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If You Could Be Anywhere

If I had a plane,
then where would I fly to?
If I had to use my brain for something else
tell me what would I do?

"Where will you go?" Sonny asked Chad Dylan Cooper nervously as he carefully folded a shirt and placed it neatly inside the suitcase.

"Anywhere," Chad shrugged, "I just want out of this place. I am so sick of playing the same, dumb character every day. People don't even know me as Chad, they know me as a character on some T.V show and…I hate it," his voice sounded weak, defeated, unlike him.


"Sonny, this is something I have to do. Besides, I've been with Mackenzie Falls for over five years. I'm eighteen now, I have the whole world in front of me and I am not going to be tied down playing the same character on the same T.V drama for the rest of my life. It's too…"

"Monotonous?" Sonny suggested, handing him another shirt.

"That's it!" Chad pointed at her, "So you get my point here, right?" He asked, his voice hopeful.

"Sure, Chad," Sonny tried desperately to understand what he was trying to say, what he was trying to do. It was so unlike him to just pack up and leave everything. Mackenzie Falls was his show. What would he do without it?

"Thank you, Sonny. You're the only one."

And I if I had a strange conversation with a lady in a waiting room about leaving all this doom and gloom…

If you could be anywhere
where would you be?
If you could be anywhere
would you be there with me?

"So this is real?" Sonny asked as she followed Chad towards the Plaza where his taxi was waiting, "You are really going to do this?"

"Of course," Chad replied, snapping at the driver to put his bag in the trunk, "I have to. Think about the possibilities, Sonny. If you could be anywhere, where would you be?"

"I don't know," Sonny hadn't really thought about it before. She had always wanted to get a flat in New York City but she would never get the courage to just pack up, leave everything behind, and go.

"Yes you do," Chad prodded, "Everyone has a place they want to go, a place where they dream of being. Where's yours, Sonny Munroe?" His voice was challenging and she couldn't decline.

"New York," Sonny admitted, "I've…I've always wanted to get an apartment there. I'd live on the top floor and have a roof terrace. I would sit up there with my laptop and work on my writing."

"Told you so," Chad smirked, "Everyone has a dream, everyone has a place."

"If you could be anywhere," Sonny began, "Where would you be?"

"New York City," Chad answered without missing a beat.

"What?" Sonny's eyes widened in surprise.

"You heard me. New York City, Munroe."

If I could be anywhere
I'd be there. If I could be anywhere
I'd be there with you, girl.

"Why?" Sonny asked.

"Why what?" Chad asked, flipping the driver a few bills as a tip.

"Why would you want to go to New York City?" Sonny repeated the question, "Of all the places – I mean, think about it, Chad! You could go to Madrid! Rome! Vince! Paris! You can afford to go anywhere in the world. Why would you pick New York City?"

"Because," Chad shrugged, "If I could be anywhere…oh God, this is going to sound so lamely cliché!"

"Just tell me!" Sonny insisted.

"You aren't going to just suddenly grow a short attention span and forget I said anything, are you?" Chad asked.

Sonny shook her head, a broad smile spreading across her face.

"Fine," Chad punched the car door with frustration.

"Hey! Buddy!" Called the driver, clearly angered with Chad's impatient, frustrated action.

"Sorry," Chad grumbled, flexing his fist which was now starting to smart, "You want to know why New York, Munroe?"

"Yes," Sonny nodded.

"Alright. If I could be anywhere, I'd be there with…with you," Chad mumbled the last part. It was almost inaudible but the grin on Sonny's face revealed to him that she had heard him after all.

Take my chances,
Fake my glances,
Wait those answers
anywhere but…

"Say something, please," Chad begged.

"I…I don't know what to say," Sonny stuttered.

"Say yes."


"Yes," Chad rolled his eyes impatiently, "You aren't that dense, are you? Now, there's a plane leaving for New York in about an hour. That doesn't give you a whole lot of time but…"

"Wait – what? What's happening here?" Sonny asked.

"You, Munroe, are going to go get packed and meet me back here in about thirty minutes."


"You want this, Sonny. I can see it. You want to escape too. We can escape, don't you see that, we can escape together and get the heck out of this plastic, spray-tanned state. We can just leave and never look back. What do you say, Sonny?"

Take my chances,
I'll fake my glances,
Wait my answers,
anywhere but here.

"Chad, this isn't logical or reasonable!" Sonny objected, "I can't just pack up and leave my family behind."

"You did when you moved out here," Chad reminded her, "Besides, New York will be fun. Just you and me living our own lives. You could work on your writing and I could…well, I'll find something. With a face like this, how could I not?"

Sonny couldn't help but smile, "But Chad…"

"Say yes, Sonny. It's just one little word. Say it, Sonny. Please."

"Oh I really hate you right now," Sonny growled.

"Is that a yes?" Chad asked.

"You know, I am not on speaking terms with you for doing this right now, understand?"

"It'll be a long flight."

"I've gone a whole day without talking, Chad," Sonny smirked, "I can go six hours."

"Sure you can handle that?" Chad asked.

"Can you?" Sonny raised an eyebrow.

"What are you still doing here?" Chad grinned.

"Wait for me," Sonny requested before hurrying off to get her things together.

"I always have," Chad leaned against the taxi, folded his arms against his chest and smirked, "I always will."

Oh oh
I'll do it anywhere but here
I'll do it anywhere but here