"Edward's Anatomy" takes place 5 years after New Moon. Edward never came back, and Bella moved on with her life, marrying Jacob. Now she has been accepted to medical school in Seattle. What will transpire when she discovers that two "people" from her past are going to be her classmates?

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyers owns all.

Chapter 1 - Accepted


The day started out as so many before it had. I got up and took my shower, quickly putting my hair up in a make shift bun. I grabbed a granola bar and shoved it into my mouth as I gathered my books and rushed to my car. I quickly kissed my husband good-bye as I put my bookbag in the seat next to me. I started out of the driveway giving him a wave which he returned until I drove out of sight. The drive was torture. I had to drive from Forks to Seattle where I was finishing up my BS degree in Biology with a Chemistry minor. I turned on the radio and turned it up full blast, anything to keep me awake while I was driving. My first class at 8:00 was Comparative Anatomy. We were studying the digestive system and how it changed from the fish to the amphibians to the reptiles to the birds to the mammals. I could easily take between five and seven pages of notes per day. My second class of the day was Physics II. It was easier, though boring. My third class of the day was Human Reproduction. It was a graduate level course, and we were studying the sex hormones and how they controlled the development of the primordial ovary into either the ovary or the testes. My fourth class of the day was spanish IV. It was my most difficult class. I never could understand why there were Biology classes for non-majors but there weren't language classes for non-majors. I was required to take the same Spanish class that Spanish majors took, competing with them for the grades that I needed to maintain.

I had finally finished my morning classes so I went to the student union to get a bite of lunch before I went to comparative anatomy lab. We had already dissected a perch, a frog, a turtle, a robin, and today, we were starting our dissection of the cat. Luckily, it was a triple dyed specimen so that the arteries were dyed red, the veins were dyed blue, and the lymphatics were dyed yellow. It made the dissection so much easier. I had already read over the specifics for today's lab. It wasn't unusual for us to have a quiz before lab to make sure that we'd studied what we needed to do, so I habitually prepared for all comparative labs. My lab partner and I worked well together. He and I were both vying for spots in the upcoming medical school class, and we needed the grades for our transcripts, so he was almost always prepared for the labs like I was. We were able to complete the assigned lab in half of the time that most of the other students took. We spent the rest of the lab writing up the extensive lab reports that we had to turn in at the beginning of the next lab period. He, like I, had applied to the University of Washington School of Medicine's Early Admittance Program. Basically, the program functioned to allow you to apply at one university only, and in exchange for applying to only that university, you would be notified of acceptance or rejection six months before everyone else who were applying through traditional application processes. Thomas, my lab partner, told me that he had received his acceptance letter in the mail on the Saturday before. He wanted to know if I had received mine. I told him that I hadn't in a shaky voice, but that I hadn't checked my school mailbox today either.

When lab was over for the day, he offered to walk me to my mailbox. I accepted with gratitude, already nervous and starting to shake a little. Going to medical school was a new dream of mine. I had always thought that I would pursue a degree in English Literature or something like that, but when he left me and took his family with him, my best friends, gone, I broke. I stayed broken for the longest time, until Charlie, my father, convinced me to see a psychiatrist. She was able to make me see that I was a person who could stand on my own two feet again. I didn't need a man to hold me up. She made me see that though I loved him, and I would always love him, I could move on with my life without him. I was able to eventually date again, and I met and married my husband, Jacob Black. I didn't know that I wanted to follow in her footsteps and go into psychiatry, but I did know that I found medicine a fascinating field. I only hoped that I would make a difference in someone's life the way that she made a difference in mine.

Thomas and I walked back to the Student Union. The student mailboxes were in the basement. We walked downstairs, and I lead the way to my mailbox. It had been awhile since I'd checked my school mail. Most of my mail came to my home address. I had to try several times before I got the right combination to the mailbox. I pulled out several pieces of mail, most of which were advertisements. I walked over to the large garbage can that was by the wall and threw them away. Then I found the envelope that I'd been looking for. The return address was from the University of Washington School of Medicine. My hands shaking, I dropped my bookbag to the floor. I turned the letter over and carefully slit open the flap. I took the letter out of the envelope, but didn't open it. I stood there for several minutes just staring at the parchment that I held within my hands. Thomas put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Bella, are you going to open it, or are you going to read it through osmosis?"

I shook my head a little to clear it. What I held in my hand was my future. It was what I had been working towards for the past four years. It held my dreams and my hopes. I didn't know if I had the courage to open it. "I don't think that I can open it," I said. "What if they said 'No'?"

"Bella, they accepted me. You know that your grades and your MCAT score were better than mine. You know they accepted you. You don't have anything to worry about. Just open the letter," Thomas said.

I hesitated. I knew that I had the grades. I had a 4.0 GPA. I also knew that I had an acceptable if not good score on the MCAT, the Medical School Admissions Test. I deep down knew that I was a sure in. However, that insecurity started popping back up. That insecurity that I'd had since he'd left me telling me that he didn't want me any more, that I wasn't good enough for him. If I wasn't good enough for him, then I wasn't good enough for anyone else, either. I closed my eyes and thought back to my therapy sessions. I am good enough. I am smart. I am special. I can do anything that I put my mind to.

I took the letter and opened it.

Dear Bella Black,

The University of Washington School of Medicine's Admissions Board would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to the early admittance program for the freshman class of the year 2008 – 2009. Fall semester will commence on August 1, 2008. There will be a freshman tea at Sand Point Country Club on September 30, 2008 at 3:00 pm. More information concerning required materials will be forthcoming.


George Anderson,

Dean Of Admissions

I finally realized that I was holding my breath. I let it out. I looked at Thomas, and a big grin spread across my face. "I made it in! I'm going to medical school!" I cried out, starting to jump up and down. I leaped into his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck! I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He laughed and started twirling me around. When he noticed that we were drawing the attention of a not so little crowd, he set me back down on my feet. I started jumping up and down again. "I don't believe it! I'm going to go to medical school! I got in! I don't believe it!" I exclaimed in a not so quiet voice.

"Congratulations, Bella! I knew that you would get in. I told you that you would," Thomas said, taking both of my hands in his, trying to calm me down. "Come on, let's go upstairs and get a Coke." He reached down and picked up my bookbag. He pulled me over to the table in the middle of the hallway and put my bookbag down on it. He took the letter from my hand and refolded it. He then put it back into the envelope and put the envelope into my bookbag. Then he took my hand and led me upstairs to the cafeteria. He found an empty table and told me to sit. Before I knew it, he was back with two Cokes. "Bella, you've got to calm down. There is no way that I'm going to let you drive back to Forks when you're this excited. You'll get into an accident."

"I got into medical school. I didn't think that they'd want me. I mean, why would they want me? And they did! They accepted me! I can't believe it. I had convinced myself that they would turn me down. But they let me in! I'm going to be a doctor! Can you believe it?" I said, barely pausing to take a breath.

"Yes, Bella, I can believe it. I've known you for three years, now, and I know how hard that you've worked for this. I know how much you and Jacob have sacrificed for you to come to college. I know how much you've wanted this. Now, don't you think that you need to let Jacob know?" Thomas said, pushing the Coke over towards me.

I took a sip and then another. It helped me to gather my thoughts. Of course I needed to call Jacob. He would be so thrilled. I looked at my watch. I knew that today, being Monday, was one of his patrol days. While Thomas knew Jacob and had even been to our house, he had no idea about Jacob's little secret. Jacob and the other Quileute boys still patrolled the areas around the reservation. Since the Cullens had left the area they didn't patrol as much, but Sam and Jacob still saw to it that the area was still covered. It was a quarter till five o'clock. I may still be able to catch him before he phased. I picked up my cell phone and dialed his number. It rang several times before he answered.

"Hi Bella, what's up? Is everything okay?" Jacob asked.

"No, Jake, everything is wonderful! I got a letter from the University of Washington School of Medicine today. Guess who is going to be going to medical school?" I said.

"Bells, that's great, honey! I knew that you could do it! Congratulations! I've gotta go meet the guys right now, but you know that I'll let everyone know! Honey I'm so proud of you! Gotta go. I hear Quill howling at me to join him. Bye," Jacob said.

"Bye, Jake. Have fun with the guys. Give them my love," I said. "Don't give Sam a hard time tonight."

"What, he couldn't take the time to talk to you? Going out with his friends is that important to him that he couldn't even spend five minutes on the phone with you to congratulate you on your accomplishment?" Thomas asked, aggravation evident in his voice.

"He is late for a meeting that he has every Monday night with the guys," I said, trying to make up a story that Thomas might believe. "It's important."

"Obviously he thinks that it is more important than your news. I thought that you meant more to him than that," Thomas growled.

"Thomas, there are things that you don't understand. The meeting involves the security of the reservation, the protection of me and everyone that lives on the reservation. Jacob is an integral part of the team that is responsible for that security. He has to go. I don't hold it against him."

"So, you're going home to an empty house?" Thomas asked.

"No, I'm going to go to my dad's. I usually go there when Jacob goes to his meetings. That way I get to see my dad. Now, thanks for the Coke, and I'll see you Wednesday." I stood up and grabbed my bookbag. He stood up as I got ready to leave. I gave him a quick hug and started towards the door.

"Bella, drive carefully," he said.

"I will," I called back. I left him standing there. Sometimes I wondered if it were really possible for us to have friends outside of our world. Nobody could know that I was married to a werewolf. Who would believe me if I tried to tell them that. Hey Thomas, Jacob isn't going to go to a meeting tonight. He is going to transform into a giant wolf and run around in the woods to make sure that no vampires are coming back to pay us a visit. Yeah, it would be a short trip to the padded cell in a psyche ward for me. I guess that I really think that nobody would ever believe me. After all, werewolves and vampires are things of comic books. Nobody in their right mind would believe in them. That is what my problems all stem from. My husband is a werewolf and my ex-boyfriend was a vampire. Yep, my life is some kinda screwed up. That's why I was in therapy, but I couldn't tell my therapist that. She'd really think that I was crazy if I told her why I was going crazy. Oh what a funny world we live in.

But, today I'm not thinking of that. Today, I got into medical school! I felt like climbing to the highest mountain and screaming it at the top of my voice. As it was, I developed a lead foot on my way home. My luck held out until I reached the outskirts of Forks. There, as I passed into the town limits, I looked into my rear view mirror to see the dreaded flashing blue lights behind my car. I said a few choice words and pulled over to the side of the road. I rolled down my window and watched as the police chief got out of his car and walked up to mine.

"Where the hell is the fire?" he exclaimed.

"No fire unless you've been trying to cook again," I said.

"Then would you care to tell me why exactly why you were going so fast in my town?" he asked.

"I was trying to get home to tell my dad some great news!" I said with a grin on my face.

"You'd better not be pregnant!" he said.

"Dad, no, I'm not pregnant, but if I were, it would be okay. I am married."

"Well, what is the news that made you rip through my town like a bat out of hell?"

"I got a letter from the University of Washington School of Medicine today. I've been accepted to medical school for the upcoming fall semester!" I practically yelled.

"Oh Bella! That's wonderful! Way to go sweetheart! I'm so proud of you! Now, do you think that you can drive to the house at a reasonable rate of speed, or do I have to arrest you and take you there myself?"

"I'll drive home, daddy. I'll see ya there!" I said as I pulled back onto the road and drove to my childhood home. I pulled into my spot in the driveway, and Charlie pulled in beside my. When he got out of his car, he came up to me and gave me a huge hug. I didn't think that he'd ever let go. We normally didn't show much affection, so this was a big thing for Charlie. When he finally let me go, he had tears streaming down his face. He put his arm around my shoulders, and we walked into the house.

"Does Jacob know?" he asked.

"Yes, I managed to get in touch with him before he left for his meeting," I told him as he unlocked the door. We walked inside the house, and I went into the kitchen. I went to the cabinets and started pulling out the ingredients to make some spaghetti.

"Why don't you let me take you to the diner to celebrate tonight? You shouldn't have to cook for your old Dad tonight. Today is special."

"Dad, you know that I don't mind cooking for you. It's not any trouble at all."

"No, I know that you don't mind, but I want to do something nice for my only daughter. Come on, put that stuff up. Let's go," he said, tugging at my arm. The smile on his face did little to conceal the pride that he felt in his heart, so I gave in. Sometimes you had to give in and let your parents be proud of you. I put the pot back under the cabinet and put the spaghetti back in the cabinet. I took his hand, and we walked back outside to our cars. I followed him back into Forks to the local diner, and we parked in the crowded lot. I didn't recognize any of the cars in the parking lot that belonged to the local teenagers. It didn't seem like that long ago that Mike's and Tyler's cars would grace that same parking lot. I didn't know where that time had gone. It didn't seem as if five years had passed since he left, taking his whole family with him. Five years since I was truly happy. Five years since I had had a night without having a nightmare, dreaming of him leaving me. Five years since I had truly loved. Oh, I had learned how to mask it all. My therapist had taught me that, and I'd always be grateful for those lessons in self-control and discipline. I had learned how to fake a life, and I was good at it.

So, I took a deep breath and got out of my car. I went up to my dad and put my arm around his waist. We walked into the diner and took his favorite booth. The waitress came up to us immediately. "We're celebrating tonight! Bella just got accepted into medical school. My baby is going to be a doctor!" Charlie announced to the people in the diner. Everyone started clapping, and I started blushing. "Katie, get me my usual, and whatever Bella wants,"

"I'll take the spinach salad and a Coke, please," I said. While we waited on our food, we talked about what going to medical school would mean. He wasn't happy when I told him that I'd have to move to Seattle. "Dad, I'll be in class for most of the day. I can't commute every day. The drive would be too much for me. The studying will be too much, not to mention lab time. There is no way that I'll be able to live on the res and commute. Jacob and I have talked about it some, and I think that he understands that there is no way that I'll be able to do it without staying in Seattle."

"Well, will he be moving to Seattle with you?" Dad asked.

"No, his job is here. He is part of the security force for the res, and they count on him. There is no way that he can move to Seattle."

"Bella, he can get another job in Seattle. As for their 'security force,' honey, I think that they have just gotten a group of friends who like to get together and have boys' nights out. I've talked to Billy about this before, and he is very vague about what it is that the boys are actually doing when they go to their 'security force' meetings. I'm afraid that Jacob is not being totally truthful with you. I don't think that he is necessarily doing anything wrong, but I don't think that he is telling you the whole story about what that group of young men is doing when they get together, either. I don't want you two to be apart for the next four years based on this 'security force' thing. I really don't think that it is on the up and up. I can look into it for you if you want me to."

"Um, no thanks Dad. I know what Jake is doing when he goes to the meetings. I know all about the security force, and I know how important it is to the tribe and to the res. Dad, Billy is vague with you because you aren't part of the res. It is sacred to the Quileutes, and it's not to be shared with those not associated with the res. You have to trust me on this one, okay?"

"Okay, Bells, if you say so, but I still think that it is taking a big risk with your marriage to be apart like that," Charlie said as the waitress brought us our food. We spent the rest of the evening talking about Dad and Sue, a widow from the res that he had been dating for the past several years. I asked him if he was ever going to get around to asking her to marry him, and he sputtered and hemmed and hawed.

After spending a couple of hours together, I told him that I needed to get going. I had a lot of school work that I needed to get started on in addition to some laundry that needed doing. He walked me out to the car and gave me another big hug. "I'm so proud of you, Bells. You just don't know how proud you have made me. You have overcome a lot in the past five years to get to where you are today. For a little while there, I didn't think that you would ever come out of that funk that you were in. You had me so scared that I was going to lose you, but then you did. You snapped out of it. You made yourself whole again. You took control of your life and made a new goal and now you've achieved it. You are a remarkable young woman. I couldn't be prouder of you, Bells."

"I love you, Dad," was all that I could say. I knew that I had him fooled just like all of the rest. I got into my car and headed towards home. I pulled into the driveway, and I parked my car in it's usual place. I walked into my empty house. I tossed my bookbag onto the couch and walked into the master bathroom, gathering the scattered clothes as I went. I grabbed the laundry basket and took it to the washer to start a load of clothes. Then I went back into the bedroom to shower and change into my bed clothes. When I came out, the washer was done, so I put the first load into the dryer and started a second load of clothes. Then I went back to the couch to study. Even though I was already accepted to medical school, I still needed to keep my grades up. I was doing my Spanish homework when I dozed off. The next thing that I knew, Jacob was pulling the book out of my hands. He picked me up off of the couch and carried me to bed. He laid me down and told me to go back to sleep. I rolled over and got comfortable, sleep taking me back to my dreams of him and the time when my life was perfect.

I woke up late the next morning. My classes were on Monday's, Wednesday's, Friday's. I used Tuesday's and Thursday's to do housework and to study. Jacob was already at work, so I didn't have to deal with him today. I spent the day going over comparative anatomy. That class had the potential to kick my ass. I could only hope that by knowing most of the terms, I would have a step up in anatomy in medical school.

When Jacob got home, I had supper ready for him. We sat at the table and ate in silence. After we ate, he helped me with the dishes. Then we went into the den and sat on the couch. "Bella, I'm so proud of you. You've got to know that. I told all of the guys last night, and they're proud of you, too. I just am not looking forward to you going to Seattle for the next four years. Are you sure that you can't continue to commute?" Jake asked me.

"Yes, I'm sure, Jake. You know how much commuting three days a week is taking out of me. now. I'm tired all of the time. I'm moody. I barely have enough time to study, and that's with taking two days a week off. In medical school, I'll basically be in class from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening. There's no way that I'll be able to commute and still have time to study. I won't even be able to even come home on weekends. You'll have to be the one to come to me to visit."

"Bella, you know that I have my job, and when I'm not working, I have to patrol. I patrol on weekends. Exactly when am I supposed to find the time to come and visit you?"

"Maybe Quil or Embry will take one of your patrols. It's not like you've never taken one or two for them before," I answered quietly.

"We'll see," he answered.