Stranger 2: Pain is not for Gain.

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The sun brightened the room, awakening the couple from their slumber. Troy released his arms from around Gabriella, sat up, and stretched them out, yawning. Gabriella sat up, her hair in a disarray.

"Did I ever tell you that you wake up even more beautiful than when you went to sleep" he said touching the side of her face. She chuckled and shook her head.

"Yes Troy, every morning" she said chuckling, getting off of the bed and walking into the bathroom in their room. While Troy stayed and made their bed.

"You're taking the kids to school today right?" she called out from the bathroom.

"It's their first day, I thought we'd do that together" he replied.

"I did too but I promised one of my students I'd be there early. But don't worry I'm picking them up" she said walking back into the room getting a concealed item from her bed side drawer.

"What's that" he asked quickly

."Nothing" she said putting it behind her back."You would tell me if it was something important right Gabi?" he asked eyeing her suspiciously.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" she said chuckling.

"Just making sure" he said sitting on the bed.

"If it was anything you should know about I'll let you know…i promise" she said giving him a swift peck on the cheek then going back into the bathroom.

As she closed the door, the soft pitter-patter of feet sounded through the room as Brie and Troy jr. ran through the hallway and into their parents' room. Both four years old now the kids jumped onto the bed and climbed onto their father. Brie had long sandy hair that reached down to the middle of her back and chocolate brown eyes like her mother. Troy jr. was the splitting image of his father, sandy hair and electric blue eyes and a smile that could make him appealing to everyone.

The twins' excitement was made known as they began to jump up and down on the bed."Today is the first day of big kid school!" exclaimed Troy jr. with perfect grammar as she jumped up and down on the bed.

"Yeah it is sport. Are you excited?" Troy asked to son trying to catch him in his arms.

"Yes we both are very egg cited" Brie said misinterpreting her dad's words.

"Not egg cited, excited" her brother corrected.

"That's what I said egg cited" she said, becoming irritated with her brother.

"Daddy, Troy is making fun of me!" she whined jumping into her father's lap.

"No I'm not; mommy said it's nice to help people. I'm helping her say the word right" he said sweetly sitting next to his father also.

"But you're not being nice" she said sticking her tongue out at started a whole competition of them both sticking their tongue out at each other.

"Stop, right now" he said looking at both of them. They put their head down and Troy laughed.

"Stop picking on each other and go get dressed please" Troy said sternly but keeping his tone. Quietly they made their way out of the room, not looking at the other.

Troy shook his head then went to the walk in closet in the room and got out a towel."Troy?" Gabriella called out as she came out of the bathroom. When he didn't answer Gabriella poked her in the closet and saw Troy sitting on the ground, thinking.

"What's wrong" she asked, water dripping from her hair to the floor.

"If you were pregnant, you'd let me know right?" he asked turning to look at her

."Yes Troy" she said sighing. "You're making it way bigger than it has to be" she said walking toward the bed.

"So it's nothing I should worry about?" he asked standing up.

"No Troy, nothing at all" she said.

"Ok, now that that's settled..." he said walking toward the bathroom, but then he stopped and turned around. "Gabi"

"Ye-" as she turned around and was instantly pulled into a kiss that pushed her back to the bed. She pulled away before Troy could reach for her towel.

"Not right now Troy, you need to get the kids to school and I need to get to work" she said sitting up. He made his hair fall in front of his eyes and curled his lips into a pout.

"It works on Junior, not you" she said walking to her dresser, holding her towel with both hands. Troy gave up and walked into the bathroom,defeated.

Gabriella placed the pieces of fruit next to the two small bowls of cereal and poured orange juice into the two cups and coffee into a mug just as Brie and Troy Jr ran into the kitchen. They jumped into their chair and immediately started putting spoonfuls of cereals into their mouths.

"Guys slow down! You're going to choke if you keep eating like that"Gabriella exclaimed as she pulled the bowls away from the children.

"We wanna go to school" said Brie, full of excitement.

Gabriella shook her head and handed the bowls back to them. "Do you guys want to be sick on the first day?" she asked them, taking a sip from her cup of tea.

They shook their heads. "Then slow down".

It was quiet then, the sound of frying eggs filling the room. "I smell eggs and bacon!" Troy said as he walked into the kitchen,sitting down in a chair next to Brie.

"I don't know where the bacon is coming from but here are some eggs and fruit" Gabriella said giving Troy a plate.

"Mommy, daddy said that I can't help people anymore" Troy Jr. said taking a bite out of his cantaloupe.

"Oh really?" Gabriella said

."No, not really; I just said he should let Brie get things right at her own speed" Troy said after taking a gulp of his coffee, the steam burning the roof of his mouth. "He's right junior, just leave it be and apologize" Gabriella said looking at her son. "Sorry" Troy Jr. said to Brie.

"It's ok" she said drinking the remaining milk from her bowl.

"I'm done""Good, get your book bag and wait for me by the door" Troy said standing up.

"Okay" she said going to her room.

Troy went next to Gabriella and leaned against the counter.

"So when does her speech class start?" Troy asked quietly,putting Brie's dishes in the sink

."Next week, she already knows about. It's nothing big" Gabriella said.

"Yeah but-" the phone rang and Gabriella went to get it before Troy could finish.

Troy watched as Troy Jr. went to his room and Brie came back from her's.

Gabriella came back and tapped Troy."It was Matt, he was wondering if you could take Amanda to school for his wife had to go to work early and he needs to run some errands" she asked, wrapping her hands around Troy.

"You already told him I would didn't you?" Troy inquired.


"There's no way out of this is there?


"Fine, but I'm doing it for his daughter. No reason she should be caught in between this." Troy muttered looking away.

"Troy, can we please act like adults. You're going to be 27 soon and you're still acting like you're seventeen" Gabriella said giving Troy a kiss on the cheek and walking into the living room.

"He's the immature one. Bailing on the twins' birthday… never giving back out lawnmower… not inviting me to the country club… the list goes onand on!" Troy said walking back into the bedroom. Gabriella chuckled, kissed the foreheads of her children and quickly exited the house and got into her car.

Brie and Troy Jr. waited impatiently at the door until Troy came out and opened the door for them, allowing them both to sprint to his car. Hair neat,uniform pressed, and heart beats racing the twins could hardly wait as their father opened the car doors then pulled out of the driveway and drove down the road.

But before they headed to the school, they had to pick up Matt's daughterand drop her off as well. When they arrived at Matt's house Troy turned offthe ignition and turned to the twins."Wait here" Troy told his kids, opening the car door and got out then shut the door behind him.

Troy walked into the front porch and rang the door bell. Troy waited, tapping his foot impatiently. Troy knew that Matt knew that he had basketball practice and he knew perfectly well that he was doing it on purpose. Troy couldn't blame him though, going to Mexico, which was your dream vacation, and coming home to find out that your girlfriend had sex with her ex-boyfriend and is pregnant and the person responsible for it was a famous NBA player was way out of line. The fact that you get easily jealous and have anger problems doesn't help the situation either. Even though, plotting an evil plan to get revenge wasn't such a bright thing to do so Troy ought to cut him some slack, right? Wrong! Not inviting him to thecountry club and not giving back your lawnmower is one thing, actually two things. But, plotting an evil plan that could break up a very loving couple that just had kids, was just, well…plain that's the reason why Troy hated his guts. He actually thought he was down to earth and a very humble, laidback guy when he first met him.

But shortly after the twin's birth, he was realized he was way wrong. But Gabriella didn't care; she still wanted to be friends with him and sometimes actually spent more time with Matt than him, when he's out of town for games and such. The thought of Gabriella still wanting to be friends with him even when he makes rude gestures to Troy, making it so obvious that he despises him, makes him think that she and Matt are having affairs and that he wasn't good enough. And the fact that he wasn't home 24/7 makes him think that Gabriella doesn't love him anymore. He knew he was getting paranoid and he should know that Gabriella loves him, she makes it clear everyday, when they have sex, alone time or in random conversations, on the phone and such.

But still, cheaters have a way to trick a person into thinking the cheater still loves him. He should know because he was once a cheater right? It was all because of a stupid misunderstanding five years ago and he didn't want to go into that or even remember that. He and Gabriella shoved all those memories and put it into the bottom of the ocean. It was a thing of the past and he was clearly happy the way things turned out after the whole fiasco.

So you're probably wondering how Matt fell in love and had a daughter. It was after a fight he had with Gabriella so he went to the bar and got drunk and woke up the next morning completely naked with a woman next to after that, they got to know each other and started dating and two years later they had gotten married. It was a pretty weird way to fall in loveif you asked him Troy.

Troy shook his thoughts away when the door suddenly opened to reveal Matt Livingston standing in the doorway leaning against the doorframe.

"What took you so long?" Troy asked impatiently, checking his watch."You know that I'm supposed to clock into the gym in 25 minutes and you just took your time on purpose to get a good laugh out of it"

"If I get to practice late you are so gonna-" Troy couldn't finish his sentence to due to the fact that Matt rudely interrupted him.

"Yeah," Matt cut in, slightly smirking. "You're going to be extra late, if you keep babbling that little mouth of yours"

Troy's teeth clenched as he tried to keep his cool. "When you talk, other people get hoarse just listening"

Matt laughed harshly. "Is that all you got Bolton, if so-" Matt didn't get finish his sentence because a little girl walked in carrying a Dora lunchbox and a Dora backpack. You could pretty much tell that she was a Dora fanatic.

"Hey, daddy" Amanda greeted.

"Hey, princess" Matt greeted.

"Are you ready for the first of school?" Matt asked.

"Yupperzz" Amanda answered giving her father a toothy smile which caused the two men to burst out laughing.

"Great, princess, have a great day at school" Matt said smiling stroking his precious daughter and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you daddy" Amanda waved goodbye.

"I love you too, my princess" Matt waved goodbye.

"Come on Amanda" Troy spoke up, motioning his hands for Amanda to followhim into the car.

"Okay" Amanda responded back as she trailed behind Troy, walking towardshis ever the gentlemen, he opened the door and let Amanda get inside his Audi (The Audi that Zac Efron currently drives)He shut the door quickly and got into his car then started the engine and puton his seatbelt and proceeded to back out of the driveway.

10 minutes later, Troy got out of the car and led the kids into the schooland made their way into kindergarten class. Much to Troy's satisfaction, thekids had the same class so Troy didn't have to walk around the school looking like an idiot. He pushed the door open and stepped inside was a beautifully, decorated classroom filled with kids sitting on their assigned tables and talking and laughing and parents trying to clam their kids down from crying because they apparently didn't want to be separated fromtheir parents. Just then a lady walked up to them

"Hi, your Troy Bolton, I'm Mrs. Bakers and I'm going to be your kid's teacher and I rest assure you that yourkid's are going to be taken care of" she said, smiling.

"I'm a Lakers fan and you are one of my favorite players so would youmind signing an autograph and taking a picture with me?" She questioned.

"Sure" Troy taking the pictures. It was time to say goodbye to the kids.

"Bye, daddy, I love you" Brie whispered, hugging her dad.

"Bye, I'm going to miss you so much and of course I love you like always,my sweet little princess" Troy replied hugging back.

"After school, can you teach me how to playbasketball?" Troy. Jr asked

Troy laughed. "Of course buddy, I'm going to miss you and I'll love you just like always"

Troy Jr. grinned. "I love you too"

"Bye" Troy waved.

"Bye" The three kids waved

Troy walked out of the classroom and zoomed out of the school. He got into the car and checked his watch.

15 more minutes left to spare he thought to himself.

35 minutes later, Troy finally arrived to basketball practice after filling up his car with gas and dealing with you could pretty much tell that Troy is way beyond pissed off.

Troy grabbed his bag and unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car and ran into sprinted into the gym, "Sorry I'm late, I got stuck in traffic and Ihad to fill up gas and I had some other things to take of"

"That is not an excuse. Now in order to make up those 20 minutes. You have to run 1 mile around the gym and your benched for Chicago's game nextweek" Coach. Miller's said got ooohed by his teammates' and that got Troy even more frustrated, on top of the fact that he just got benched.

Troy silently groaned and dropped his bag in the benches and proceeded to run while thinking this is not my day.Troy thought to himself.

Gabriella was in her classroom at East High watching one of her students try to decipher the problem in front of him.

"Ms. Bolton, I can't figure this out. Why does Romeo fight Tybalt if they don't like each other?" Evan asked, scratching his head.

"Well Evan, Tybalt is a Capulet and related to Juliet, who Romeo loves and is married to" Gabriella explained.

Evan's confused expression didn't change.

"If you were married, and your wife's cousin wanted to fight you,would you fight him?" Gabriella asked. "No" he said shaking his head "That would be like fighting your family"

"Exactly, think of it like that" Gabriella said.

After a couple of minutes Taylor walked into the room with papers in her hand and sat on top Gabriella's desk.

"So, how's your day so far?" Taylor asked Gabriella examining her papers.

"Well… Troy saw me taking out the—" she stopped when she remembered a student was in the room.

"The thing I told you I bought" "Oh! What did you say" she asked with excitement in her voice.

"He didn't actually catch me. He just "Nothing really, I sort of lied but not lied at the same time" Gabriela said getting up and going to the blackboard.

"Well when are you going to tell him?" Taylor questioned.

"It's nothing big-Evan get back to your work!" she said when she saw him texting on his cell phone.

"but I will tell him. I guess I have to. But it's going to have to wait; I'm still trying to get everything ready for his birthday next week. I haven't even sent out the invites, I have to order the cake and—" Taylor interrupted Gabriella's rambling

"Chill Gabs, it'll all fall into place" Taylor said as the bell rang.

"I hope so" she said going to Evan.

"I have to get to my class before the students do, see you later Gabs"Taylor said exiting the room.

"Ms. Bolton do teachers always have lives full of drama outside of school?" Evan asked looking up at Gabriella.

"Open your book and start the do now Evan" Gabriella said evading his question and going back to her desk as the students filed in.

Evan smirked as he shook his head and began to his next class.

Today is going to be quite a day Gabriella thought to herself solemnly.

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