almost gone over to the Gryffindor table to talk to the black haired boy.

(His diverted walks to the Ravenclaw table to speak with Rosie don't fool Albus.)


The number of denials Scorpius makes when Albus accuses him of having ulterior motives with their friendship.

(Albus doesn't believe him when he assures Albus he's his best friend.)


The number of punches Albus gets in when Scorpius dumps Rose because 'they just aren't working out.'

(Despite what he did, when Albus sees Scorpius with bruises on his face and a broken nose, he can't help but wish he could tend to Scorpius's injuries.)


The number of words James says to Scorpius at Albus's seventeenth birthday party, after Scorpius excitedly introduces himself.

(Albus doesn't think, "Albus's friend, right?" Is really anything to rejoice over.)


The glasses of firewhiskey Albus downs in an attempt to permanently remove the sight of James and Scorpius leaving the room from his mind.

(All that does is cause the image to double, so now there's two excited Scorpius's leading two confused looking James's to the hallway.)


The amount of times Scorpius drags James into an empty room and frantically kisses him on the mouth, before James pushes away in disgust and tells Albus that his best friend is a fag.

(Albus knows that if Scorpius had have kissed him, he wouldn't have pulled away.)


The amount of times Albus let Scorpius know he loved him more then anything before Scorpius slashed his wrists in his bathtub.

(Albus doesn't talk to James for two years, five months and twenty seven days after that. He begins again after James tells him that if he had have known Scorpius loved him that much, he would have been nicer. Albus isn't sure he believes him, but it's easier to talk to his brother than ignore him, regardless.

There's just something about James.)